Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dad who violently shook newborn more than once avoids jail--because he was "depressed" (Melbourne, Australia)

Oh that poor daddy! So stressed and depressed. He just couldn't help assaulting the baby on at least three occasions!

This is bullsh**. More father coddling at its finest.


Vic father avoids jail for shaking baby

Thursday, August 08, 2013 » 05:43pm

A Melbourne father who lost control and shook his newborn baby has avoided jail.

The father was 18 when he shook the baby boy on three separate occasions in 2011.

One of the episodes left the baby, who was aged about one month, in need of hospital treatment. 

Sentencing the father on Thursday, Victorian County Court Judge Jane Patrick said his offending was serious.

'Your son was a few weeks old and very vulnerable,' she said. 'You ought to have been protecting him, but instead you lost control of your own behaviour and shook him.'

The baby suffered injuries to his brain and leg, but does not appear to have any developmental problems.

Judge Patrick said she accepted the situation was stressful for the young father.

She said she took into account the fact the father had depression, a mood disorder and acquired brain injury.

 The man's young age was also a significant sentencing consideration and jail would be counterproductive to his rehabilitation, Judge Patrick said.

The father pleaded guilty to two counts of reckless conduct endangering life and one count of recklessly causing serious injury.

Judge Patrick placed the father on a community correction order that includes 100 hours unpaid community work.