Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dad charged with abusing 2-year-old children (Yadkin County, North Carolina)

Notice there is no mention of mother in the home. Dad is identified as JOHN MICHAEL HORNE.


Man charged in Yadkin County child abuse investigation
John Michael Horne jailed under $100K bond

UPDATED 10:47 AM EDT Aug 31, 2015

YADKIN COUNTY, N.C. —A man faces multiple charges in connection with an abuse investigation involving his two children in Yadkin County.

John Michael Horne was arrested following an investigation that began Friday, Yadkin County deputies said.

Horne was charged with felony habitual misdemeanor assault, two counts of misdemeanor child abuse, two counts of misdemeanor assault on a child under 12 and misdemeanor assault on a handicapped person.

He was held under a $100,000 secured bond in the Yadkin County jail pending a Wednesday court appearance.

Deputies said a family member of the children contacted them with concerns that the 2-year-olds were being abused by their father.

Evidence from the home backed up the allegations, deputies said.

One of the children has a medical condition, deputies said.

No other information has been released.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Girlfriend of cusodial dad accused of murdering 5-week-old baby (Washington, Georgia)

Here's the question that's not being asked: Why is a five-week-old infant, basically a newborn, being subjected to any custody situation with Daddy and his new girlfriend?

Newborns need loving, consistent care--preferably with their mom. They don't need to be passed around and subjected to Daddy's resentful new girlfriend, who no doubt didn't like getting stuck with caretaking duties for a baby she is not the mother of.

Mothers need to have sole custody, and daddies need to butt out.


UPDATE| Woman accused of murder of a five week old baby in Wilkes County makes first appearance

Posted: Fri 4:06 PM, Aug 28, 2015 By: staff

The woman accused of murder of a five week-old infant made her first appearance in court, according to the Wilkes County Sheriff

Friday, August 28, 2015

WASHINGTON, Ga. (WRDW) -- The woman accused of murder of a five week-old infant made her first appearance in court, according to the Wilkes County Sheriff's Office.

Wilkes County Sheriff Deputies say Takela Jones appeared in Magistrate Court earlier Friday. Jones will remain in custody, according to deputies.

The case will be sent to Wilkes County Superior Court for Jones' bond hearing, according to the Sheriff's Office.

According to investigators, Takela Jones, 21, was arrested and charged with murder. She is the girlfriend of the child's biological father Michael Wylie.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

WASHINGTON, Ga. (WRDW) -- A Wilkes County woman is facing charges for the murder of a five week old infant.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says on Monday, August 24 around 11:30 p.m., someone called 911 in reference to a unresponsive five week old infant, Sidney Lewis.

EMS took the baby from a home on Norman St. to Willis Memorial Hospital where she died a short time later.

The GBI Thomson Office was contacted on the morning on Tuesday, August 25 to assist Wilkes County Deputies with the suspicious death of the infant.

The GBI Medical Examiner's Office says it conducted an autopsy and determined the cause of death to be homicide as a result of severe intentional head injuries.

Investigators say Takela Jones, 21, was arrested and charged with murder.

She is the girlfriend of the child's biological father Michael Wylie.

The GBI and the Wilkes County Sheriff's Office are continuing the investigation.

Dad murders 5-year-old son, 11-year-old daughter during child custody time (Henry County, Indiana)

Lots of little code words here by which the mainstream media disguises the murder of a violent father with child custody rights.

"Difficult divorce" generally means a history of domestic violence and child abuse that we won't come out and admit.

The fact that the murders were discovered when school officials reported that the kids hadn't shown up reveals that the father, AT MINIMUM, had joint custody, not just weekend visitation.

And notice that one of the neighbors reports not being surprised. That means that even people outside the home knew he was potentially dangerous.

So who gave dad JOSEPH HORN his custody "rights" despite all this? We need names.

This is not atypical for Indiana, which is a very big fathers rights state.

See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Indiana.


Father, two children found dead inside Henry County home

Posted: Aug 27, 2015 12:01 PM EDT Updated: Aug 27, 2015 10:35 PM EDT

By David MacAnally, WTHR reporter

HENRY COUNTY - Authorities have confirmed the bodies found in a Henry County home Thursday are a father and his two children.

