Friday, August 2, 2013

How rich, drug-addicted dad got custody and tortured the kids till he died of a meth overdose (South Carolina)

Notice that the authorities knew what was going on, but looked the other way. This is typical with custodial dads, especially rich custodial dads. 

Dad  is identified as WALKER "SKIPPER" INMAN JR.

Locked in feces-smeared basement, eating scraps and given scalding baths: Twins set to inherit billion-dollar Doris Duke fortune tell of their horrific childhood abuse 

Georgina and Walker Inman set to inherit part of $1BN tobacco fortune
Twins, 15, locked in faeces-strewn basement by heroin-addict father 
Pair only eat scraps of food thrown to them and had to go to the toilet in the corner of a room, according to court document 
Georgina tells of harrowing childhood in shocking interview 
Children had a pet lion and took diamonds to school show and tell, but hardly had enough food to survive 
Walker and Georgia Inman are the great-niece and nephew of 'richest girl in the world' Doris Duke whose father founded American Tobacco 
Twins' mother now in court battle to get hold of their inheritance 

PUBLISHED: 05:18 EST, 2 August 2013 | UPDATED: 10:13 EST, 2 August 2013

They may be the child heirs to a billion dollar fortune, but that was no protection against years of harrowing cruelty at the hands of their father.

Forced to live in faeces-strewn basement, existing like slaves and enduring scalding baths in boiling water, some of the horrifying details of life for twins Georgina and Walker Inman III, 15, are just emerging.

They are set to inherit part of the $1billion fortune of heiress Doris Duke - dubbed the 'richest girl in the world' thanks to trust funds set up by her father who founded American Tobacco - when they turn 21.

But Georgina has revealed that growing up at their heroin-addicted father’s mansion was anything but a life of pampered privilege in a shocking interview for Rolling Stone magazine, out today.

'I never asked to be born into any of this. Sometimes I wish I was never born.'

Georgia recalled one of the regular horrors she and her brother Walker faced at the hands of their father Walker 'Skipper' Inman Jr and, allegedly, his fifth wife at the Duke family estate in South Carolina.

Speaking with a faltering voice, she described being dunked in a scalding bath.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: 'They. Stuck my brother and I. In hot boiling water in our bath. It felt like our skin was melting away.'

She called her fortune ‘blood money’ and told of one time when she put a gun to her father’s head in an attempt to end the torture.

More details of their harrowing upbringing emerged in an affidavit related to a onetime lawsuit over damage at a rented, 10,000-square-foot mansion, dubbed Outlaw Acres, in Wyoming, provided by plantation caretaker Vick 'Butch' Deer.

In it she recalled that 'Walker 'Skipper' Inman Jr made them stay down in the basement all the time’.

'The basement was covered in faeces, and it was smeared all over, and it smelled terrible. It was so bad that I wouldn’t leave a dog in that condition.’

Several others said the kids were locked in their room each night, and, according to a former nanny, 'There was food strewn across the floor and a foul smell from where the kids had been relieving themselves in a corner.'

The cruel father — who received an estimated $90,000 monthly inheritance — got custody of the kids in 2000 when they were two years old. He had custody until he died from a meth overdose in 2010.

The twins now live with their mother Daisha Inman, Walker’s third wife, in a $20,000-a month Utah rental.

Inman is currently locked in a vicious legal battle with executives from Citibank and JPMorgan — who administer the twins’ trust funds thought to be worth $60million — in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court over her handling of their inheritance.

Titled 'Poorest Rich Kids in the World', the article includes horrified recollections from employees who worked at Walker’s estates and saw first-hand how the children were treated.

One incident described within the article, details how Walker’s fifth wife, Daralee, crashed into a tree while drink-driving the children to school at 7.30am.

But amidst the savage cruelty, Georgina reveals glimpses of extraordinary privilege.

The children had a pet lion cub and brought diamonds to school for show-and-tell, but they looked malnourished with dark circles under their eyes to the stream of nannies who cared for them.

The staggering wealth and extreme neglect and abuse created a warped environment for the youngsters to grow up in.

And they are still living a cloistered life, having never played the childhood game Musical Chairs, and still believing in Father Christmas.

'Dear Santa, I know I haven’t been good, but if you do come all I want is to say hi to you in person,' Patterson recently wrote to the mythical character, according to Rolling Stone, in the shaky handwriting of a first-grader.

Georgia claims she once spotted the bearded man in the flesh, but it’s more likely the vision was an apparition of her late father, who’s haunted her since his untimely passing.

'I think he’s here,' she whispered during the magazine interview, gesturing to an empty chair in her new Utah home.

Walker’s fondest memory of their father was when he intentionally set off a tear-gas grenade in the house as part of a whacked-out safety lesson.

Despite the detailed incidents of cruelty, authorities did not act to remove the children from their abusers, according to a report in the New York Post.

Wyoming law-enforcement never filed charges against the Inmans, who lavished local staff with exorbitant salaries and benefits.

When Walker brought his family to the South Carolina plantation, the Department of Social Services logged three reports about the crazy clan. 

In one incident, police were called to a restaurant after Georgia’s dad slapped her so hard, fellow diners feared for her life. 

The troubled duo were sent to a mental hospital for three months of recovery from a childhood of trauma.

And they’ve yet to fully heal. Both teens have recently contemplated suicide and suffered from anorexia.

Daisha’s plans for her kids’ future? Pairing them up with fellow fatherless children with a similar amount of baggage.

'She’s working on getting the twins together with Michael Jackson’s kids, with whom she thinks they’d have tons in common,' the article concludes.

Doris Duke inherited untold millions from her father James 'Buck' Duke - the founder of American Tobacco, maker of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

His massive gift to a small, private college in North Carolina led leaders there to change its name to Duke University. The huge sum resulted in Duke becoming one of the most elite universities in the country

Doris Duke, who died in 1993, left a large philanthropic legacy, as well. She was know during her time as 'the richest girl in the world' and was a superstar celebrity and socialite for most of her life.

On her death, she left nearly all of her $1billon estate to the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which remains a major force in the philanthropic world.

However, Doris Duke had no surviving biological children and part of the Duke fortune went into trust funds for the Inman twins.