Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dad charged with breaking ribs, arm of 3-month-old son; tells police wasn't ready for the "baby thing" (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin)

Dad MATTHEW HYKE has been jailed on 3 counts of physical abuse of a child. The 3-month-old baby had bleeding on the brain, a left rib fracture that was at least 10 days old, and a fractured arm that was at least 2 weeks old. OF COURSE, dad inflicted all this abuse while Mom was at work. I assume that means that Dad doesn't work (or at least not much)? Dad blames his attention deficit disorder (ADD), his "anger" issues, drinking (indirectly), and the fact that he wasn't ready for the "baby thing" (poor little dear). The paternal grandmother thinks all of it was just "an accident." Of Course. Even though Dad admits he raised the baby above his head and slammed him down on the bed.

Reason #1,073 on why moms need decent maternity leaves and nitwits like this need to get a job or move on.

Fort Atkinson Man Charged With Child Abuse
The man told police he wasn't ready for the "baby thing" after allegedly breaking his son's arm and rib.
Reporter: Zac Schultz

Posted Thursday, December 31, 2009 -- 4:53pm
By Zac Schultz

Fort Atkinson: On December 18, Matthew Hyke's three-month-old son stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. At first Hyke said the child had just bumped his head on a baby monitor. His mother, Sue Wendling, believed him. "Matthew had said that it was an accident and I believed him."

Doctors found bleeding on the child's brain, a fracture to his left rib that was at least 10 days old and a fractured arm that was at least two weeks old. Dr. Barbara Knox said the baby's injuries were "definite question."

Ten days later, Matthew told police he had a "meltdown" and admitted he raised his son above his head and slammed him down on the bed.

Hyke has been charged with three counts of physical abuse of a child. According to a criminal complaint, the 21-year-old Hyke told police he wasn't ready for the "baby thing."

His mother lives across the parking lot in Fort Atkinson. "He's been going to a psychiatrist for his anger and ADD. But this is not what I expected of him. I thought at least he'd come to me for help."

Terri Smyth-Magnus works with Jefferson County Human Services as the Child and Family Services Division Manager. She can't comment on this case, but says many young parents don't know how to cope with a new child. "We see young parents also really struggling with this, just not knowing how to function daily; go to work, take care of their child, be in a relationship."

In this case the baby's 19-year-old mother was at work when the abuse happened.

Smyth-Magnus says abuse is not something others can predict. "Often when babies are shaken or seriously injured it's a situation that just flares."

Despite the baby's injuries, Sue says he's doing fine, and should be coming home to his mother soon. "No more bleeding on the head or nothing like that."

He had been in the custody of child protective services, but Sue says the mother passed the requirements to get her child back. "(She) has to be not drinking. None in the house. There has to be no drinking, and then (the mother) gets the baby home."

Matthew Hyke remains jailed on a $10,000 cash bond.