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Custodial dad charged with 2nd-degree murder in death of 6-year-old son; what happened to this boy's mother? (Staunton, Virginia)

I did a quick search on this case, and found no article mentioning that the "girlfriend" was the boy's mother. At any rate, she would have been 13 when the boy was born, so that seems unlikely. But I see no mention of the mother anywhere else either. So what happened to her, given that this appears to be a custodial dad?

Dad is identified as STEVEN DECKER.

See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Virginia.


Father Arrested and Charged in Child's Death

Updated: Mon 2:35 PM, Feb 08, 2016

By: News Staff

STAUNTON, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- In a press release Saturday night, the Staunton Police Department says officers have arrested and charged the father of six-year-old Ezra Decker.

Police say 24-year-old Steven Decker has been charged with second-degree murder and felony child neglect.

The charges come after Ezra died at the University of Virginia Medical Center on Wednesday from severe head trauma.

Police have been investigating the death, even though family and friends say Ezra slipped and fell in the shower.

Decker's girlfriend, 19-year-old Brianna Connolly, has also been charged in connection with Ezra's death.

She is facing a felony child neglect charge.

Decker and Connolly are both also charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

They are being held at the Middle River Regional Jail.

Dad with history of DV and unspecified "custody order" arrested for beating 2-year-old daughter; girl in critical condition (Bakersfield, California)

Once again, you grant a father with a history of domestic violence access/custody rights to a toddler--and the predictable happens. When will authorities stop giving violent men custody of kids? You have to be a moron not to know what will happen next.

Dad is identified as IZAAC SANCHEZ.


Toddler in critical condition, father accused of child abuse


Published 02/08 2016 05:52PM Updated 02/08 2016 05:52PM


Security footage shows the chaotic scene as a two-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital after she was found not breathing Sunday night at an Oildale home. Her father is behind bars, suspected of abusing the toddler.

Izaac Sanchez, 27, is accused of child abuse resulting in comatose. Deputies say his daughter has suspicious injuries. She is now fighting for her life. Sheriff's officials say the girl is hospitalized in critical condition.

Neighbors say security footage shows the toddler's mother pulling up to the house with a group of women. Three minutes after they walk in the door, the family is panicking.

Neighbors heard the commotion and ran over to help. Saydee Degner says she performed CPR, but the girl did not respond.

First responders arrived shortly after. They worked on the toddler for more than ten minutes before taking her to the ambulance.

"She had a large bruise, almost black bruise on her chin. It was very large" Degner said, "The father said she had slipped in the bathtub."

Sheriff's officials say the other children in the home were taken into protective custody.

According to court records, Sanchez has a custody order involving six children with Anastasia Jordan .

In 2009, Sanchez pleaded guilty to spousal abuse and false imprisonment.

Sanchez denied our request for a jailhouse interview.

He's being held on $1,020,000 bail. Sanchez is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Custodial dad on trial for capital murder for beating death of 3-year-old daughter (Fort Worth, Texas)

Though it's not reported here, we know from past coverage of this case that dad ROBERT MARQUIS LAMAR WILLIAMS was custodial. See prior reports here. Also see the Killer Dads and Custody List for Texas.


January 28, 2016 7:51 PM

Attorney in Hurst child killing case says prosecutors ‘flipped a coin’ to choose defendant . Robert Williams, , is accused of beating his three-year-old daughter to death so badly he ruptured her liver in 2013.

By Mitch Mitchell 

FORT WORTH — Anastasia Williams, described at her father’s capital murder trial as a happy, playful toddler, must have been killed by one of the three people who lived with her, attorneys told a Tarrant County jury on Thursday.

The jury later began deliberating whether Robert Marquis Lamar Williams, 28, of Hurst, is guilty of capital murder. If convicted, Williams will automatically be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A life sentence is what prosecutors Melinda Westmoreland and Dale Smith asked for. In her closing statement, Westmoreland told the jury that the father never cared for the child.

“She’s lying dead in her bed and what does he do? He takes the urine out of her potty and uses it to pass a drug test,” Westmoreland said.

“What do you see on her hands? Those are defensive wounds,” Westmoreland said. “This little girl who was just 3 years old knew that her father was beating her to death, but she couldn’t stop him because she was 3.”

Anastasia died March 22, 2013 from a lacerated liver, the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office ruled.

But defense attorney Bethel T. Zahaie told jurors they had another choice.

Also in the house the day Anastasia died was Fred LaRue, 24, an unemployed aspiring rapper. In the beginning police agreed, but they changed their mind, Zahaie said.

LaRue, who at one time used “Satanic Slayer” as a YouTube handle, disappeared for four days after Anastasia’s death, according to witness testimony.

LaRue testified that he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Anastasia and knew she was dead when he left the apartment to pawn his cellphone.

The only evidence that LaRue performed CPR is his statement, Zahaie said.

“There are wrong convictions,” Zahaie said. “They did not do a thorough investigation in this case.

Hurst doesn’t want to admit that they made a mistake and the state of Texas doesn’t want to admit that they made a mistake.”

