Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dad charged with "malicious wounding" in abuse of 4-month-old son (Prince William County, Virginia)

Dad SONNY MAURICIO RIVAS-LOZA has been charged with malicious wounding in the abuse of his 4-month-old son.

Prince William County father charged with child abuse

Prince William police on Tuesday said a man was charged with child abuse after an investigation launched when his injured 4-month-old was brought to a local hospital.

Sonny Mauricio Rivas-Loza also was charged with malicious wounding.

Police released few details, but said the investigation began Dec. 15 when Rivas-Loza's son was treated at a hospital for "seizures and other medical emergencies." Rivas-Loza, who was arrested Dec. 17, is accused of abusing the infant for about a two-month period.

-- Maria Glod

By Maria Glod December 22, 2009; 3:35 PM ET