Monday, May 25, 2015

Family: Dad with court-ordered visitation murdered 13-year-old son, then moved remains (La Plata County, Colorado)

We've followed this case since it first broke in 2012. It is outrageous how law enforcement refuses to act. Why are they protecting this father?

Dad is identified as MARK REDWINE.

Redwine is on the Killer Dads and Custody list for Colorado.

Dylan Redwine’s family says father moved remains

Elaine Hatfield was on ‘Dr. Phil’ show

By Amy Maestas Herald staff writer  

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 11:37pm

Dylan Redwine’s mother and brother told talk show host Dr. Phil during their second appearance on his show that they suspect Mark Redwine moved the teenager’s remains after he killed him.

Elaine Hatfield, formerly Redwine, and her son, Cory Redwine, taped the show with Dr. Phil in mid-April, and the show aired Wednesday. During the show they maintained that they believe Mark Redwine killed his 13-year-old son when he was on a court-ordered visit with him in late 2012.

“He murdered his son,” Hatfield told Dr. Phil.

Dylan was reported missing Nov. 12, 2012.

Part of his remains were found June 26, 2013, on Middle Mountain Road near Vallecito Reservoir. Dr. Phil asked Hatfield during the 16-minute segment why only some of her son’s remains were found.

“I believe his body was moved,” she said. Cory Redwine and Hatfield’s fiance, Mike Hall, echoed that belief. Hall said he’s not only convinced that Mark killed Dylan but that he also “went back up the mountain and gathered everything he could so as not to be implicated in the case.”

Mark Redwine joined the show by telephone.

When Dr. Phil asked him about the remains, Hatfield’s former husband said “that’s a good question.” Wednesday’s show was a follow-up, because the first times Hatfield and Cory Redwine appeared with Dr. Phil were on Feb. 26-27, 2013 – four months before Dylan’s remains were discovered during a search conducted the by La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

In introducing the segment, Dr. Phil expressed sympathy from his wife and him. “Robin and I just froze in our tracks when we got the phone call,” he said. “It broke Robin’s heart. It broke mine. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

As he has in the past, Mark Redwine denied that he had anything to do with his son’s death. He also refused Dr. Phil’s repeated offers to conduct an independent polygraph test.

“Well, Dr. Phil, I don’t think that’s going to be necessary,” Mark Redwine said.

Local law enforcement administered polygraph tests to Mark Redwine, Hatfield and Cory Redwine in 2013. Because the investigation is ongoing, investigators will not release the results.

During the last two years, Hatfield and her family have vocalized their frustration about Mark Redwine’s lack of cooperation in the investigation.

“Would you be willing to go with La Plata County Sheriff and I so that we can walk through the house with you so that we can recreate the scene that occurred the night that Dylan disappeared?” Hatfield asked her former husband during Wednesday’s episode.

“That would be very helpful in the investigation.” Mark Redwine declined.

“We’ve had every opportunity to get those things done before now, and at this point I just don’t see the value in doing it. To be honest with you, no,” he said. “So again, Mark, what are you willing to do?” Hatfield asked.

Mark Redwine replied with agitation: “I don’t owe you an explanation of what I’m doing.”

The couple’s oldest son interjected.

“No, you owe Dylan an explanation!” Cory Redwine said.

Hatfield told The Durango Herald on Wednesday afternoon that her former husband has not changed his mind on either taking a polygraph or helping with the investigation since the show was taped nearly a month ago.

She said the investigation continues.

“As we move along, we start realizing more things,” she said, declining to provide details.

Mark Redwine could not be reached for comment.

Dr. Phil read a statement that the Sheriff’s Office gave to him April 11.

“This is an active investigation, and we will not make any further comments, except that we will continue our investigative efforts until there is a resolution for Dylan,” the statement read.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dad accused of aggravated battery for abuse of 4-month-old son (Woodstock, Illiniois)

Why we need paid maternity leaves in this country...

Dad is identified as CODY A. PENNINGTON.

