Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Question for Obama, Hilary, NBC and the rest: What about Jean Paul Lacomb Diaz?

My friend Annie, who is a particularly astute observer when it comes to rank hypocrisy, recently posed the following question:

"Since there is actually concern for children taken from the US at the moment, where is the outrage over the abduction of Jean Paul Lacombe Diaz? He has been kidnapped by his father, not once but twice. The US courts are so screwed up that this criminal was able to get an order from a Judge in Texas saying he had custody. Then this kidnapper dad had the terrified boy surrounded by police and taken off a bus. The police refused to listen to the mom, despite the fact she really had custody. The mom had already gotten her son back once after the dad kidnapped him once, now a second time, the dad kidnapped him again, with the aid of the US judicial system. The mom had to track the boy herself and found him the next day at the airport. The police refused to help her there too, even though she had gotten some court documentation to support her position. So where is Obama, Hillary, Senator Chris Smith, NBC, CNN, et al to help a retrieve Jean Paul Lacombe Diaz?"

Link to video of his abduction: