Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dad charged with torture, sexual assault, and murder of 19-day-old daughter (Newhall, California)

We've posted on dad MATTHEW BRENDAN WARNER before. Now we find out that this piece of sh** also tortured and raped this baby--still a newborn--while Mom was at work.

What a sicko. And what a damned shame that our society forces the mothers of babies now even three weeks old to return to the workforce and earn a paycheck. You're not even recovered from labor yet, and you are forced to hand over "caretaking" to a violent man because there is no paid maternity leave and the deadbeat sure doesn't seem obliged to help support the family.


Newhall Man Charged With Murder, Sexual Assault of Infant Daughter: DA

Posted 12:54 PM, January 27, 2015, by Melissa Pamer, Updated at 01:36pm, January 27, 2015

A 30-year-old Newhall man who was arrested on suspicion of killing his 19-day-old infant daughter also allegedly sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said in announcing charges against him Tuesday.

Matthew Brendan Warner was taken into custody less than 12 hours after his daughter, Ellorah Rose Warner, was reported missing from the couple’s home on Friday evening.

After a large-scale search operation, the baby’s father led investigators to her body, which was found in the front cab of a truck on Saturday morning.

Warner was charged with murder, assault on a child causing death, torture, oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child 10 years or younger, and aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The alleged sexual assault and murder occurred Friday, according to the felony complaint.

Before the search for the child began, neighbors said they had seen Warner walk outside the couple’s home carrying a bundle while the baby’s mother, his girlfriend, was at work.

The baby was reported missing by her parents, who walked into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Clarita Valley Station about 9 p.m. Friday.

The infant was pronounced dead at the scene, in a parking lot about a mile from the couple’s home, investigators said. Homicide detectives responded about 7:30 a.m. Saturday.

The victim was initially identified as Ellorah Rose Warner by her grandmother, and her identity was confirmed Tuesday by the county coroner’s office. The girl’s cause of death was not yet available to be released, a coroner’s official said.

Warner’s arraignment was slated for Tuesday but was postponed until Feb. 18. Wearing a yellow jail jumpsuit, Warner did appear in San Fernando Superior Court Tuesday.

His bail was set at $2.25 million.

Dad buries 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl (Tripura, India)

Dad is identified as ABDUL HUSSEIN.


Man 'buried 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl'

Jan 17, 2015 10:20
By Jessica Best

Abdul Hussein is accused of gagging and tying up his young daughter before burying her in the ground while his wife was out

A man has been arrested for trying to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl.

Police say the shocking incident in Tripura, India, saw Abdul Hussein dig a pit in his back garden while his wife was out, and then put his daughter in the hole with her hands roped together and her mouth taped up.

Her dad is then said to have filled up the pit to chest level, with pictures showing the young girl with her arms and head above the dirt floor.

When Abdul's wife returned home he put a bamboo basket over their daughter's head, with the intention of burying her completely later on, NDTV reports.

But his wife began to question where the little girl was, and she was soon discovered by neighbours.

They are said to have beaten up the dad before calling police.

Abdul was then arrested, and now faces a charge of attempted murder.

The case comes four months after a seven-year-old girl clawed her way to safety after allegedly being strangled and buried alive in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

The youngster was found by shocked villagers after they heard her cries for help.

The little girl, named Tanu, told police her aunt and uncle had taken her from her mother's house days earlier and buried her in the field.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby dies after being assaulted by dad (Iowa City, Iowa)

Dad is identified as OSCAR JIMINEZ.


Columbus Junction Baby Allegedly Injured by Father Dies

Posted 6:42 pm, January 26, 2015, by Kelly Maricle

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A Columbus Junction baby being treated for severe head trauma has died from her injuries.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says four-month-old Marleen Jimenez died Saturday at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City.

The father of the baby, 20-year-old Oscar Jimenez, is charged with one count of multiple acts of child endangerment in connection with the injuries.

An autopsy was performed Monday on the baby but officials have not released any results.

The investigation into the case continues.

Dad charged with homicide in death of 3-month-old daughter (Phenix City, Alabama)

Dad is identified as ROBERT ALLEN EARHART JR.


Man charged with murder in death of Phenix City baby

Posted: Jan 26, 2015 5:50 PM EST Updated: Jan 26, 2015 5:51 PM EST

PHENIX CITY, AL (WSFA) - An arrest has been made in the January 17 death of a 3-month-old child in Phenix City. Following an investigation, Robert Allen Earhart, Jr. was taken into custody and charged with a homicide. Phenix City police responded to a medical call at the Steeple Crest Apartments on River Chase Drive just before 1 a.m. that Saturday where the child's mother reported her baby was not breathing. When first responders arrived on the scene they found the child's father performing CPR.

