Monday, August 5, 2013

Dad who was "keeping" 5-month-old daughter charged with aggravated battery; baby has over 20 fractures (East St. Louis, Illinois)

This is what happens when you simultaneously destroy the social safety net AND set up "father freindly" policies where fathers have no responsibilities for their children, just "rights."

It appears that this baby's mother was homeless. That this woman was homeless with a young infant would not happen in any decent society that provided shelter and assistance to our brothers and sisters in need.  But she copes as best she can, by handing the baby over to the father so the baby isn't living on the streets. A father who, mind you, apparently couldn't be bothered to offer the mother shelter or any financial assistance to care for the baby.

Then of course, the predictable happens. Like so many boyfriends/sperm donors, he is incapable of caring for an infant and nearly bashes her to death. For all of mom's problems, notice that is was SHE who noticed that the baby was not acting right and took her to the hospital. Happens a lot with these POS dads. That it is the mother who tries to rescue the infant, even though they typically have fewer resources.

Dad is identified as LATAJHIA MILLENDER.

Can't help wondering whether Daddy had a history of domestic violence against the mother as well....

East St. Louis father charged in abuse of daughter

Published: August 2, 2013
By CAROLYN P. SMITH — News-Democrat

EAST ST. LOUIS — The father of an infant girl who sustained more than 20 fractures and other injuries was charged Friday with aggravated battery to a child, St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly said.

Latajhia Millender, 24, of East St. Louis, was charged after he was questioned by investigators. The 5-month-old girl was in stable condition Friday at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis.

Police Chief Michael Floore said during a news conference Thursday afternoon that doctors told the investigating officer, Sgt. Gilda Johnson, that the baby sustained injuries to her skull, left eye and brain. He said the infant had old and new injuries.

On Wednesday night, police investigators were called by hospital officials at Cardinal Glennon after doctors determined the baby had suffered physical abuse by someone.

Floore didn't say how the injuries occurred. He said he could not talk about details because the police were still investigating the matter. But, he said it was clear that the child had been "severely abused."

The child's mother, who police believe is homeless, went to the residence where the father was keeping the child in the John DeShields public housing complex at 1235 McCasland Ave. and noticed she was not acting right. She took the girl to the hospital.

The county's child-death investigation team had been activated in case the baby doesn't survive, Floore said.