Woodstock father denies allegations in shaken baby case

 Published: Friday, May 22, 2015 1:03 p.m. CDT
• Updated: Friday, May 22, 2015 11:11 p.m. CDT


WOODSTOCK – The Woodstock man accused in a shaken baby case has denied all allegations that he injured the 4-month-old child.

Cody A. Pennington, 20, is awaiting trial on six counts of aggravated battery. The most serious charge against him carries a possible sentenced range of between six and 30 years in prison.

On Friday, Pennington pleaded not guilty to all charges before McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather.

Police allege the Pennington shook the baby so violently, it fractured the boy's skull and caused hemorrhaging in the child's brain. Assistant State's Attorney Sharyl Eisenstein wouldn't comment on the baby's medical status after court.

Woodstock police said at the time of Pennington's April arrest that he had called police to report that his infant son was in distress, having trouble breathing, and crying uncontrollably.

The boy is Pennington's only child. He was the child’s caretaker and the mother was at work during the alleged incident, police have said.

Pennington is being held at McHenry County Jail on $250,000 bond.

His attorney, Assistant Public Defender Angelo Mourelatos asked that Pennington be evaluated for pretrial release before his next court date on June 5.

Dad nearly killed 1-month-old son from abuse (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)

Dad is identified as AUSTIN T. WHITEAKER.

White Bear Lake infant nearly died from dad's abuse, charges say

One-month-old’s father caused “devastating and permanent” injuries, says the criminal complaint.

By Chao Xiong Star Tribune

May 22, 2015 — 9:35pm

A White Bear Lake man abused his 1-month-old son so badly that the baby nearly died, according to charges filed Friday.

Austin T. Whiteaker, 19, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with first-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child.

“Dr. Mark Hudson of Midwest Children’s Resource Center, a child abuse pediatrician, reported that [the baby’s] injuries are consistent with the legal definition of ‘Great Bodily Harm’ in that the child actually died and was revived and will have permanent disabilities as a result of the inflicted trauma,” the charges said.

The baby suffered a “devastating brain injury,” bleeding around the brain, hemorrhages in the left eye, multiple fractures and extensive bruising. The charges did not specify what types of disabilities the baby will likely suffer.

According to the complaint: Police were called to Whiteaker’s apartment in the 3900 block of Hoffman Road about 6:40 p.m. on April 26 because the baby was not breathing. Whiteaker and the child’s mother, 20, were home at the time. The couple’s roommate, 20, was also home and performing CPR on the child.

“The baby was blue in color, was not breathing and did not have a pulse,” the complaint said. “There was blood coming out of the baby’s right nostril.”

The baby was taken to St. John’s Hospital, where he was revived, before he was taken to Children’s Hospital.

All three adults told police that the women had gone to McDonald’s to buy food, leaving the baby alone with Whiteaker. The baby was blue and unresponsive when the women returned. #Doctors spoke to Whiteaker and the baby’s mother, and learned that on April 25, Whiteaker awoke about 6 a.m. to the baby crying. The baby’s mother was asleep. About 30 minutes later, they saw a large bruise on the baby’s head, and he vomited twice.

Whiteaker told doctors that the baby cried “24/7,” and didn’t sleep well until about 9 a.m. April 26.

Doctors founds several injuries to the baby, including bruising that was consistent with a human handprint, the complaint said.

Whiteaker allegedly gave “vastly inconsistent accounts” of his son’s injuries in four interviews with police and child protection authorities. The charges allege that he said nothing happened and that he left his son alone for a few minutes to use the bathroom and returned to find him blue; that the baby fell off the foot rest of a recliner; that he tripped over the baby while it was in an infant seat, and that the baby fell 2 feet from a baby carrier.

Ramsey County juvenile court records show that there are no child protection cases filed in Minnesota for either Whiteaker or the baby’s mother.

FIve-year-old daughter living with sex offender dad in custody battle (Stuart, Florida)

Of course UNNAMED DAD's name is hidden and his identity protected.