The child, identified as Alaina Addison Brodka, was transported to an area hospital where she died less than an hour later.

An autopsy revealed Brodka's cause of death to be blunt force trauma. Following the autopsy, Earhart was arrested and charged with murder. He is being held at the Lee County Jail. Bond information was not immediately available.

The investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Phenix City Police Department is ongoing.

Custodial dad on trial for torture-murder of 10-year-old daughter; due to public protests, could be first father to get death penalty for killing a child (Yemen)

This is what institutionalized fathers rights looks like. YEMEN is a country where mothers--and women in general--are treated like dirt. The only reason custodial dad NOUH ALI SALEH AL-YEMENI might even be held accountable for the torture-murder of his daughter is that THOUSANDS have protested and DEMANDED that he get the death penalty. Normally, daddies get a slap on the wrist for killing their wives and children--if that. All you have to do is call it a matter of "honor" and you can do whatever the hell you want How convenient for a DIRTBAG like this guy.


Trial ongoing for man who killed his daughter Public outrage could lead this to be the first time a father is executed for killing his daughter

Published on 26 January 2015 in Report Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki (author)

The murder of Maab on Dec. 26 caused public outrage, leading to an ongoing campaign to expedite the case against her father and introduce a legal precedent by sentencing the father to death.

After torturing his ten-year-old daughter Maab for several days, Nouh Ali Saleh Al-Yemeni, a 30-year-old onyx salesman and resident of Dhamar governorate, drove to Ibb’s Naqil Sumara Mountain on Dec. 26 where he held his pistol to his daughter’s back and pulled the trigger.

The reason: He believed his daughter was no longer a virgin.

Daughters being killed for so-called “dishonorable” behavior—whether it actually happened or not—is not unheard of in Yemen. According to the deputy director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior, Mohammad Hizam, “Girls being killed by their families comes as a result of rape, online messaging, befriending boys, being sexually harassed by their own fathers, or as a result of grudges between the parents after they are divorced.”

While the Interior Ministry does not have statistics regarding such incidents, Hizam said he knows of “dozens of similar cases.” Furthermore, the head of the Family Protection Department in the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Suad Al-Qa’tabi, told the Yemen Times that no father has been sentenced to death for killing his daughter so far. The reason, she said, is fathers’ alleged defense of honor which usually results in the lesser penalty of imprisonment.

“The coordinating authority for NGOs working in the field of child rights held, in cooperation with the civil society organizations of Dhamar, a seminar entitled: ‘Advocating Maab Al-Yemeni’s Case.’”

“The coordinating authority for NGOs working in the field of child rights held, in cooperation with the civil society organizations of Dhamar, a seminar entitled: ‘Advocating Maab Al-Yemeni’s Case.’”

Public pressure for a swift trial #The murder of Maab by her father is unique, according to Hezam, in that it was unusually cruel and grabbed the attention—and captured the anger—of the public.

Similar cases of children being killed by their families usually proceed slowly, if at all. And if they do not get lost somewhere along the way in the country’s disorganized, if not dysfunctional, legal system, the verdict tends to be lenient.

Colonel Muhammad Ali Al-Haddi, the director of the Dhamar Criminal Investigations Bureau, told the Yemen Times that court proceedings would have taken “a very long time” had protests by local residents not expedited the case.

Demonstrations were triggered in Dhamar by photos of Maab’s mutilated corpse, which surfaced online and indicated that the girl had been severely tortured before her death. With considerable evidence implicating the girl’s father in the killing, protesters called for Nouh himself to be killed. Since the first protest on Dec. 29, thousands have been gathering every Thursday and Friday to date, demanding capital punishment for the so-called “killer of innocence.”

Nouh was arrested on the morning of Dec. 27, only hours after killing his daughter. #“During the investigation Al-Yemeni willingly confessed to having murdered his daughter,” Al-Haddi said. “We made him think that we had him under surveillance a few days before he killed his daughter and that denying it would do him no good.”

According to Al-Haddi, the perpetrator was transferred to Ibb governorate’s Criminal Investigation Bureau following his confession. The investigation moved slowly as a result of the country’s political crisis, but, in compliance with protesters’ demands, the case was soon transferred from Ibb to the Criminal Investigation Bureau branch in Dhamar.

The undersecretary of the West Dhamar prosecution office, Ahmad Al-Qeiz, told the Yemen Times that the prosecution finished interrogating the victim’s father and referred the suspect to West Dhamar Preliminary Court on Jan. 12. Only two days later, on Jan. 14 the trial began.

According to Al-Qeiz, “In the first trial session, headed by Abdu Al-Hajuri, the prosecution accused the suspect of willfully killing his daughter Maab.” The allegations are haunting, he said. “The indictment read that the accused tortured and beat his daughter for days. He stabbed her and burned her skin using a clothes hanger and an iron. At night he took her to a vacant area in Naqil Sumara, Ibb governorate, and shot her several times with a pistol, killing her instantly. Leaving her body behind, he left.”

Al-Haddi said the court has definitive evidence proving the suspect is guilty: A video of the father conducting various methods of torture on the ten-year-old girl, which left scars all over her body. Al-Haddi also said there is evidence of careful planning by the father to carry out the killing, as demonstrated by his purchasing of a pistol and his travel plans.

Al-Haddi said the culprit is not considered criminally insane.

According to Al-Qeiz, the prosecution has submitted as evidence the murder weapon and projectiles taken from the girls body, as well as the suspect’s cellphone, which contains video clips of the victim while she was being tortured.

The prosecution is demanding the accused be executed in accordance with article 234 of the Penal Code.

Fuad Al-Khazan, who has a law firm in Sana’a, told the Yemen Times that the normal punishment for a father killing his son or daughter is ten years imprisonment. Where torture is involved, as in Maab’s case, the punishment can be life in prison. According to Al-Khazan, the penal code does not permit for a father to be executed for killing his offspring, and with this specific case there is considerable pressure from the public for the father to be punished by death.

Al-Qeiz expects a verdict will be announced within the coming few days because all evidence indicates the suspect is guilty of a “crime against humanity.” The suspect has thus far not hired a lawyer. Nouh Al-Yemeni admitted to the torture and murder of his daughter Maab and claimed he did so because she was no longer a virgin.

What drove Nouh to kill his daughter?

According to Al-Haddi, Nouh suspected that his daughter was practicing prostitution and had her undergo virginity tests at three different hospitals, the last one being the Specialized Motherhood Hospital in Sana’a.

At all three hospitals it was determined that the ten-year-old was still a virgin. Despite these expert opinions, Nough remained unconvinced.

An interview Nouh gave to Marib Press after his arrest is telling of his unstable condition and relationship with his daughter. “I asked my daughter Maab to read the Holy Quran with her two sisters but she refused. She was sitting in the kitchen chatting with her mother on her cellphone, and then she ran into the bathroom. I told her to come out but she refused, then I threatened to kill her myself if she didn’t not come out,” he said. “When she came out I asked her to tell me the truth about whom she was speaking with otherwise I would kill her.”

Nouh is divorced and has three daughters from the marriage, including Maab. His ex-wife, who is from Ibb governorate, remarried and all three children were left in his custody.

When Maab told him she was chatting with her mother, Nouh said he became upset and hit her. “She told me her mother had forced her to stay on the phone by threatening to tell me, her father, that she was having sexual relationships with boys.” Maab went on to say, according to Nouh’s statement, that her mother made her perform sexual acts with other men with the intent of upsetting him. None of Nouh’s claims could be verified by the Yemen Times.

Brigadier Abdulkarim Al-Odaini, the general director of Dhamar governorate’s police, told the Yemen Times that the perpetrator’s accusations do not justify the murder. He said that preliminary examinations indicate the girl was not raped and did not have sexual relations before. In Al-Odaini’s view, Nouh killed his daughter to get back at his wife who divorced him and re-married someone else.

Nabil Al-Khadher, head of the Sana’a-based human rights organization Dhamanat (“Guarantees”), said the judiciary must punish the perpetrator to the full extent of the law, and agrees that capital punishment is suitable for the nature of Nouh’s crime.

Dad in court for assaulting 8-year-old daughter (Fiji)



Dad in court for assault

Mere Naleba Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THE father accused of assaulting his eight-year-old daughter has been further remanded in custody after appearing in the Nasinu Magistrates Court yesterday.

The man appeared before Magistrate Charles Ratakele.

He was told the court would decide on his bail application in the next court hearing.

The accused, while requesting bail, told the court he was the breadwinner in his family, where five of his seven children were still in school.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Feroz Khan objected to bail on the grounds that the accused had a habit of hitting all his children.

He asked the court to remand the man in custody for the safety and welfare of the victim, as well as her siblings.

The matter has been adjourned to February 6.

