Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dad charged with choking 3-year-old son during visitation; also burning him with cigarettes (Purcell, Oklahoma)

Actually, it's not clear what Daddy's custody rights were here: Visitation, shared custody, full custody. But it doesn't look like this glib abuser (slick explanation for everything) should be allowed any contact at all. But some idiot gave him his "rights" anyway, and of course Daddy's rights trump everybody else's. 

Dad is identified as BRANDON K. DRAIN.

Man charged in child abuse case 
Boy shows how father choked him

Posted: Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:00 am

The Purcell Register
Jeanne Grimes

A Blanchard man is charged with child abuse by injury after his 3-year-old son demonstrated for investigators how he’d been choked with his security blanket by his father.

A McClain County District Court judge set Brandon K. Drain’s bond at $50,000.

According to an affidavit, the boy’s mother took him to an emergency room in Oklahoma City after picking him up on July 11 and seeing bruises and marks on his head.

A police officer who interviewed the mother reported the boy had several injuries to his neck, as well as bruises under his chin, on his forehead and beneath his left eye.

In addition, the boy had a scrape above the eye and beside his lip.

Drain reportedly told the mother the toddler had the blanket around his neck and was alone in a bedroom when he got the marks.

However, the boy told the staff at the emergency room, “Daddy did this. He was mad,” according to the affidavit.

The mother told police she’s noticed other unexplained injuries to her son after picking him up following prior visits with Drain. 

She pointed out a scar from a cigarette burn on the boy’s face.

Drain told police his son fell into a coffee table while playing with his roommate’s son.

He also said the boy slipped in the bathroom, striking his forehead on the doorknob.

Drain also told police he tied blankets around the necks of his son and another child who were playing Superman and Spiderman.

When he later removed the blanket from his son, he saw the marks.

The burn happened when the boy brushed up against a lit cigarette his grandfather was smoking, according to Drain.

During a forensic interview on August 14, the boy repeated that his father wrapped the blanket around his neck and pulled it tight, hurting him.

He also told the interviewer that he feels unsafe at his father’s home.