Thursday, September 18, 2014

Killer dad murders daughter, six grandchildren (Bell, Florida)

Yet another father commits mass murder. This one is identified as DON C. SPIRIT.

Bell, Florida shooting: Grandfather killed daughter, 6 kids and self, police say

Published September 18, 2014 ·

A grandfather shot and killed his daughter and her six children Thursday in the town of Bell, Florida before committing suicide after police arrived at the scene, authorities said.

The children ranged in age from three months to 10 years old, Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert D. Schultz III told reporters at an evening press conference.

Schultz identified the suspect as Don C. Spirit, 51, a white male. The sheriff said Spirit had placed a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. in which he "made reference to harming people and himself."

Schultz declined to speculate on a motive, citing the ongoing investigation, but he said Spirit had a criminal history, and that police had been called previously to his house.

"We're asking for prayers for this community and the victims involved," Schultz said.

In 2001, Spirit pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after he fatally shot his 8-year-old son in the head in a hunting accident, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Spirit, who also was convicted in 1998 for felony possession of marijuana, was sentenced to three years in prison for the shooting, the Sentinel added.

Bell is a town of 350 people about 30 miles west of Gainesville.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dad charged with murder for beating death of 1-month-old baby during visitation (Kingston, North Carolina)

We've said it before, and we will say it again. There is absolutely no good reason for newborns to be subjected to visitation. It's developmentally harmful, interferes with breast feeding, creates attachment problems, and stresses infants unnecessarily. There is ESPECIALLY no reason for infants to be subjected to visitation with young, never married fathers who apparently never had any intention of committing to the mother or being part of a family. These guys are often volatile, potentially violent, and unable to bond with the baby in any way. Too often the result is serious injury or death. We need to stop pretending that casual relationships are the same thing as marriage. These guys deserve NO RIGHTS as they have assumed NO RESPONSIBILITIES.

And we need to stop going after these dudes for child support. It just puts babies at risk because visitation is mandated for the mothers to receive payment. Just provide mothers and children with the income supports they need. Tax these guys if need be. But stop this slaughter of babies.

Dad is identified as RICKY LEE CLARK JR.

NC dad charged with murder in brutal death of infant son

Posted: Sep 15, 2014 8:35 PM EDT Updated: Sep 15, 2014 8:41 PM EDT

By WNCT News

 KINSTON, NC - The father of an 1-month-old baby has now been charged in the murder of the North Carolina child, which happened in February.

Just 2 weeks ago, officials ruled the Feb. 17 death of baby Caden Williams -- who suffered broken ribs, liver damage and head trauma -- a homicide.

Now, they have charged Ricky Lee Clark Jr. at his home around 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. He's charged with an open count of murder in the death of his infant son, who was visiting Clark Jr. at the time the baby started coughing up blood, officials and Caden's aunt say.

Kinston Public Safety re-opened the investigation recently after the autopsy revealed someone killed the 1-month-old. Officers say they needed the autopsy to know for sure how little Caden Williams died.

The autopsy revealed someone broke Caden's ribs, damaged his liver, and delivered some serious head trauma. Officials then ruled it homicide.

Clark Jr., age 20, is being held without bond in the Lenoir County Jail. His first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.

Caden's aunt says the baby started coughing up blood and stopped breathing during a visit to his father, Ricky Lee Clark Jr.'s, house. Caden's mother, Tyrianna Williams, just wants someone to give her some answers.

“Now that we have the autopsy report back, it's no sleeping. We know somebody actually killed this baby," said the victim's aunt, Nakia Blackwell.

Blackwell says Caden passed away while visiting his father on February 17th.

"We sent a perfectly healthy baby away, and the next thing you know we are at the hospital kissing a dead baby," said Blackwell.

Blackwell says the last six months waiting for the autopsy results have been difficult for Caden's mother. She says the details of Caden's injuries were hard for family to read.

“It was a gruesome murder. You shook this baby, you punched this baby, you slapped this baby, and then you didn't get the baby [any] help," said Blackwell.

Blackwell says she will continue to push for justice for Caden. Just after the case was re-opened weeks ago, the family hosted a candlelight vigil for Caden in Kinston.

Murder charges dismissed against father; infant daughter "disappeared" after he abducted her from mother because he was angry about child support (Mason County, Michigan)

We've been following this story since it broke, and honestly I am appalled (but not surprised) at this outcome.

For some reason, this POS of a father has a lot of very powerful men supporting him. It's like a fathers rights cabal of the influential lawyers and politicians. Check out this earlier post.

Dad is identified as SEAN PHILIPS.

