Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dad kills 9-year-old son during supervised visitation (Manchester, New Hampshire)

Shades of JOSH POWELL--the Utah dad who also killed his two kids during supervised visitation.

This is absolutely sickening...and it was totally preventable. This is a perfect example of why I think supervised visitation is a joke. You're are either safe...or you're not. IF YOU HAVE THREATENED TO KILL SOMEBODY BEFORE, YOU ARE NOT SAFE!! 

Why is this so hard for these freaking morons in authority to figure out? All I can figure is that these morons don't care, they're just interested in catering to vicious and violent fathers. So then have the freaking nerve to act stupid after the fact, AFTER somebody is dead, and then they claim they had no idea. Bullsh**. 

You know how this child could have been kept safe? Cut off all of Daddy's access. No access, no murder. If you threaten to kill somebody, you're done. No more catering, no more crap. This is what the fathers rights people have given us. By giving all those poor daddies more and more favors, they just terrorize more and up the ante. 

This killer dad is identified MUNI SAVYON.

Father kills son, 9, and himself at New Hampshire YWCA, authorities say

By Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News

A man shot his 9-year-old son to death and then killed himself at a YWCA in New Hampshire on Sunday morning, officials said.

Police got a call about 10 a.m. that a gunman was inside the New Hampshire YWCA building in Manchester, police Lt. Maureen Tessier said. More people called the police later reporting shots fired, she said.

When officers arrived, they searched the building and found two bodies in a supervised parental visitation room at the center, according to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office.

New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery A. Strelzin identified the father as Muni Savyon, 54, and his son as Joshua Savyon, 9.

Sayvon shot his son with a handgun halfway through an hour-long supervised visit at the YWCA, then turned the gun on himself, according to the attorney general's office.

The supervising counselor fled the room unharmed, according to the attorney general.

Tessier said police searched the building and found no further threats and no one else injured.

Rabbi Levi Krinsky of the Manchester Chabad-Lubavich synongogue told NBC News that Savyon and his son “came to a lot of the events that we do.” He said Savyon had been part of the Orthodox congregation in Manchester for more than five years, and he considered Savyon a friend.

He was a “very quiet person, very reserved,” Krinsky said. He said that Savyon recently returned from a trip to Israel, where his brother had died unexpectedly from a heart attack.

“He was very upset and depressed,” Krinsky said, but “we didn’t know he was capable of that. If we did, we would have stepped in.”

According to the attorney general's office, Manchester police detectives have discovered that Savyon made threats in the past "to kill himself, his son’s mother and their son.”

Krinsky said Savyon and his wife were separated. Joshua was their only child, and both parents used services offered by the YWCA, Krinsky said.

The national YWCA said on Twitter that it was aware of the incident but did not respond to a request for further comment.