The Henry County prosecutor says 48-year-old Joseph Horn died of a gunshot wound in the home in the 5500 block of W. Old National Road.

That's about 1.5 miles east of Knightstown and a half-mile south of US 40. Horn's five-year-old son, Thomas Cordell Horn, and 11-year-old daughter, Corinne Nicole Horn, were also found dead in the home.

Thursday night, there was overwhelming grief at the overwhelming crime scene.

Near dusk, 10 hours after the killings, investigators finally prepared to remove the bodies from the home.

Authorities were first alerted to a problem when the school called to say a child failed to show up for classes.

Police came to the home, looked into the window, and saw the little boy lying dead on the floor.

The bodies were found in different rooms of the house, according to the sheriff.

The cause of the children's deaths is not being released at this time.

Police say there is no evidence of any subjects at large.

The deaths come after what has been called a difficult divorce between Joseph Horn and his wife.

"I can't say, really, what I've been told the past few weeks. I just don't want to go there, but I guess I'm not really shocked, knowing what I know," said one neighbor.

"Right across the street is unreal to me. How anyone can do that, I wouldn't know," said another neighbor.

"My husband and I really like the place. We thought if we ever won the lottery, we'd buy that house."

Now a crime scene, the house was a mile marker on Kate Imel's country walks.

"Very surprising and shocking. We don't have that around here," Imel said when hearing of the horror that took place inside the home.

"I can't imagine a mother losing a child. I think about my kids and it's like, 'How am I supposed to live without a child?'"

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Dad with history of DV charged with murder in death of 3-month-old daughter; admits he smothered baby with pillow (Indianapolis, Indiana)

A father with a history of domestic violence who killed the baby while Mom was at work. He should have been locked up long ago.

Dad is identified as JEFFREY D. FAIRBANKS.


Father placed pillow over 3-month-old baby, affidavit alleges
Michael Anthony Adams, Madeline Buckley and Kristine Guerra
5:11 p.m. EDT August 28, 2015

Jeffrey D. Fairbanks, 45, faces charges of murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

The body of 3-month-old Janna Rivera still is missing three months after the Indianapolis child’s disappearance triggered searches through three counties and various explanations from the girl’s father.

But the person accused of killing Janna has now been charged. Jeffrey D. Fairbanks, the father whose accounts, according to court records, changed from not remembering much of May 28 to saying he picked up a lifeless body to admitting to putting a pillow on his crying daughter’s head, was charged Friday in Marion Superior Court with murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

Her body has not been found.

"We are alleging that she is dead and he knowingly killed her," Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson said.

When asked why it took three months for charges to be filed, Robinson said prosecutors needed time to assess all the statements and evidence.

The absence of an autopsy report could pose a challenge for prosecutors in proving what caused the infant's death.

"There's a considerable amount of things we need to prove," Robinson said.

Police said they were called May 29 to a Northeastside home in the 4100 block of Candy Apple Boulevard after the infant’s mother, Yolanda Rivera-Gonzalez, called 911 to report her baby’s disappearance.

Police interviewed Fairbanks, who told detectives various stories.

He first said he couldn't remember anything about May 28.

Then, according to a probable cause affidavit, he said, "I don't wanna go to jail."

Ultimately, he told police, "let's go," signaling to them he would show them where he left the baby, the affidavit said.

The next day Fairbanks, 45, took police to a dumpster at Maison Garden Apartments on the Northeastside.

"I picked her up, and she wasn't movin' anymore," the affidavit said Fairbanks told police.

The dumpster, though, was nearly empty, the affidavit said, leading to a search of a landfill on the Southside.

Back at a police station, detectives questioned Fairbanks again.

He told police he woke up at 5:30 a.m. that day because the child was crying. He said he "muffled" her with a pillow but denied putting pressure on the pillow, the affidavit said.

Fairbanks said later that morning he noticed the baby wasn't moving and took her to the dumpster, the affidavit said.

