Friday, December 25, 2009

Dad accused of using broom to beat 2-year-old girl (Vicksburg, Mississippi)

Note that dad DERRICK COX doesn't even live with Mom or their 2-year-old daughter. So his commitment to this family looks pretty dubious from the get-go. Nevertheless, Dad seems to think it was perfectly okay for him to meddle in the girl's potty-training, and beat her with a broom handle for not getting these lessons quickly enough. Mom removed the child from the house (not always an easy thing with an enraged violent male), but DHS took custody anyway. The girl suffered "severe head injuries" and other bruises in the attack.

Father Accused Of Using Broom to Beat Baby Girl
By Ross Adams Reporter
Published: December 23, 2009

Vicksburg police are searching for a father suspected of severely beating his 2 year-old daughter.

Earlier this month, investigators issued an arrest warrant for 30 year-old Derrick Cox. He’s wanted on felony child abuse charges. Right now they believe he’s on the run.

Police say Cox’s last known address was Valencia Court in Jackson.

The attack happened last month in the child’s home on Alcorn Drive in east Vicksburg.

According to Vicksburg Sgt. Sandra Williams, Cox used a broom handle to beat the child about her head.

Detectives say his little girl suffered severe head injuries and she had other bruises all over her body.

“The other injuries included new bruises as well as older bruises,” Sgt. Williams said.

Cox told the baby’s mother he spanked her while trying to potty training the little girl, according to Williams.

“At that point she decided it was too much and she herself removed the child from the house.”

Police say the child was eventually brought back to the home where the alleged abuse happened.
The girl and her other siblings is now in the custody of the Department of Human Services.