Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Good dad" arrested for abusing 6-week-old son; baby in critical condition (Cape Coral, Florida)

This happens a lot. You have a violent, short-tempered father who attacks a baby for crying. And yet the damn Clueless Neighbors will (literally this time!) swear he was a "good father" because they saw him outside cutting the grass. Hard to fix stupid, I guess.

Dad is identified as JAMES ALEX BUDAY.


Baby severely shaken, dad charged

Posted: Jul 21, 2014 1:53 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 21, 2014 7:42 PM EDT

By Danielle Koleniak, Reporter

CAPE CORAL, FL - Cape Coral Police arrested 31-year-old James Alex Buday on charges of cruelty toward a child/aggravated child abuse after he showed up to the Cape Coral Fire Station July 9 with his unconscious infant son.

Battalion Chief of EMS, Cape Coral Fire Department Ryan Lamb said the six-week-old child was lifeless and blue when Buday brought him. Buday told them he put the baby to sleep and woke up and was having problems breathing.

The baby was rushed to Health Park Hospital with head trauma.

The injuries were so severe, the child was taken by medical helicopter to Miami Children's Hospital. They reported there was signs of past bleeding and current bleeding in the brain and retina. DCF was called after what appeared to them to be obvious child abuse.

Neighbors say the Buday family is like the perfect family.

"They seemed happy, said neighbor Debbie Wainey. "I was really shocked when I saw his mug shot."

Wainey describes Buday as a good father to the couple's three-year-old.

"Dad would be cutting the grass and there he would be out with his little lawn mower," said Wainey.

Detectives interviewed the child's parents but investigators were given no explanation for the child's injuries.

Family members told police Buday had admitted to them earlier in the day, on July 18, that he had shaken the child because he wouldn't stop crying.

Police interviewed Buday Friday, who they say told them he just snapped. He shook the infant until the baby stopped crying and then Buday said he put him in the crib once he was quiet. When he checked on him later, the child was not responding.

The unidentified child remains in critical condition at Miami Children's Hospital with permanent neurological damage.

Buday is out on $60,000 bond and is scheduled in court August 18.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dad slashes throat of 3-year-old son and kills him--because mom refused to have a fifth baby (Ghana)

Dad is identified as GIDEON ABOTSI.


Police to arraign man who slashed child’s throat to death

A 37-year-old father who slashed the throat of one of his four children to protest his wife’s refusal to allow them have a fifth child will be arraigned before court later today.

The suspect took a machete in the full glare of his wife and other children, and slit the throat of the three-year-old boy, who is the last of his four children whose name was given as Sitsofe.

The incident happened at a village called Kpeyiborme near Kpeve in the Volta Region.

The Peki Police have only identified the suspect as Gideon Abotsi, aka Jarrah, a farmer.

The Volta Regional Police Commander ACP Peter King Yentumi tells Joy News the suspect will be put before court.

He said the wife’s refusal to give him an additional child was grounded on the fact that the four they already had are not well catered for.

“The man took offence and slashed the throat of the last child of about three years,” ACP Peter King Yentumi said.

Abotsi is currently in the custody of Peki-Avetile Police who are conducting investigations into the murder case.

Meanwhile, the body of the boy, Sitsofe, has been deposited at the Peki Government Hospital morgue.

Dad sentenced for sexually abusing 7- and 9-year-old daughters during court-ordered visitation and creating child porn (Columbus, Nebraska)

Of course we are not told whether UNNAMED DAD had a previous history of abuse that was ignored when a judge gave him his weekend visitation rights with two young girls. Nor are we told the judge's name. But then, that almost never happens.


City man gets 60 years for assaulting daughters

July 18, 2014 8:00 am • By Jim Osborn

COLUMBUS — A 38-year-old Columbus man who admitted to sexually assaulting his two preteen daughters last fall during visits to his home and creating and possessing child pornography will spend the next few decades in prison.

