Friday, February 27, 2015

Dad accused of critically injuring 24-day-old daughter for crying (Evanston, Illinois)

Dad is identified as CARLOS A. JAIMES.

Evanston dad charged with critically injuring 24-day-old infant

Evanston father accused of child abuse

By Rosemary Regina Sobol
Chicago Tribune February 24, 2015, 7:06 PM

A 21-year-old father from north suburban Evanston is accused of critically injuring his 24-day-old daughter because she would not stop crying over the weekend, police said..

Carlos A. Jaimes, 21, of the 100 block of Ashland Avenue in Evanston, was charged with one count of aggravated battery to an infant, police said.

Evanston police responded to Lurie Children’s Hospital after staffers there contacted authorities at 4:30 a.m. Sunday about possible child abuse, police said.

The baby was admitted to the hospital with injuries that were not consistent with how the father said they occurred, according to a statement from Evanston police.

The infant’s father later admitted to “grabbing the infant about her midsection and shaking the baby because she would not stop crying,’’ the statement said.

The child was admitted in critical condition but is expected to survive, police said. The charge is a Class X felony.

Dad says he was insane when he fatally beat 2-month-old son (Hamilton, Ohio)

Dad is identified as AUSTIN MORRIS.

Fairfield father says he was insane when he allegedly beat infant son

Austin Morris, 23, to appear in court Wednesday

UPDATED 6:31 AM EST Feb 25, 2015

HAMILTON, Ohio —The Fairfield father charged with fatally beating his 2-month-old son says he was insane at the time of the alleged crime.

Austin Morris, 23, was originally charged with felonious assault, aggravated assault and child endangering charges, which were upgraded to include a murder charge.

Morris’ son’s mother took the child to the hospital after she said he suffered a severe head injury. The baby was then transferred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where he died.

Morris entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity Tuesday. His plea also asks for evaluations to determine his mental status at the time of the alleged beating.

Morris will appear before a Butler County judge Wednesday morning for arraignment on the murder charge.

Dad gets 10 years for killing infant son (Chesterfield County, Virginia)

Dad is identified as BRADLEY W. SIMMONS.

Chesterfield father sentenced to 10 years in shaken baby death of son

Posted: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 6:15 pm

By MARK BOWES Richmond Times-Dispatch

A Chesterfield County father will spend 10 years behind bars for shaking his son so violently that it caused neurological devastation and eventually the boy’s death, 10 days after being hospitalized.

Judge Steven C. McCallum of Chesterfield Circuit Court imposed the maximum punishment allowed by law in sentencing Bradley W. Simmons, 23, to 10 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in the March 23, 2013, death of Jayden W. Simmons. The judge also fined Simmons $2,500.

Jayden was 5 weeks old when authorities said Simmons shook his child with such force that it triggered cerebral and retinal hemorrhaging and a leg fracture. The child was taken to VCU Medical Center for treatment, but he died after being removed from life support after 10 days.

Chesterfield prosecutor Erin Barr said Simmons gave investigators several conflicting stories about how his son came to be injured.

He told investigators the boy had fallen off a bed after being left briefly unattended; that a bottle struck him after being knocked off a shelf into the crib; that he accidentally struck the infant in the head with a video-game controller while playing a game with the boy in his lap; and that he bumped the infant carrier on a post while they were walking.

“Ultimately after a number of interviews, he came out and admitted that he did shake him,” Barr said. “But he said that he shook him because he was unresponsive and was trying to get him to wake up.”

Had the case gone to trial, competing experts would have testified as to what the medical evidence showed, Barr said.

“Our theory was that the type of shaking that would cause these injuries was a violent shaking, and it doesn’t make any sense that someone would shake a child that violently to try to wake him up,” the prosecutor said.

Simmons, who originally was charged with second-degree murder, pleaded no contest to the reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter last August. #Both the prosecution and defense had subpoenaed physicians to testify at Monday’s sentencing hearing, but both sides agreed to stipulate each doctor’s testimony.

Simmons’ fiancee was also inside the family’s home in the 15200 block of Timsberry Circle when Jayden was injured, but she was elsewhere in the apartment at the time, Barr said. Simmons “was alone with the child.”

After the fiancee became aware of her baby’s condition, she and Simmons drove their child to the hospital but ended up stopping along the way at a nearby Chesterfield fire station. A paramedic crew transported the infant to VCU Medical Center.

Jayden was Simmons’ second child and his fiancee’s first. Simmons has a daughter from an earlier relationship, Barr said.

"Stay at home" dad in jail for abusing 3-month-old son; supposedly strangled baby for crying (St. Petersburg, Florida)

What a country. Mothers of five children--including a 3-month-old baby--forced to work to support their families while apparently deadbeat "stay-at-home" fathers like this one abuse the kids. Looks like this charming fellow basically abused this baby from birth, given the evidence of the healing injuries. The other kids say he strangled the baby for crying too. What a useless piece of crap.

But really what were the mother's options here given the cuts in social services and the high cost of daycare? Not to mention potential custody fights by this loser.

Dad is identified as NORMAN WILLIAMS.

Police: St. Pete father abused 3-month-old son

10 News Staff, WTSP 11:09 a.m. EST February 27, 2015

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A St. Petersburg man is behind bars, accused of abusing his 3-month-old son. Police say on Wednesday, the infant was brought to All Children's Hospital by his mother with what was later determined to be a broken arm.

The mother says she was at work when she got a call from her husband, 24-year-old Norman Williams, telling her their baby had fallen off the bend and appeared to be injured.

Further examination of the child revealed he also had multiple rib fractures that were in different stages of healing.

Investigators went to the Mosley Motel, where the family was staying, to speak with Williams. At the motel, police found he him in custody of five other children -- ages 1 through 8 -- two of whom had bruises all over their body.

