Monday, December 21, 2009

Dad throws two children into sea before leaping off bridge (Xiamen, China)

The dad, identified only as LEI, apparently threw his two children (ages 6 and 13) into the sea, and then leaped off the bridge himself. He was apparently in a peevish mood from "quarreling" with his wife (I'm sure there's more to Dad than a bad mood from a little row, but we'll let that pass.) Only one of the bodies--the body of the daughter--has been found.

Father throws children into sea before leaping off bridge
Updated: 22 Dec 2009

A man allegedly killed his son and daughter before leaping off Wuyuan Bay Bridge in Huli District, said Xiamen police. It is said that he committed suicide after quarreling with his wife.

The man surnamed Lei, 35, threw his two children, aged six and thirteen years, into the sea and later leaped off the bridge at 6pm, Friday, a police official said.

Lei’s father said Lei made a phone call to him before he killed himself. Lei said on the phone that he didn't want to live any more and would throw himself and his children into the sea.

But it was too late when Lei’s father and wife rushed to the scene of the incident.

It is reported that the body of Lei’s daughter was found floating on the water near Wuyuan Bay on Sunday, but Lei and his son are still missing.