Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dad sentenced to life after 3-year-old daughter found begging for food (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Is RAYMOND WOFFORD a custodial dad? Notice there is no mention of a mother in the home or anywhere else.

Father sentenced to life after child found begging for food

By Michael Purdy

Tulsa, Okla. — A father was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday.

Tulsa court records show Raymond Wofford plead guilty to two counts of child neglect back in February.

Everything started when his three-year-old daughter was found wandering around the neighborhood begging for food last year. Police say neighbors found her and immediately called for help.

The child weighed just nine pounds and was extremely malnourished when she was taken into protective custody. Police say the child was also suffering from scoliosis.

Wofford is currently in the Tulsa County Jail and will eventually be taken to an unknown prison.