Baby Kate father's murder charge dismissal to be appealed by prosecutor, Attorney General Bill Schuette

By Heather Lynn Peters on September 15, 2014 at 1:23 PM, updated September 15, 2014 at 1:35 PM

MASON COUNTY, MI -- Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola will appeal the decision announced Monday, Sept. 15, by a district court judge to dismiss an open murder charge against Sean Phillips, Baby Kate's father.

Phillips was charged with open murder of his daughter, Katherine "Baby Kate" Phillips who disappeared in Mason County on June 29, 2011. She was 4½ months old when she disappeared.

District Court Judge Peter J. Wadel dismissed the charge against Phillips on Monday. The attorney general said he will continue to fight for justice. In a seven-page written opinion from Wadel, the judge simply states there wasn't enough evidence to charge Phillips with the baby's death.

"Baby Kate deserves full justice. We will not settle for any less," Schuette said in a press release. "As Attorney General, it is my job to ensure every victim across our state has a voice no matter who you are or where you live."

Spaniola said a circuit judge will review the case on the appeal.

"We have already decided that the pursuit of justice for Baby Kate is to appeal this decision and have the circuit judge review the evidence which we presented at the preliminary examination," Spaniola said in the same press release.

As of Sept. 15, 2014, the child remained missing.

Phillips is already serving a prison term of 10 to 15 years for unlawful imprisonment of his daughter. A Mason County jury convicted him of that in April 2012.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dad in "bitter custody battle" murders 7-year-old daughter; once again, protective mother's concerns ignored (United Kingdom)

Once again, we see the same red flags. Dad with a "violent past." Dad with a history of domestic violence. Dad engaged in "custody dispute" (i.e. custody siege directed against the mother). Mother's concerns ignored by the pro-daddy authorities. Predictable result: a 7-year-old girl is now dead, shot and killed on the streets. It's all about control for these guys. Control of people, and punishing the mother.

Dad is identified as YASSER ALROMISSE.

Mother of girl shot by father told police of concerns
Lyndsey Shipstone understood to have spoken to local sergeant weeks before estranged partner killed daughter and himself

The Guardian, Monday 15 September 2014 12.25 EDT

A woman whose seven-year-old daughter was fatally shot in the head by her ex-partner told police weeks earlier that he might attack the family, the Guardian has learned.

Lyndsey Shipstone, 42, is understood to have told Sussex police she was concerned about a possible attack by her estranged ex-partner Yasser Alromisse, 46, who officers knew had a violent past.

On Thursday, Alromisse turned up at Shipstone's house in Northiam, East Sussex, and fatally shot their daughter, Mary, before killing himself inside a silver Toyota parked on the driveway.

The incident raises questions for Sussex police, whose officers had been in contact with Shipstone in the weeks and months leading up to the killing.

Shipstone was moved to a secret address in the quiet village of Northiam, near Rye, last year with Mary and her older son, Stephen, 21, to escape Alromisse.

The pair were involved in a bitter custody battle over the children and Alrimosse was believed to pose a threat to the family due to his history of domestic violence.

Since moving to Northiam, the family had been in contact with police and Shipstone is understood to have raised concerns with a local sergeant that her ex-partner was capable of attacking the family.

Egyptian-born Alromisse is thought to have discovered their address months ago through court papers. He was seen last week staking out the area in his Toyota Rav 4 vehicle.

Shipstone married Alromisse in Liverpool in 2005 after she converted to Islam, but the pair later separated. After the split, Shipstone lived with her children in Brighton between 2009 and 2011.

Investigators are waiting to take a full account from Shipstone. The case may face an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The police watchdog had not received a referral from Sussex police by Monday afternoon.

The force declined to comment on any warnings it may have received about Alromisse. A spokesman said: "We're investigating the circumstances of how Alromisse came to be at the house in Northiam. At this stage, we are still trying to confirm how he discovered the address."

The area's police and crime commissioner, Katy Bourne, said: "The untimely and tragic death of Mary Shipstone has no doubt had a profound effect on her family, the local community and everyone who knew her. In my role as PCC, I will be closely following the progress of the police investigation and the circumstances around Mary's death."

Neighbours said Alromisse was waiting in his car for his daughter and ex-partner as they walked home from nearby Beckley Church of England primary school at 4pm on Thursday. Shipstone screamed: "He's got a gun" before Alromisse shot Mary twice in the head.

Armed police arrived at the scene within minutes and found Alromisse slumped inside his car with a self-inflicted bullet wound. Mary was flown to King's College hospital in London where she died of her injuries shortly before 3pm on Friday.