Custody battle: Daughter living with sex offender dad

By: Brian Entin
Posted: 6:58 PM, May 22, 2015 Updated: 7:04 AM, May 23, 2015 

STUART, Fla. - A custody battle that is making news internationally is playing out in a Stuart courtroom.

A 7-year-old girl is living with her father who is a registered sex offender, despite the mother's battle to get her daughter back.

"Can you imagine how I am feeling? She has been with him for fourteen months," the mother, Karla, said.

WPTV is not using the mother or father's last name to protect the identity of the underage girl. Karla is from Brazil.

She says she did not realize her then husband was a registered sex offender until after they were married and she was pregnant.

"Can you imagine my surprise," she said. Karla ran off with her daughter to Texas after she says her daughter complained about being abused.

According to a Department of Children and Families report from 2010 obtained by WPTV, "the child has made statements indicating that her father has molested her."

The report says the investigation was closed with "verified findings of sexual abuse."

The father was never charged. After nearly three years on the run, Karla was arrested and the father was given custody.

 Karla's been fighting since to regain custody but says a lack of money kept her from getting good legal representation.

"I haven't had the financial resources for this. I have to pay my lawyer with money from the church and friends," the mother said.

The mother says she is only allowed to see her daughter for a few hours under supervision on Saturdays.

"You can't imagine the pain, but every time the pain hurts me really hard I have to close my eyes and see my daughter's smile," the mother Karla said.

The father's lawyer William Hess says there is more to the story. "The mother's statements are self-serving and frankly they are false.

She has made every effort to conceal this child from the father and she continues to try to do that," Hess said.

Martin County Judge Laurie Buchanan called the allegations "very serious" in court, but did not make a decision on Friday because the father's attorney said he wasn't given all discovery in the case.

Another hearing is set for the end of July.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dad murders 4-year-old son, 17-month-old daughter, and their mother (Anchorage, Alaska)

Note that dad CURTIS YOUNG III had a history of domestic violence against the mother.

Alaska man, 24, shot dead his girlfriend and their two toddlers before turning gun on himself in murder-suicide

Curtis Young III, 24, Desiree Gonzales, 27, and their children, Zaiden, 4, and 17-month-old Zarielle, were found dead at their Anchorage home May 13
Police say evidence suggests Young shot dead his family before ending his own life
Zaiden and Zarielle's grandfather went to check on family and found them all dead
Young was convicted of domestic violence assault involving Gonzalez in 2010

By Associated Press and Snejana Farberov
Published: 12:26 EST, 21 May 2015 | Updated: 03:36 EST, 22 May 2015

Police in Alaska say a couple and their two young children who were found shot dead at their home in Anchorage last week died as a result of a murder-suicide carried out by the mother's boyfriend.

In a statement released Thursday, investigators said that evidence points to Curtis Young III, 24, shooting and killing his girlfriend, 27-year-old Desiree Gonzales, and their children, 4-year-old Zaiden Young and 17-month-old Zarielle Young, before turning the gun on himself.

'While the investigation is still [ongoing], with lab results pending, the evidence supports the theory that this was a contained scene and that this was a murder/suicide,' said Police spokeswoman Anita Shell in a statement.

Earlier, authorities had called the deaths an isolated domestic violence incident but stopped short of saying they suspected a murder-suicide.

A relative who went to check on the family at their apartment in Alaska's largest city found the four dead from gunshot wounds May 13.

The children's father usually dropped Zaiden and Zarielle off at their grandparents' home in the mornings before the grandmother took them to the babysitter, Police Sgt. Mike Couturier said during a press conference last week.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dad charged with attempted murder in stabbing of 5-year-old daughter (London, Ontario, Canada)

Dad is identified as ANDREW BRUCE HILL.