Platte County District Court Judge Robert Steinke sentenced the city man, who is not being identified to protect the victims, to up to 60 years behind bars on charges in connection with two separate cases.

The defendant pleaded no contest to first-degree sexual assault and incest in one case and to manufacturing and possessing child porn in the other case. In exchange, the prosecution dismissed similar charges in both cases.

Steinke gave the city man 30 to 50 years for sex assault and 10 to 15 years for incest. The defendant was sentenced to seven to 10 years on the porn charges to run consecutive to the assault and incest sentences.

The sexual assault charge is a Class IB felony and carried a maximum penalty of up to life imprisonment. Manufacturing child porn is a Class ID felony with a maximum sentence of 50 years behind bars.

The incest and possession of child porn charges are Class III felonies, each punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Steinke gave the defendant credit for 255 days already served in the county jail since his arrest last fall.

The county attorney’s office dismissed two counts of sexual assault and three counts of possession of child porn.

The defendant was charged last fall with three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child in connection with the assaults of his daughters, then aged 9 and 7, last October during visits to his rural Columbus mobile home.

Meanwhile, the porn charges arose this spring and involved four separate female victims ranging from ages 7 to 11. The manufacturing charge accused the defendant of creating the visual images between early August and late October.

Court documents in the sexual assault case describe an investigation that got underway last fall after the Platte County Sheriff’s Office received information from a state agency alleging child abuse and neglect involving the defendant and his children.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services report included allegations of sexual abuse involving the defendant taking baths with his minor biological daughters, said Sheriff’s Investigator Dane Jensen in his statement supporting an arrest warrant.

Jensen said one of the daughters disclosed to her mother that their father had been taking baths with her and her sister.

The defendant was not the custodial parent of the children and has been divorced from their mother for more than five years. The defendant had visitation rights with the children every other weekend.

During recorded forensic interviews at the Child Advocacy Center in Norfolk, Jensen said the girls described explicit sexual acts their father committed during their visitations to his home. The investigator said one of the victims said her father told her not to tell anyone about the sexual activity.

Jensen said the defendant denied all allegations of sexual activity with his daughters.

Custodial dad, step lose custody of abused "boy in basement"; mom may get formal placement back (Detroit, Michigan)

As usual, the reporter fails to notice (or fails to explain) how or why the mother was stripped of custody by this abusive/control freak father to begin with, or who was responsible. Notice that fitness is not the issue, as she is apparently "good enough" for her 12-year-old son to be "staying" with her now. Notice that formal custody, however, is still not a done deal.

Dad is identified as CHARLIE BOTHUELL IV.


Dad, stepmom of boy in basement lose custody of kids

Eric D. Lawrence and Gina Damron, Detroit Free Press 2:43 p.m. EDT July 17, 2014

DETROIT — The father and stepmother of a boy found in the basement of his home after going missing in June lost their parental rights — at least for now, according to court actions Thursday.

During a hearing here, Referee Nicholas Bobak authorized two petitions, one that seeks termination of Charlie Bothuell IV's parental rights for his son, 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell V, and one related to Charlie's younger siblings that seeks to terminate the rights of Bothuell and his wife, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, who is Charlie's stepmother.

The decision in a case that includes accusations of Bothuell disciplining his son with a PVC pipe, came during a probable cause hearing that the senior Bothuell and his wife waived. Outside of court, lawyer Stephanie Carson, who represents the father, described the waiver as a standard maneuver in such matters.

Lawyer Mark Magidson, who is representing Dillard-Bothuell, complained about a lack of information from authorities.

Both parents were in court but did not speak.

Magidson had argued in court that the Michigan Department of Human Services did not follow its mandate to make efforts to avoid removing the younger children, 10 months old and 4 years old, after Charlie was found.

But Investigator Shalan Williams of the department's Children's Protective Services division testified that those efforts were not needed.

"There was concern the children were at risk, and they needed to be taken out of the home immediately," Williams said.