In a statement issued through Sussex police, Shipstone and her son Stephen said: "We are grieving the death of our beautiful and loving Mary."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dad who ADMITS stabbing to death his two young children during visitation granted bail (Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada)

We've followed this story since 2009. Dad GUY TURCOTTE strikes me as a shrewd sociopath who is skilled at milking the system. Somehow he was able to convince all these people that he was deeply mentally ill and depressed--even though he apparently had no documentable mental illness prior to the murders and was able to carry out his job just fine. In reality, he's the classic revenge killer. He was pissed because the mother left him, so he punished her in the most effective way possible--by killing her children. He should spend his life rotting in prison. But no, now he's free to roam around and torment his poor ex-wife. Sickening.

Quebec doctor who killed his kids granted bail

A judge ruled that Guy Turcotte should be freed pending his new first-degree murder trial next year.

By: The Canadian Press, Published on Fri Sep 12 2014

SAINT-JEROME, QUE.—A former Quebec doctor who admitted to stabbing his two children to death has been granted bail. A judge ruled Friday morning that Guy Turcotte should be freed pending his new first-degree murder trial next year.

Turcotte is charged in the slayings of his children Olivier, 5, and Anne-Sophie, 3, at a rented family home north of Montreal in early 2009.

A jury found Turcotte not criminally responsible in 2011 and he was released from a psychiatric institution in December 2012. The Quebec Court of Appeal overturned the verdict last November, citing errors by the trial judge in his instructions to the jury.

The higher court ordered a new trial, leading to Turcotte’s rearrest in late 2013.

Turcotte told the court during his bail hearing he should be freed because it is his right and that he could be of more use to society as a caregiver to some of his relatives instead of spending time in prison.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dad with shared custody shoots and kills 11-year-old son in murder-suicide; dad had history of domestic violence (Scotch Plains, New Jersey)

When it is reported that police came to the couple's home before the divorce, that is code for domestic violence. Why can't reporters just tell the truth without all the puffery?

Sickening--but not surprising--that this father was then awarded shared custody of the 11-year-old son. So what do abusers do when they get access to a victim, and are just burning to punish Mom? They kill the kid, just like this POS did. Stop giving violent fathers "rights"!

Dad is identified as JENS ELBERLING.

Father tried to set house on fire in Scotch Plains murder-suicide, police say

Jessica Remo | NJ Advance Media for

By Jessica Remo | NJ Advance Media for on September 11, 2014 at 1:55 PM, updated September 11, 2014 at 4:02 PM

SCOTCH PLAINS — The father who police say killed his 11-year-old son last week and then killed himself, also appeared to have tried to set his home on fire in the incident, according to police.

Scotch Plains Police Chief Brian Mahoney said when police arrived at the rented Jerusalem Road home of Jens Elberling, 48, on Saturday morning, they could hear either a smoke or carbon monoxide detector sounding from inside the home.

Mahoney said the Scotch Plains Fire Department and police then forcibly entered the home through a side door into the kitchen, where they found an open oven, turned on and stuffed with clothing.

The clothing continued from the oven in a trail winding through the living room and into a bedroom where police found the bodies of Elberling and his 11-year-old son, Thomas, both apparently shot with a rifle, Mahoney said.

"The clothes didn't appear to be doused in anything, but I'm not an expert," Mahoney said. "They just burned almost like a fuse, and smoldered right away without really igniting."

Police were called to the home after a family member requested a welfare check, Mahoney said.

"It's the ultimate tragedy when children are involved," Mahoney said. "No young child deserves this fate."

Jens Elberling and his wife Ke-Yen (Kate) Chou shared custody of their son Thomas Elberling under a court order issued after Chou filed for divorce last May. The couple clashed over issues that brought police to their former home in Berkeley Heights several times, Jens Elberling said in court papers.

One major disagreement that emerged in the court papers was over their son's education. The quarrel reached a critical point this month with the approach of the new school year, according to court documents.

Thomas Elberling had been home-schooled for the last two years, and according to papers filed in the Superior Court in Elizabeth, Jens Elberling wanted his son's home schooling to continue, contending it met his bright educational needs and allowed time for his daily study of chess.

Thomas Elberling was an expert-level player, who was ranked fifth in his age group in the country, with a rating of 2151, the United States Chess Federation confirmed.

A "family friend" has created an online fundraiser to collect donations for Thomas Elberling's funeral.

"The sudden and unexpected loss of Thomas Elberling has left us all in sorrow," the website says. "He is and will always be deeply missed. We are raising funds to help his family through this tragedy and ease their financial obligations."

The website has raised $2,520 as of Thursday afternoon.

Dads more likely to kill their kids than moms (USA)

Parents Who Do the Unthinkable -- Kill Their Children

Tony Santaella, WLTX 10 p.m. EDT
September 10, 2014

In South Carolina, a 32-year-old father faces murder charges after he led police to the bodies of his five children, ages 1 to 8, who were dumped on the side of an Alabama road.

