Thursday, December 31, 2009

Armed dad takes 10-month-old hostage; police standoff ends peacefully (Fort Collins, Colorado)

UNNAMED DAD is quite a piece of work. Seems he choked one child in the morning, then took another one hostage after a "domestic dispute" (a stupid euphemism if ever there was one). Fortunately, the standoff with the police ended peacefully.

Police standoff ends peacefully in Fort Collins
December 29, 2009

A standoff if southwest Fort Collins appears to have ended peacefully after a father was taken into custody.

The father reportedly locked himself inside his home with a 10-month-old and reportedly had a gun after an apparent domestic dispute, according to reports aired this morning on police radios.

The home is located in a development southwest of the Trilby Road and Shields Street intersection. As of about 11:10 a.m. police were preparing to enter the home to retreive the 10-month-old who is sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, according to the child's grandfather, who called 911.

Ten minutes later, police said they had one person in custody and the toddler was still alseep upstairs.

Police scanner traffic indicates there was another child, age 6, who police have already removed from the home along with the grandfather. The grandfather has told police there were at least two guns inside the home, according to officer reports to dispatchers.

The grandfather told police that a third child was choked by the father earlier this morning and has since been taken to a hospital by the mother. According to police scanner traffic the father was in a room in the basement.