The case is not complete; a pretrial hearing will be July 28.

The state department had asked in the petitions that Charlie be formally placed with his mother, with whom he has been staying, and that the younger children, who are staying with relatives, be placed in state custody. The elder Bothuell also has been denied visitation with Charlie, pending the outcome of a psychological evaluation.

The parents can have supervised visitation with the younger children.

The lawyer representing the children, Arthur Bowman of Detroit, said he had met with all three children and said their current placement is "very appropriate" and that Charlie "presents very well."

The petitions detail allegations of abuse against Charlie, who was found June 25 barricaded in the basement of his home on the city's east side after being missing for 11 days.

Charlie told authorities that his father had abused him during the two years he lived with his dad and had disciplined him with a PVC pipe, according to a petition. Dillard-Bothuell put in the basement after she accused him of lying about completing a workout.

Dillard-Bothuell "reported Charlie V ran away from their home, but he was in the basement the entire time," the petition stated. Magidson has dismissed that possibility, citing law-enforcement officers' extensive searches of the house.

Charlie was reportedly on a workout regimen that had him exercising twice a day, the petition said. Charlie said he had to complete the workout "in under an hour or I would have to do it again."

The 12-year-old also reported times "when he was in too much pain to complete his workout due to being hit with the PVC pipe on his feet," according to the petition. Bothuell has denied the abuse allegations.

Magidson, who represents Dillard-Bothuell, said last week that his client "never harmed that child whatsoever."

Neither Bothuell nor Dillard-Bothuell have been charged and police said Wednesday that a warrant request had not been turned over to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office yet.

Human Services gives convicted sex offender dad custody of four kids, even after dad told them of sexual assault conviction involving minor (Denver, Colorado)

As is common in these articles, we don't know why the mother lost custody to begin with. Why aren't we told? Maybe because it was something nebulous like a "dirty" house or something? And a convicted sex offender father like AARON was a big improvement on this?

Notice that AARON is typical of these guys--all denial. The girl lied! Blah, blah. And yet the dumbass (male) caseworker just lapped it up. Typical in that the word of these guys is always taken as golden, but women are always tarred as liars when they report rape.


DHS manager says process 'is working' after children placed with sex offender, child abuser CALL7 exposes serious background check failures

By: John Ferrugia, Sandra Barry

Posted: 9:08 PM, Jul 17, 2014
Updated: 12:38 PM, Jul 18, 2014

DENVER - Denver Human Services manager Penny May claimed Thursday there are no problems with her department's system to protect children, after a CALL7 investigation revealed four children were placed with a convicted sex offender, and later, with a convicted child abuser.

May also refused to discuss how her department made such egregious errors in the interview with CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia, even as she has suspended four employees involved, according to multiple sources familiar with the case.

Ferrugia asked May to explain who is responsible for conducting background checks on foster parents and family members with whom DHS places children.

"The case workers working on the call and the case are responsible," May said.

"That would be the intake case worker," said Ferrugia.

"That is my assumption," said May. "I don't know that for sure, but I can certainly get that information. I am not involved in the process."

Ferrugia also asked who is responsible for making sure the background checks actually happen.

"The supervisors review the files," May said.

The CALL7 investigation found it was case workers and supervisors who took the four children from their mother, placing them all with one child's father, Aaron, who had a conviction for sexual assault. One of the case workers interviewed Aaron about his criminal record prior to placement.

"And he was like, 'I see here that you've had to register as a sex offender on this crime,'" Aaron said. "And I told him, yeah."

Aaron said he explained the circumstances of his conviction for sexual assault, and showed the case worker a discovery report from his court case, proving he never harmed children.

"I show it to him, he reads through it, he sees that the girls lied about their age, that they had reportedly lied to several people that they had babies before, that they were 18 years old, had their own homes," Aaron said. "He seen pretty much the whole breakdown of the situation, and he asked me why I even pled to it, why there was a conviction, and I let him know that pretty much my life was threatened at 19 years old. Because the state wanted what they called a career criminal off the streets."

