Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dad faces murder charges in death of 2-month-old son (Tucson, Arizona)

Dad is identified as FAYDE RIGGIN.

Shaken baby dies from injuries, father jailed

Posted: Aug 19, 2013 9:11 PM
by Rebecca Taylor
Updated: Aug 20, 2013 3:32 AM

TUCSON - A Tucson man jailed for child abuse is now facing murder for the death of his son.

Police say 22-year-old Fayde Riggin shook his infant son multiple times over the past month.

Sadly, the two month old passed away Monday afternoon at the hospital.

Riggin was arrested last Monday, August 12 for child abuse, the charge has now been upgraded to murder.

Riggin was living in an east side apartment with two month old Maverick and the boy's mother.
Police say he recently moved back in, but quickly grew tired.

Tucson Police Sergeant Chris Widmer says, "The father had gotten frustrated with the child, over issues of crying and had shaken the baby multiple times over a period of one month."

On August 12, paramedics were called to the home and found Maverick unresponsive.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors determined Maverick's injuries were no accident.

They say the baby was shaken so hard, over weeks that he suffered serious internal injuries.

"I'm so sorry for that little baby," says neighbor Andy Crough.

As a parent himself, Crough says he is devastated.

"You know, I'm dying of cancer and I'm lucky. I had 50 more years than that little baby had," he says.

After seven days in the hospital baby Maverick died.

Riggin who was originally facing child abuse is now facing first degree murder.

"I don't care what they charge that dad with, they cannot charge him with enough," said Crough.

For have a message for any caregivers: it only takes a few seconds of shaking to cause permanent damage.

"If the baby won't stop crying, it's okay to put the baby down in a safe place like a crib and just take a break to calm down before you address the baby," says Widmer.

  Riggin is being held on a million-dollars bond. He's do in court Friday.