In Georgia, a 33-year-old father is charged with intentionally leaving his toddler son to die in a hot SUV, strapped in his car seat for seven hours.

In Utah, a 39-year-old mother is charged with strangling or suffocating six of her newborns from 1996 to 2006 because, police say, she was addicted to drugs and could not care for them.

Three parents accused of crimes that society considers among the most heinous. All three high-profile incidents occurred this year, raising again the terrible question: What kind of parents intentionally kills their offspring?

A USA TODAY examination of more than three decades of FBI homicide data shows that on average, 450 children are killed every year by their parents. Northeastern University criminologists applied statistical models to the records. USA TODAY analyzed the database for a detailed look at who kills, who is killed and how. Several patterns are apparent:

•The vast majority of child victims – three out of four – are under 5. More than a third of all victims are under a year old.

•Nearly half of all victims died from physical beatings or other injuries at a parent's hands.

•Fathers are more likely to kill. Men killed six out 10 children, most often beating or shooting them. Fathers were at fault in 75% of cases when children were shot to death by a parent and in 64% of cases when a child was beaten. "Violence is a masculine pursuit," says Jack Levin, a Northeastern University criminologist.

•When mothers kill, they are far more likely to kill victims under the age of 1 than children of any other age. Nearly 40% of all children killed by their mothers were less than a year old. When a parent is accused of killing a child, it dominates headlines and social media.

"People are fascinated by this," says Sara West, a forensic psychiatrist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. "It's an unfathomable concept."

Wednesday, murder charges were pending in South Carolina against Timothy Ray Jones Jr. He was in custody in Alabama in connection with the deaths of his five children. When Jones was stopped at a checkpoint Saturday, police found chemicals for making meth and other drug paraphernalia in his car. Tuesday, he led police to the bodies, which were in five garbage bags on the side of a road. Police say Jones traveled through multiple states with his children's bodies in his car. J

ustin Ross Harris is charged with murder after leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in an SUV on a hot June day in Cobb County in northern Georgia. Police say he wanted a child-free life and was sexting women during the day as his son died. Harris says he did not intend to kill his son; he says he forgot to drop him off at day care.

Megan Huntsman was charged in April with killing her newborns from 1996 to 2006. She told investigators she strangled or suffocated six babies, placed them in plastic bags and packed them in boxes in the garage of her home in a suburb of Salt Lake City. She was arrested after her husband found one of the bodies in a white box, sealed with electrical tape, while he was cleaning out the garage.

In Saco, Maine, 33-year-old father Joel Smith appeared to follow a deadly pattern seen repeatedly in the FBI data: In murders with multiple victims, fathers are the culprit 70% of the time.

In July, Smith shot his wife, Heather, 35; his sons, Jason Montez, 12, and Noah Montez, 7; and his daughter Lily Smith, 4, then shot himself. They described Smith as a troubled, suicidal man with financial problems.

Psychiatrists and criminologists say parents who kill their children tend to fit one of five categories:

•A parent suffering a psychotic break.

•A parent who thinks he is killing out of altruism because he doesn't want a child to grow up without him.

•A parent acting out of revenge against a spouse or partner.

•A parent who kills an unwanted child.

•A parent who kills from neglect or by recklessness.

"They are all twisted perspectives on love, loyalty and altruism," Levin says. "There are mixed motives in many of these cases."

Dramatic cases get the headlines, forensic psychiatrist Phillip Resnick says — such as a parent who doesn't want the responsibility of a child or wants revenge against a partner — but murders in those categories are fewer.

Resnick, who wrote a landmark 1969 study that categorized parents who kill their children, says mothers and fathers kill for different reasons.

Mothers are most likely to kill newborns, he says, because of mental illness such as postpartum depression or because they can't handle the stress of caring for a baby.

"The day a child is born is the day a child is most likely to be killed by a parent," he says.

Mothers who kill tend to do so on impulse, and they tend to be younger, the FBI data show. The number of mothers who kill peak at ages 20 to 22 — younger than the national average of age 26 for bearing a first child.

The average age of fathers who kill is 30. They tend to plan the murders, says Levin, the criminologist. They are more likely to kill the entire family, then themselves, he says. Often a murder-suicide is precipitated by a catastrophic loss such as a job layoff or divorce.

"A man sees himself as the main support of a family," Resnick says. "He may feel like it is his responsibility to not let his family suffer. You may have a severely depressed father who may think his children are better off dead with him."

Younger children are most often the victims because they are the most vulnerable and can't fight back, Resnick says. They are the children that a parent has had less time to bond with and the ones who bring more stress because they require the most attention, he says.

As much attention as such a terrible crime gets when a case is in the headlines, the experts say, it still needs more study.

Levin says, "We're still in the dark in terms of predicting who commits this hideous crime."