Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad shoots 2-year-old daughter in the head; toddler in critical condition (San Antonio, Texas)

Well, well. It seems that UNNAMED DAD, a "former law enforcement officer," shot his two-year-old daughter in the head, and the child is now fighting for her life.

So Daddy's name has been suppressed by the media, and by an amazing coincidence, he's also a former cop!

We also know that a child was shot. That is about the only known fact here.

So here are the interesting issues.

1) Why is daddy's name off limits? Couldn't be a little influence, could it?

2) And how do we know that Daddy was "cleaning" a gun? Is this "fact" established well enough to put in a headline? Nobody is suspicious when a former cop says he couldn't tell if his gun was loaded? Are you sh-----g me?

3) The cops are calling this a "Christmas miracle." Why? Why is it a "miracle" when one of their former buddies shoots his own kid? The fact that she is still barely alive (and if she survives, it seems likely there will be tremendous brain damage) is scarcely a "miracle"--it's random dumb luck he didn't kill her instantly. But the "miracle" talk is a nice deflection away from Daddy's actions, isn't it? And whether they were intentional or at minimum, how reckless they really were.

4) Why are we already dismissing this incident as a "tragic accident"? How do we know this is an accident at all? Because Daddy says it was? Because he's a cop (oops, former cop), so whatever he says goes? I'm thinking the so-called investigation is going to be a whitewash, since they're already saying in advance that "charges probably won't be filed by the sheriff's department." How SWEET that you all know what the investigation will reveal even before you start.

Texas style justice here for sure.

2-year-old shot by father who was cleaning gun
Reported by: Mireya Villarreal
Last Update: 12/25 10:23 pm

(News 4 WOAI) San Antonio -- Bandera County Sheriff's deputies are calling it a Christmas miracle. A two-year-old, shot earlier today, is fighting to stay alive.The little girl's father is the one who pulled the trigger. He is a former law enforcement officer. Deputies who responded to the scene tell us they still can't believe two-year-old survived.

The toddler's father was cleaning his gun at his home off Timber Creek in Bandera. He told investigators he thought it was unloaded and safe. But when the handgun’s hammer got stuck, he pressed the trigger to figure out what the problem was. That's when the gun went off, shot through a kitchen cabinet, and hit his two-year-old daughter in the head who was on the other side.

9-1-1 was immediately called and the child was taken to university hospital. Her status late Friday night was critical, but stable.

Deputies described to us the family's reaction to today's tragic accident.

"I'm sure it's traumatic. The pain, the suffering, and it's Christmas. This is not a tragedy you'd like to experience at anytime of year, especially on Christmas Day. So, they're pretty tore up about it," Bandera County Deputy Chief Richard Smith told us.

Two other children, ages seven and eight, inside the home at the time the gun went off. They were all getting ready to have Christmas lunch.

The victim's name and her parents' names are not being released until the investigation is done.
We're told charges probably won't be filed by the sheriff's department.

Instead, the completed investigation will be turned over to the local district attorney’s office and they will decide what, if any charges, will be filed.