Seems to me what they did was flip a coin. Tails, Fred ‘Satanic Slayer’ did it. Heads Robert Williams did it, John Stickles, Williams defense attorney.

Prosecutor Smith told that Williams changed his story about Anastasia’s last day several times.

Initially Williams told police that the last time he saw his daughter alive was 6 a.m. and later he said it was 9 a.m., Smith said.

Williams initially told Hurst Detective Jacob Eubanks that he fed Anastasia, and then said he could not remember whether he fed Anastasia or not, and then said later that he did not feed her, Smith said.

If investigators had found one ounce of evidence that LaRue is a violent man, they would have told prosecutors, Smith said.

“They treated her like a dog,” Smith said. “A dog who didn’t even get a bathroom. She had to defecate in her own room. Look how he treated her. That’s how you know that he killed her because he didn’t care.”

John Stickles, one of three attorneys representing Williams, told the jury that the state has taken all week proving that his client is not a good guy, that he was a bad parent, that he was poor and that Anastasia’s life was hell.

The trial is not about that, Stickles said.

“Seems to me what they did was flip a coin,” Stickles said. “Tails, Fred ‘Satanic Slayer’ did it. Heads Robert Williams did it. What I’m doing is turning Robert Williams’ life over to you.”

The jury was sent home Thursday afternoon and will resume deliberations Friday.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/northeast-tarrant/article57179528.html#storylink=cpy

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Custodial dad, step found guilty of 1st-degree murder in death of 5-year-old girl (St. Clair County, Michigan)

The custodial dad is identified as ANDREW MAISON. See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Michigan. See prior posts here.


Couple guilty in death of 5-year-old Mackenzie Maison

Beth LeBlanc, Port Huron Times Herald 6:36 p.m. EST January 29, 2016

Hilery Maison wiped her eyes before handcuffs were snapped around her wrists in St. Clair County Circuit Judge Daniel Kelly’s courtroom Friday afternoon.

After about four hours of deliberation, a jury of 12 found Hilery and Andrew Maison guilty in the death of 5-year-old Mackenzie Maison.

The Port Huron couple is guilty of felony murder in the girl's death, and first-degree child abuse and torture of Mackenzie and her 3-year-old sister, Makayla.

First-degree felony murder is punishable by life in prison without parole.

Senior Assistant Prosecutor Mona Armstrong said the jurors’ verdict achieved some level of justice for the girls.

“It doesn’t change what happened and it doesn’t bring back Mackenzie,” Armstrong said. “It does serve a measure of justice. But it should never have gotten to this point.”

More than 20 witnesses — including family, friends, police, firefighters, paramedics and medical experts — testified during the six-day trial. Jurors deliberated for nearly four hours on the seventh day, Friday.

Witnesses testified at trial that Mackenzie was unresponsive when emergency personnel arrived about 8:30 p.m. May 26 at her Oak Street home.

According to 911 calls played in court, Hilery Maison, Mackenzie's stepmother, called dispatchers shortly before 8:30 p.m. She initially reported Mackenzie was "rebelling" against food then, later in the call, told the dispatcher Mackenzie wasn’t breathing.

Mackenzie was pronounced dead at the hospital after medical crews spent 45 minutes attempting to resuscitate her. Medical experts have testified she was malnourished, dehydrated, bruised and had pneumonia. She weighed 25 pounds.

Makayla also was hospitalized for malnourishment. She weighed 17 pounds, but has since doubled her weight while in foster care.

According to previous testimony, neither girl had seen a doctor for at least a year prior to Mackenzie’s death, even though the girls were losing weight and follow-up appointments were recommended.

Mackenzie’s death was ruled a homicide. The cause of death was classified as dehydration and malnutrition complicated by pneumonia and its related conditions.

Custodial dad, step suspected of murder after 14-year-old daughter's skeleton corpse found; what happened to mom? (Korea)

UNNAMED DAD. Not a word on what happened to her mother or how dad got custody.


Father suspected in death of girl found as skeleton corpse

Published : 2016-02-03 16:15 Updated : 2016-02-03 17:33

The skeleton corpse of a 14-year-old girl was found Wednesday in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province. The prime suspect is her father, with her stepmother as a possible abetting aide, police said.

The Bucheon police discovered the blanket-covered body that had been left unattended in the house for almost a year, officials said. The middle school student had been missing since March last year.

The victim’s 47-year-old father and 40-year-old stepmother were arrested on charges of accidental homicide. The father, a protestant minister, is also a professor at a local theological university.

“I found her dead in the morning, after I had scolded her the previous night, so I covered the body with a blanket and sprayed air freshener to prevent the decaying smell,” the police quoted the suspect as saying.

Authorities suspect that he had beaten his daughter to death during a quarrel.

The government has been stepping up its survey of children who have been absent from school for extended periods as an overall checkup against child abuse. The fortified surveillance was prompted by a series of high-profile child abuse cases last month, including a father who was arrested after the dismembered and frozen body of his young son was found at the home of his acquaintance. The father has admitted to having repeatedly abused the boy leading to his death.