But the children were left in his home, in violation of basic safety procedures.

Months later, when the children were removed from Aaron's home, DHS placed them with their maternal grandmother, Natalie, who had a conviction for child abuse and neglect. The agency apparently did not perform a background check, again violating safety procedures.

Natalie said she discussed her criminal history with DHS prior to placement.

"I let them know in the meeting of my history -- that I had felonies, that I had been in prison," she said. Natalie said she assumed DHS would have run a background check on her before placing the children with her. The CALL7 investigation found, that didn't happen.

Natalie said she would never hurt her grandchildren, and said even the judge in the case acknowledged that she loved them, but that her conviction prevented a placement.

"Who is responsible for distribution of that information to the parties that need to know?" Ferrugia asked May.

"I don't have that information," she said. "I can follow up with you."

"You don't know the process?" Ferrugia asked.

"No, I don't have that information," she said.

"You're the boss," Ferrugia said.

"I'm not a case worker," May said.

May told Ferrugia she had never been a case worker, had never worked in family services, and is not a human service professional. She said she had been at DHS for three years. May received her MBA from the University of Denver.

May claims the system in place in her department is not flawed.

"I am saying that the process is in place and it is working," she said. "It has been in place, and it continues to be in place, and it is in place today. It is working."

"If it is working, then how can a child be placed with a sex offender and a child abuser?" Ferrugia asked.

"I'm not talking about specific cases," said May. "That is a specific case."

"I'm talking about your processes," said Ferrugia.

"You're talking about a specific case," said May.

"I'm talking about reality," said Ferrugia.

"I am not speaking to a specific case, which is what you're asking me," she said.

"What I'm saying to you is that I and the people who are watching this know that the process isn't working," Ferrugia said. "Because we've got evidence it's not."

"You're speaking to a particular case," said May. "I will not address the case."

CALL7 gave May ample time to review the process for background checks, contacting her on Wednesday. However, sticking to her main talking point, she refused to answer important questions about the lapse in procedures for background checks.

May said there was no audit underway to determine whether there have been similar safety lapses in other cases.

Dad arraigned for burning 6-year-old son with cigarette lighter (Green River, Wyoming)

Dad is identified as ROBERT WILLIAM MCMULLAN.


Man arraigned for burn

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014 3:00 pm

The father of a six-year-old boy could spend up to five years in prison for allegedly burning the boy with a cigarette lighter.

Robert William McMullan appeared at an arraignment in the Third District Court of Judge Nena James to a felony child abuse charge. He pleaded innocent to the charge that carries a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison and $10,000 fine.

According to court documents, on Jan. 15, 2014, a Green River Police officer was advised that a six-year-old boy may have been abused. The boy had told a school employee that his dad had burned him with a lighter.

The boy also told a Department of Family Services employee that he was playing with a lighter that he found behind his bed. He said he and his brother were trying to light a candle with the lighter when his dad, McMullan, came into the room and caught them. The boy said his father was angered and allegedly held the lighter to the boy’s hand. He said he cried when his dad did that because it hurt.

The boy’s five-year-old brother apparently told school employees that his father had held a lighter to his brother’s hand and it hurt his brother.

Bree McMullan, the mother of the children, was also interviewed by the officer.

She said she was still in the front room when her husband went to see what the children were doing. She said she heard Robert say “Do you want to know what it feels like to get burned?”

She said she does not believe Robert burned her son. She said her son did have a burn though and she put mustard on the hand and wrapped his hand with a bandage.

Robert was interviewed and said he did not burn his son with the lighter. He said he was holding it about three inches from his son’s hand.

The officer and DFS employee noticed a circular burn mark on the boy’s hand that had blistered.