He told his wife he buried the child in a cornfield and placed a cross at the burial site, the affidavit said.

One of the children in the home told police Fairbanks would sometimes cover the baby with a pillow when she cried.

Over the next few months investigators chased leads throughout Shelby, Hancock and Marion counties, searching fields, landfills and other undisclosed locations to no avail.

The mother of Janna said her relationship with Fairbanks had turned violent about two years ago, according to a personal protection order she filed in June. Rivera-Gonzalez alleges that Fairbanks would beat her at least once a month, leaving her scarred, bruised and afraid that she and her children were not safe when he was around.

Rivera-Gonzalez also alleges in the personal protection order that Fairbanks admitted to burying their daughter while she was at work.

He said that Janna died while he was watching her and Rivera-Gonzalez's two older children, according to the order.

The order is one of two active protection orders filed against Fairbanks.

The other, filed in June 2013, is associated with a charge of domestic battery that Fairbanks is facing in Hendricks County. Fairbanks is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail.

Judge Sheila Carlisle entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

A public defender has been assigned to his case.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Abusive dad in custody after abducting 2-year-old son (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Dad is identified as TRAVIS LESTER.


Missing 2-year-old found, father in custody

Posted: Aug 28, 2015 2:53 PM EDT Updated: Aug 28, 2015 5:56 PM EDT
By: Austin Prickett, Sr. Digital Content Manager

The Oklahoma City Police Department says a missing 2-year-old has been found in safe condition.

According to police, a 2-year-old boy was allegedly taken by his father Travis Lester, who does not have parental rights, Thursday at a metro Walmart. An Amber Alert was issued for the missing child at around 2:30 p.m. Friday. Just after 4 p.m. Friday, Lester and the child were found at a Motel 6 in Midwest City. Lester was then taken into custody.

The Oklahoma City Police Department says the child was taken around 4 p.m. Thursday by Lester from the Walmart near I-240 and Sante Fe. Police say Lester was armed with a pistol and made threats to harm the child.

Lester allegedly told the child's mother to withdraw money for him so she could buy him a shotgun. The boy's mother then went to the bathroom and Lester took off with boy. Police were then called to the business.

The victim told police Lester had threatened and abused her in the past. She also told police Lester's parental rights had been terminated and that Lester had been attempting to intimidate her into buying the gun for him.

Police investigating the incident observed bruises on the victim. Lester was convicted of second-degree burglary in 2010. In 2006, he was convicted of domestic assault and battery.

Lester will be booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Dad sets three children on fire (Perth, Australia)

Dad is identified as EDWARD JOHN HERBERT.


Perth girl doused in petrol and set alight hours after birthday party

A YOUNG girl who should be celebrating her fourth birthday on Monday is instead fighting for life in hospital after being doused with petrol and set alight.

Hours after an early birthday party, the three-year-old suffered “horrendous” burns to her face and upper body when she was allegedly set alight as she slept in her cot.

Neighbours who came to the aid of the girl and her siblings, who were also doused with petrol, were confronted by the horrific scene just after midnight Saturday on Holbeck Street, Doubleview.

The children’s mother ran from the home screaming, “He’s set the kids on fire”, a shocked resident told PerthNow.

An off-duty policewoman living across the road administered first aid and plunged the three-year-old in her bath to ease the burns.

Another resident confronted a man at the home and used a “chokehold” to restrain him.

Edward John Herbert, 43, believed to be the children’s dad, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday afternoon on five charges of aggravated grievous bodily harm, attempted grievous bodily harm, being armed with a filleting knife and dousing a victim in petrol.

The three-year-old girl was in a critical but stable condition at Princess Margaret Hospital late Saturday night, while her six-year-old sister and seven-year-old brother were both stable.

The shirtless and tattooed self-employed tiler, handcuffed and surrounded by four police officers in the dock, told the court he understood some of the charges before lapsing into an unresponsive state.

“He appears to have gone into some sort of state. He’s not responding,” Magistrate Jennifer Hawkins said as Herbert fell silent, bowed his head, closed his eyes and pulled strange faces.

