Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dad with history of DV threatens Mom because she took child to school when he was late; why is this idiot allowed any custody/visitation at all? (United Kingdom)

Why co-parenting with an abusive idiot is impossible. 

Dad LEWIS MILLER had been CONVICTED of battering the mom before. Nevertheless, she still tried to cooperate with him in terms of co-parenting. One day Dad is late to take the son to nursery school so Mom took him herself (the horror!). For this "crime" she is threatened with a pipe wrench. For his part, Daddy only gets a suspended sentence. Mom gets an order of protection, but check this out: Daddy STILL GETS SUPERVISED VISITATION. Daddy coddling at its finest.

This is why mothers and children can never heal from trauma. They are just re-traumatized again and again by a system that values Daddy's rights over everybody else. 


Suspended sentence for father, Lewis Miller, who threatened former partner with wrench in Bushey

1:10pm Tuesday 27th August 2013 in News By Court Reporter

Angry Lewis Miller saw red when he was unable to take his child by his former partner to nursery school. He had arrived late at her home in Bushey and she and the child had left. 

But a short while later, when he spotted Louise Oliver sitting in a car outside a parade of shops in Bushey Mill Lane, there was an ugly confrontation.

St Albans Crown Court heard he shouted and swore at her before making a threatening gesture to her with a wheel nut wrench.

Lewis of Bromfield, Stanmore, pleaded guilty to having an offensive weapon and assault by beating. David Chrimes, prosecuting, said it was on the morning of July 12 this year when Lewis arrived at his ex's home intending to take their young son to nursery school.

It was an arrangement they had, but that morning he was running late and the mum and child left before he got there.

Miss Oliver had asked a female friend if she would give them a lift in her car to the nursery school.

The court heard after the little boy was dropped off the women went to a nearby parade of shops in Bushey Mill Lane.

The other woman got out of the vehicle leaving her own child on the back seat and Miss Oliver sitting in the front passenger seat.

It was then that the defendant drove past and saw Miss Oliver in the car.

He was still fuming that he had not been able to take his son to school and decided to confront her, swearing and shouting abuse.

Lewis then grabbed the wrench from his own car and jabbed it through the open window towards Miss Oliver before leaving the scene.

The court was told Lewis had a previous conviction for battery on Miss Oliver in 2012, for which he was fined £500 and ordered to pay her £100 compensation.

 For the latest offence Lewis was sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended for 18 months and placed on supervision for 18 months.

 He was also made the subject of a five year restraining order not to have any contact with Miss Oliver accept through a mutually acceptable third party so that he can continue to see his son.