A question of proof: when alleged rapists sue for parental rights (USA)


A question of proof When alleged rapists sue for parental rights

 Jul 19th 2014 | WASHINGTON, DC

JAIME MELENDEZ was a 20-year-old with a chequered past when he raped H.T., a 14-year-old girl, in Dedham, Massachusetts in 2009. H.T. was often home alone after school; her mother worked at the local hospital and her father was dead. Mr Melendez visited her when she was on her own, coerced her to have sex and then threatened her to stay silent. When H.T. became pregnant her doctor called the police. In 2011 Mr Melendez pleaded guilty to rape of a minor.

The judge sentenced him to 16 years of probation and ordered him to submit to a family court, which in 2012 ordered him to pay child support until the infant reaches adulthood. Before then, Mr Melendez had shown no interest in his daughter, but afterwards he demanded to be allowed to visit her. He said it was his right as a father; adding that he would drop the request if he no longer had to pay child support.

H.T. does not want Mr Melendez anywhere near her or her family. And indeed, he has not visited them. But the courts have not thrown out his lawsuit, which has been grinding along for two years now. H.T.’s lawyer, Wendy Murphy, calls it barbaric. “You would never say to a person who suffered a crime, ‘Sorry, we’re going to let this guy further destroy your life’.”

In Massachusetts no law explicitly restricts the parental rights of men who father a child through rape. So rapists can petition for custody or visiting privileges, and generally make life miserable for survivors. The same is true in 16 other states plus Washington, DC.

It is not clear how common such cases are, since custody battles take place in family courts where records are often sealed. Judges in those courts prefer to keep a father in the picture, but can cut him out if he is abusive or neglectful.

Being convicted of a violent felony can often be grounds for revoking parental rights, especially if the parent in question goes to prison or the crime involved a member of the family. But judges have wide discretion to weigh the circumstances of each family that appears before them. The emphasis is always on the best interests of the child. Massachusetts allows a court to terminate parental rights if “the parent has been convicted of a felony that the court finds is of such a nature that the child will be deprived of a stable home for a period of years.” Common sense suggests that should apply to rape, and most judges are sensible; but not all.

Furthermore, most rapists are never convicted. The crime is hard to prove, since it often comes down to the victim’s word against her attacker’s. Only 12% of rapes result in an arrest, let alone a conviction, estimates the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Paternity, by contrast, is easy to prove, thanks to DNA tests. So there are cases where the court knows a man is the father but does not know he is a rapist.

Some of these men discover they are fathers only when the state targets them for child support, as single mothers must identify them to qualify for government assistance. This prompts some to file a lawsuit of their own. “They just say: ‘If I’m going to pay for it, I’m going to see it’,” says Rebecca Kiessling, a family-law attorney. It can be a way to punish victims, or intimidate survivors into refusing to testify against them. “Like with rape, this is just about power and control,” says Ms Kiessling.

Angela Grogg says that her daughter became pregnant from rape in 2010, when she was 14. The father of Mrs Grogg’s grandson was tried for rape but acquitted in 2012. He maintains his innocence and sued for visitation rights. Mrs Grogg has waged a public battle against him. A Missouri judge finally terminated his parental rights this year, after $60,000 in legal bills. “We’ve got thousands of e-mails from women who are going through [the same thing],” says Mrs Grogg.

An estimated 25,000-32,000 women become pregnant from rape each year. Activists such as the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network want state laws to offer better protection for those who choose to keep and raise their children. Most of all, they want an easier standard of proof. Rather than requiring a criminal conviction, they say it would be more reasonable to let a judge terminate a father’s parental rights on the basis of “clear and convincing evidence” that the child was conceived in rape. This is the same standard family courts use to decide whether a child has been abused or neglected.

Eight states already end parental rights if there is “clear and convincing” evidence that the mother was raped. Two more are about to follow suit, and a federal bill introduced by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman, promises federal grants to others that do likewise. That won’t help all victims. But it is a start.