Ms Hawkins said the accused needed to be seen by a mental health nurse and he was remanded in custody to reappear in court on Tuesday.

He then collapsed as he was dragged out of the dock.

Mr Herbert’s Facebook page reveals he loves his bull mastiff-staffordshire terrier dog and is proud of his many tattoos, including a homemade tattoo of a cross on his knuckle.

Mr Herbert collapsed during his court appearance on Saturday afternoon.

He also has his children’s names tattooed on his neck and has posted photos of them draped in the Australian flag.

The former Brisbane man captioned one photo: “My baby boy asleep love him to bits.”

In another post, he described one of his daughters as “my baby girl”.

One Holbeck Street resident said: “The children’s mother screamed, ‘Help, help, he’s set the kids on fire’.

“The two elder children appeared OK, they just smelled of fuel. But the youngest ... she was burnt horrendously. It just frightened the hell out of me.”

Another resident told how he restrained a man at the home until police arrived and took him into custody. “I ran into the house and put him in a chokehold until the cops arrived and soon enough he was out cold in a couple of seconds, ”the resident, who did not want to be named, said. “The house was a complete mess.”

Police were first called at 12.05am to reports of a man creating a disturbance.

At the scene, police officers were told that flammable liquid had been poured inside the house, with three children set on fire.

Neighbours came running to the house in Doubleview after hearing the children’s mum scream for help.

Detectives spent about an hour inside the house Saturday morning and left with a number of items.

A police spokeswoman said the investigation was ongoing and further charges were expected.

Other neighbours living in the street said they also saw a man arguing with a taxi driver on Thursday outside the home.

City of Stirling councillor Stephanie Proud, who lives near Holbeck Street, said she was “horrified that could happen anywhere, much less Doubleview”.

Former chairman of the Scarborough Beach Association and local real estate agent Tom O’Rourke, who also lives nearby, described the attack as “awful”.

“My heart goes out to the family. I’m shocked it can happen in such a quiet suburb. Society is really at the crossroads,” he said.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dad to go on trial for blinding 4-month-old daughter (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Dad is identified as CORNELIUS SHANKLIN.


Oklahoma Father Accused Of Shaking Baby To Blindness Will Stand Trial
Posted: Aug 26, 2015 6:54 PM EST Updated: Aug 26, 2015 7:53 PM EST
Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man must stand trial for child abuse after prosecutors say he shook his 4-month-old daughter so hard, she’s now blind.

A detective and a doctor testified against Cornelius Shanklin on Wednesday, and the judge ruled there's enough evidence for him to go to trial.

About a dozen members of the baby’s family showed up to support the case in court and they all wore matching T-shirts that say “Justice for MaAliyah."

MaAliyah's family members filled two rows inside the courtroom as they listened to the testimony of a child crisis detective and a pediatrician who specializes in abuse cases.

MaAliyah's mother, Mandy, waited outside the courtroom doors, ready to testify if needed against her husband.

The detective says Shanklin told police he was watching his daughter and toddler son the night MaAliyah was injured, and he could tell she had a skull fracture and didn't look right and wouldn't stop crying.

He told police he was upstairs and thought maybe she rolled off her pillow and hit her head or their son did something to her.

A pediatrician says MaAliyah did have a skull fracture in the back of her head, bleeding in her brain and both her retinas were detached.

She testified someone would have to violently shake a baby and hit her head on something to cause those injuries.

She testified a toddler isn't strong enough or coordinated enough to shake a baby that hard, and even if a toddler dropped the baby, it would only cause bruising, not those injuries.

She also testified the baby could not at that age roll over or crawl, so couldn't cause the injuries herself.

She told the judge MaAliyah likely will be blind the rest of her life.

"She's innocent,” the pediatrician said. “She couldn't protect herself."

As it turned out, MaAliyah's mother was not called to testify, and she was relieved to learn the judge ordered her husband to stand trial.

In addition to the child abuse charge, a charge of child neglect also was added.

Prosecutors argued Shanklin did not get medical help for MaAliyah in a timely manner.