Sunday, December 20, 2009

Custodial dad gets life for stabbing two kids to death (Vadodara, India)

Note that the murdered children were from dad SOLANKI'S first wife, who was deceased. When his second wife left him with their child, he naturally murdered his own, the two children she left behind. So basically the now custodial dad stabbed his own kids because...he was made at wife number #2, their stepmother? Yea, like that makes sense.

Father gets life for stabbing kids to death
TNN 20 December 2009, 09:12am

VADODARA: A man accused of stabbing to death two of his children was sentenced to life imprisonment by a sessions court here on Saturday.

Solanki stabbed his children on October 18, 2007 and attempted suicide.

Sources said Solanki, a resident of Kadam Mohalla in Manjalpur, killed his children, Rupal and Jayraj. They were his children with his first wife Jyotika, who died of child birth. Mohalla remarried and had a third son, Harsh, with his second wife Urmila.

Trouble started when Urmila had eloped with another man, taking Harsh along with her. Investigations had revealed that Solanki was disturbed because of Urmila's elopement and was also tense about the future of his children. He admitted to the crime in his dying declaration after attempting suicide.

Additional sessions judge and presiding officer KS Patel awarded life imprisonment after hearing pleas of the prosecution and defence. The prosecution had demanded capital punishment for Solanki, but the court did not agree as it did not consider the case as rarest of the rare.