Victims of killer dad identified, father stabbed to death 5-month-old daughter, family friend (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The mother and her boyfriend were also seriously wounded by the baby's father.

The parents were obviously no longer together, but what custody rights the killer had, if any, are not specified.

Though the victims are finally identified, the killer is still an UNNAMED DAD.


IDENTIFIED: Five-month-old baby girl, 39-year-old man stabbed to death near 39th and Clybourn

Posted 11:46 am, January 26, 2015, by Krystle Kacner and Katie DeLong, Updated at 06:19pm, January 26, 2015

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The victims have been identified in the January 23rd double homicide that occurred near N. 39th and Clybourn. They are five-month-old Kairii Dailey, and 39-year-old Paul Kucharczyk.

Two other victims, a 19-year-old woman (the baby’s mother, Alexia Dailey) and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Christopher Hamilton continue to receive treatment at the hospital.

A 20-year-old man remains in custody for the crime. Charges are expected to be filed in the coming days.

The stabbing incident happened in a duplex near 39th and Clybourn around 8:30 a.m. last Friday.

Police say Kairii Dailey was stabbed and died as she was laying in her crib — allegedly by her father. He’s accused of stabbing three others, including the baby’s mother, Alexia Dailey. Alexia Dailey’s family tells FOX6 News she has already had extensive surgery. She continues to recover at Froedtert Hospital.

The family has established a GoFundMe.com account to raise money for Alexia Dailey’s medical expenses, and Kairii Dailey’s funeral services. Nearly $2,000 has been raised in two days. #Alexia Dailey’s family didn’t want to talk with FOX6 News on camera, but they did release a statement:

“We appreciate the outpouring of support and concern we’ve been receiving. We ask for privacy as we focus on Lexi getting well, and as we begin the recovery process. Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Another family in need of prayers and support is that of Paul Kucharczyk. Alexia Dailey’s grandfather says Kucharczyk was Alexia Dailey’s Godfather — and last Friday morning, the family says he was a hero. Dailey’s grandfather says his actions, and that of Alexia Dailey’s current boyfriend, Christopher Hamilton saved the young mother’s life.

Alexia Dailey’s family acknowledges it is a life that’s forever changed, and say as strong as she is, she’ll need help and support as she moves forward — especially as she lays her five-month-old daughter to rest.

Christopher Hamilton’s family tells FOX6 News he could be released from the hospital as soon as Monday, January 26th — but he faces permanent disability in his hands as a result of his injuries. His family has established a GoFundMe.com account in his honor.

Again — charges are expected against the 20-year-old suspect in the coming days.

Police say this was a case that involved domestic violence — and encouraged those who are experiencing domestic violence, or know someone who is to seek help.

Milwaukee’s Sojourner Family Peace Center helps thousands victims of domestic abuse every year.

The Sojourner Family Peace Center is the largest non-profit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin.

Sojourner provides an array of support aimed at helping families affected by domestic violence to achieve safety, justice and well-being.

On its website, the Sojourner Family Peace Center says its primary goals are to ensure the safety of victims of family violence, and provide a pathway out of violence for victims and abusers through opportunities to make positive and lasting changes for themselves and their children.

The Sojourner Family Peace Center offers Sojourner Truth — an emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children.

The 46-bed emergency shelter offers a safe respite for battered women, sexual assault victims and their children.

The Sojourner Family Peace Center also offers a 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline that can help callers of all ages.

All calls are confidential.

Also available via the Sojourner Family Peace Center — support groups held in confidential locations.

The Sojourner Family Peace Center can also help you file a restraining order.

If you need help, or you know someone who does — contact the Sojourner Family Peace Center at 414-933-2722.

Another resource for domestic violence victims is the Milwaukee Women’s Center.

Founded in 1980, the Milwaukee Women’s Center provides comprehensive services and treatment for women, men, and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues, and poverty.

In June 2007, to ensure the continuation of critical domestic violence resources in Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Women’s Center became a Division of Community Advocates.

Each year, more than 1,000 women, men, and children benefit from direct intervention, treatment, and prevention services, while more than 12,000 individuals receive assistance through the 24-Hour Crisis Line and community education programs.

The Milwaukee Women’s Center operates one of only two domestic violence shelters for women and children in Milwaukee County.

In addition to the shelter, the Milwaukee Women’s Center offers comprehensive programming for the entire family, with the goal of ending the cycle of violence, abuse, and addiction that grips so many families for generations.

If you or someone you know is in need of emergency shelter or help with domestic abuse or other issues, please call the Milwaukee Women’s Center at 414-671-6140.