By Bae Hyun-jung (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

Custodial dad, step charged with burning 7-year-old boy with hot water, retraining him with zip ties; what happened to boy's mom? (Clarksburg, Maryland)

Not one word on what happened to the mother of this little boy or how dad CRAIG ANTHONEY WILLIAMS got custody. This should be one of the first questions reporters ask, but they seldom do. Do we know that Mom is alive? If not, do we know for a fact that she died from natural causes? Has she "disappeared" due to extreme domestic violence (if Daddy was capable of doing this to a child, you can bet Mom got similar treatment). Was she out-maneuvered in family court? What?


Couple charged with child abuse after 'dipping the hands of their seven-year-old in hot water and restraining him with plastic wrap and zip ties'

Craig and Nicole Williams, of Clarksburg, Maryland, have been charged with first-degree child abuse after their son was hospitalized

The boy suffered a possible seizure, abrasions, blisters and bruisers

He told doctors his parents restrained him with plastic wrap and ties The couple, who have five other children, allegedly admitted bounding him

By Dailymail.com Reporter
Published: 09:44 EST, 4 February 2016 | Updated: 19:32 EST, 4 February 2016

A father and stepfather in Maryland have been arrested and charged with child abuse after allegedly restraining their seven-year-old son with plastic wrap and zip ties and burning him with hot water.

Craig Anthoney Williams, 42, and Nicole Williams, 39, came under investigation after their son was taken to Shady Grove Hospital on December 2 with a possible seizure, multiple abrasions, blisters and bruises over his body and head.

He had to be airlifted Children's National Medical Center for further treatment.

The little boy told doctors that his parents often bound him to his bed all day with zip ties.

Both his father and stepmother admitted to the staff that they restrain him, ABC 7 reported.

His father said he had been using plastic wrap to contain the boy to his bed for about seven months, usually at bedtime.

The father also said he would notice urine and fecal matter on the boy when he checked on him in the morning.

When the hospital called police, the boy told investigators that on Thanksgiving he was restrained in plastic wrap and only released to come to the dinner table, ABC 7 reported.

The boy said his father is the one who wraps and binds him most days, from his neck to his knees, securing him with zip ties or belts.

However he said his step-mother often assists.

When a nurse asked him what caused the blisters on his hands, the boy said his hands had been put in hot water.

According to the charging documents, the boy also has suicidal thoughts.

Both the father and step-mother were arrested and charged with first-degree child abuse.

While the bonds were originally set at $300,000 and $400,000, a judge lowered bonds to just $10,000 each.

The couple have since been released. Five other children - aged one, four, six, 12, and 17 - live in the home in Clarksburg with the two.

Officials are not saying whether the parents are allowed to be around the kids, citing privacy laws, but neighbors said they have not seen the couple at their home in weeks.

Dad found guilty of murdering 3-year-old daughter during visitaiton (Taylor County, Iowa)

Dad is identified as CHARLES HALL. See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Iowa.


Father found guilty of murder in death of 3-year-old daughter

Posted: Friday, February 5, 2016 1:00 am | Updated: 3:43 pm, Fri Feb 5, 2016.

By Andrew J. Nelson / World-Herald staff writer

A 26-year-old former Chicago-area resident has been found guilty of murder and child endangerment in the death of his daughter at his southwest Iowa home.

Charles Hall’s trial took place last week. A jury returned two guilty verdicts Friday in the May death of 3-year-old Janyiah King at Hall’s home in Bedford.

Hall will be sentenced later this month, as will April Clair, 26, who was Hall’s live-in girlfriend on May 22 when she found Janyiah’s body. Clair has pleaded guilty to child endangerment resulting in bodily injury, a lesser charge than the initial endangerment charge, in return for truthful testimony in Hall’s trial.

Janyiah had been staying with Clair and Hall for several weeks leading up to her death. Janyiah normally lived in the Chicago area with her mother, but Clair and Hall had recently had a baby girl together, and Hall and Janyiah’s mother wanted to give Janyiah a chance to get to know her little sister, said Clint Spurrier, the Taylor County attorney.

At the trial, Clair testified that on May 22 she left their home at 9 a.m. to help a cousin with groceries. Hall was alone with the child. She returned about 11:30 a.m. to find Hall outside their home, smoking a cigarillo. As he finished smoking, he said he needed to go get a tire fixed and left.

Clair found Janyiah lying on the bathroom floor, unresponsive. She called 911. The first deputy on the scene found Janyiah’s body cold to the touch.

The child’s body had several recent injuries, including skin on her buttocks and face that had sloughed off from either burning or being struck. She had suffered blunt-force trauma to the backs of her legs and to the right side of her face, and had suffered burns, Spurrier said.

Hall and Clair told investigators they did not seek medical help after the child knocked a pot of boiling water onto herself about two weeks before, according to court documents. Both were charged with child endangerment causing serious injury.

An autopsy found that the child had died of asphyxiation, most likely by drowning, Spurrier said. The bathtub had standing water in it.

The death was ruled a homicide, and prosecutors charged Hall with first-degree murder. Clair continued to face a charge because she did not seek medical help for the child after she suffered the injuries, Spurrier said.