Those children, ages 5 and 6, stated they got the injuries after Williams struck them with a belt. Two of the children also stated that they saw Williams strangle the baby victim when he wouldn't stop crying.

All children were taken into the protective custody of DCF.

Williams was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated child abuse and two counts of child abuse.

Dad charged with fracturing arm of 7-month-old baby (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Dad is identified as JEFFREY ALLEN BAILEY. No mention of a mother in the home.

Father charged with abuse of his 7 month old child

Posted 9:39 PM, February 25, 2015, by Howard Sheppard, Updated at 09:18pm, February 25, 2015

LANCASTER, PA (WPMT) A 22 year old Lancaster City father is charged with Child Abuse after allegedly breaking his 7 month old child’s arm.

City police and EMS responded at about 1:23 pm Wednesday to 102 Locust Street, Apartment 3 for a report of an injured child. They found the infant suffering from an apparent arm injury. The child was transported to Lancaster General Hospital, where it was discovered that the child’s arm was fractured.

Detectives determined that the child’s father, Jeffrey Allen Bailey, caused the injury. Charges against Bailey include Aggravated Assault and Endangering the Welfare of Children. Police say their investigation continues.

Dad arrested after 7-year-old son shows up at school with bruised face (Crescent City, Florida)

Dad is identified as JOSE DOLOROES RODRIQUEZ. Notice there is no mention of a mother in the home. Was there one?

Deputies: Dad made kids sleep on porch after fight

First Coast News 9:43 a.m. EST February 26, 2015

CRESCENT CITY, FL -- A father in Crescent City faces a child cruelty charge after a 7-year-old child showed up to school Tuesday with a bruise on his face, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies were called to Middleton Burney Elementary about 10 a.m. Tuesday to look into a child abuse complaint, the Sheriff's Office said. That's after the 7-year-old's older brother told teachers their father had slapped each of them in the face several times for arguing.

The children said their father forced one of them to sleep on the back porch and the other on the front porch after the argument, according to PCSO.

The father, identified by deputies as Jose Doloroes Rodriguez, was arrested and booked into the Putnam County Jail. He's being held without bond on one count of child cruelty, deputies said.

Bonds lowered for former custodial dad, step of "basement boy"; both charged with torture (Detroit, Michigan)

Last I heard, Mom had placement of the boy, though not legal custody. This suggests that she is, at minimum, a "good enough" mother. So why did this boy end up living with these sociopaths? That's the great unanswered question, and as far as I can tell, despite all the international media covering this case, no one has looked into it. Why? Who or what are they afraid of?

Dad is identified as CHARLES BOTHUELL IV.

Bonds lowered for father, stepmom of 'Basement Boy'

Holly Fournier and Tom Greenwood, The Detroit News
11:55 a.m. EST February 27, 2015

Detroit — A judge lowered bond on Friday for the father and stepmother of the 12-year-old "Basement Boy" who was found hidden in their basement last summer, 11 days after he was reported missing.

Charles Bothuell IV, and his wife, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, each had bond reset at $50,000, 10 percent. If they make bail, they must wear a GPS tether and have no contact with children, Judge Shannon Holmes said. #Bond for the couple previously was set at $500,000 cash/surety.

Bothuell IV also is prohibited from contacting the mother of the alleged victim, Charlie Bothuell V. #The couple was charged last week with one count of torture and child abuse in the second degree, which is punishable by up to life in prison.

According to police reports, the couple reported Charlie missing on June 14 from their home in the 1300 block of Nicolet Place.

Eleven days later on June 25, a sergeant from the Michigan State Police and a special agent from the FBI found the boy hidden behind boxes in the basement of his home.

The discovery was made after three previous searches, including the use of cadaver sniffing dogs. Police said Charlie appeared to be very thin and had marks on his upper body.

The two were in court Friday for a probable cause hearing at which counsel had a lengthy sidebar to discuss discovery that was submitted to the defendants' previously assigned attorneys. Holmes gave counsel until Monday to turn discovery over to new counsel.

In arguing for lower bond, attorneys for both defendants argued their clients do not have the means to flee. The prosecutor said the offenses charged are violent enough for high bails. #After the judge lowered bond, she set an indigency hearing for March 6 to discuss Bothuell IV's income and to determine if he will require financial help in his defense.

A preliminary exam is scheduled for March 27.

Bothuell IV's attorney, Farris Haddad, said following the hearing he now believes his client will make bail.

"The bond reduction is a very good first step," he said. "The charges are absolutely ludicrous; even the evidence the prosecution has shows that he's innocent."

The prosecutor's office alleges the boy's father and stepmother physically abused him on a systematic basis, denied him food, did not allow him to socialize with others, and forced him to engage in an "extreme and unreasonable exercise regime."

"We are thankful that the victim was found alive," Worthy said in a press release. "This is the first time that the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office has charged torture for a living child. Based upon the allegations, if any case warrants child torture charges, this one certainly does."

The story of the missing "Basement Boy" made headlines both nationally and internationally due to its bizarre nature.

The story became even stranger on June 25 during a broadcast of the "Nancy Grace" show in which Grace broke the news to Bothuell IV that his son had been found in the basement of his home.

Bothuell IV appeared stunned at the news, held up his hands in amazement and appeared to hyperventilate as his eyes darted back and forth.

"What? What?" Bothuell IV said.

When asked how his son ended up in the basement, Bothuell IV said, "I have no idea."

And then on June 27, Dillard-Bothuell appeared in court on a probation violation charge stemming from an earlier illegal purchase of a gun. She was jailed overnight and released on June 28. In August, the charges were dropped for lack of evidence.