Monday, April 22, 2013

Dad uses 7-month-old son as shield against police (Estacada, Oregon)

Dad is identified as RALEIGH REYNOLDS. No specific mention of a mother around, just Daddy's "relatives."

Father ‘used his seven-month-old son as a SHIELD when police tried to arrest him for burglary’
'Raleigh Reynolds barricaded himself inside property in Estacada, Oregon'
Eventually emerged holding baby in front of him, police say
Officers feared he was armed as they tried to arrest him

By Sam Adams

PUBLISHED:03:09 EST, 22 April 2013| UPDATED: 11:45 EST, 22 April 2013

A father used his seven-month-old baby as a human shield when police tried to arrest him on suspicion of burglary, officers said.

Raleigh Reynolds held the boy between himself and the police when they confronted him in Estacada, Oregon, according to Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

Officers feared Mr Reynolds might have been armed when they tried to arrest him on Saturday afternoon.

Police had been called to Clackamas Way after reports of a burglary, and saw Mr Reynolds who fled into a nearby house and barricaded himself inside.

He tried to escape from the house several, according to the police, before eventually emerging from the property holding the baby boy before him.

Police say he held the youngsters as a shield between himself and them, Fox 12 Oregon reports.

Officers negotiated with Mr Reynolds as he continued to hold the baby.

He finally released the child - which officers later found out was his son - and was arrested.

The baby was unhurt during the incident. Officers also found that Mr Reynolds was not armed, as was first feared.

The youngster was given to relatives of Mr Reynolds at the scene.

He was due to appear in court today facing charges of burglary, obstructing governmental administration, endangering welfare of a minor and resisting arrest, Fox 12 reports.