Friday, December 18, 2009

Dad gets 30 days in jail for fracturing skull of infant son (Springport, Michigan)

Hey Judge McBain! That's showing the world you're really tough on child abuse. Dad KODI CRABTREE hits his infant son in the head, fracturing the baby's skull. And this what you come up with? Thirty freaking days in jail, probation, some useless "anger management" classes, and community service? Wow, Dad's really gonna learn a lot from this experience, isn't he? Mostly that the courts don't really give a sh^& when you hurt a baby.

Father gets 30 days for abuse of infant
Friday, December 18, 2009
Jackson Citizen Patriot

Circuit Judge John McBain sent a 20-year-old Springport man to jail for 30 days for hitting his infant son in the head and fracturing his skull.

Kodi Crabtree, who has no prior criminal record, also will spend the next two years on probation, McBain said Thursday.

As conditions of his probation, Crabtree must complete an anger-management program and perform 50 hours of community service, the judge said.

Crabtree earlier pleaded guilty to second-degree child abuse. He was arraigned in March after deputies were called to Allegiance Health on Feb. 28 to investigate a report of a child with ``suspicious injuries.''

Crabtree hit the baby because it was crying and immediately got the boy help, according to information presented in court.

``I worked 12 hours. I was real tired,'' Crabtree said. ``I made a mistake. There were other ways I could have dealt with it.''

The boy is OK. He has recovered, McBain said.

An abuse and neglect case is ongoing, and Crabtree said he has not been able to see the boy in 10 months.

If Crabtree complies with all court conditions and orders, he will not have the conviction on his record, said McBain, who can make such a decision under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.

Crabtree will be able to leave jail to go to work, the judge said.

-- Danielle Quisenberry