London Father Charged in Knife Attack on 5-Year-Old Daughter Due Back in Court on Friday London, Ontario, Canada / (CFPL AM) AM 980 May 21, 2015 07:16 am  

A London man charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of his five-year-old daughter is scheduled to make his next court appearance on Friday morning.

38-year-old Andrew Bruce Hill appeared briefly before a justice of the peace at the London courthouse on Thursday, and was remanded into custody.

Hill was visibly distraught as he buried his head in his hands, and covered his eyes. He could be seen trying to plug his ears while hearing a list of over a dozen names of people he may not communicate with while in custody, including his wife and three children.

He donned a neon green t-shirt that read, “Help, I’m Talking And I Can’t Shut Up!”

His 5-year-old daughter remained listed in “serious, but stable condition” as of Thursday morning, according to London Police.

She was rushed to hospital around 6:10 a.m. Tuesday after being stabbed multiple times at the family’s home on Applegreen Grove in the Commissioners and Andover area.

The little girl’s father was arrested at the scene, and charged later in the day with attempted murder.

The Major Crime Section is handling the investigation, and officers remain at the scene.

AM980 will have a reporter at the London courthouse on Friday when the suspect is next scheduled to appear via video.

Dad with shared custody charged in beating death of 5-year-old son; dad granted custodial rights despite history of DV and had shut off mother's access for months (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

Insane that any judge would have granted dad MICHAEL G. BARTON any custody/visitation rights after he had had a history of domestic violence with the mother. Fathers like this are at a very high risk for violence against that mother's children--partly because Daddy is just a violent person and partly to hurt/punish the mother. The risk REALLY escalates when the father has powerful control impulses and cuts off the mother's access to the child, as happened here. Why didn't the authorities intervene before this little boy's brutal murder? We need to see a judge's name, and the names of the people who allowed this to happen.

Barton has been added to the Killer Dads and Custody list for Ohio.

Father charged after 5-year-old son dies

By Dean Narciso The Columbus Dispatch • Thursday May 21, 2015 7:23 AM

An autopsy to be performed on Thursday may help Bellefontaine authorities determine how a 5-year-old boy died early Wednesday.

Just after noon on Monday, a woman called 911 seeking medical attention for her boyfriend’s son, Michael G. Barton.

“He’s 5 years old. He is not breathing and we’re not feeling a heartbeat,” Skybree Schindler said from her home in Bellefontaine.

Dispatchers instructed Schindler and the boy’s father, Anthony Barton, 24, also of Bellfontaine St., to perform CPR until medics arrived.

As Schindler talks to dispatchers, Barton can be heard in the background saying, “Come on buddy. We’ve done this before. Come on.”

The boy was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The Franklin County coroner’s findings are “likely going to yield more evidence and point us in the direction of how much trauma the child received before they called 911,” said Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley. “I think that the picture will become clearer to us.”

Authorities already know that the boy had welts on his body, said Bill Goslee, Logan County prosecutor.

Barton told police that “he was using a plastic wand common on blinds to open and close the slats" as a switch on the child, Goslee said.

“The child has numerous points on his body where corporal punishment exceeded the bounds of decency,” Goslee said.

That admission was sufficient to charge Barton with felony child endangering. He is in the Logan County jail and could face additional charges.

Barton, a mixed martial arts athlete, shared custody of Michael with Stephanie Hartline, 24.

In 2011 and 2012, he was charged with domestic violence for attacks on Hartline, who has not seen the boy for several months, Goslee said.

“I always told Stephanie to be careful. He was a ticking time bomb,” said Stephanie’s father, Brian Hartline, 48, of Russells Point in Logan County.

Hartline was told to prepare for a funeral when he arrived at Children’s Hospital. “He was black and blue from the middle of his back to the bottom of his feet,” said Hartline.

His neck was broken at the base of the skull.

“What I saw it would have taken a big person to do. It wasn’t just a spanking. It was a complete beating.” Mr. Hartline will remember his grandson, who often pretended to be a policeman, “The most loving, best boy you’d ever meet in your life. He didn’t deserve what he got.”