Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dad chokes and bites 10-year-old son, hangs him from fence (Houston, Texas)

Dad is identified as MARTY ANDREWS. No mention of a mother in the home.


Irate dad 'chokes and bites' his 10-year-old then hangs boy on fence to 'teach him a lesson'

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED:20:20 EST, 29 April 2013| UPDATED: 20:20 EST, 29 April 2013

An angry Houston father took the reprimanding and punishment of his ten-year-old son way too far, according to police.

Marty Andrews, 37, was charged with felony injury to a child after witnesses said they saw him first choke and bite the boy on the forehead, as reported by Khou.com.

In the incident, which happened on February 26, Andrews reportedly then bodyslammed his son onto the hood of a car. He believed the child had been fighting during a yard football game

According to court documents, the man then picked up his son by the shirt and threw him into a fence. He then apparently picked up the boy and hung him on the railings.

The ten-year-old agreed with the accusations against his father. The documents stated that the boy also said his dad had been squeezing his throat while questioning him.

Khou.com said that Mr Andrews did not agree with the severity of his punishment and that he was only trying to 'teach him a lesson.'

Andrews claimed that he was upset as he believed his son had been quarreling with the other children he was playing football with. He claimed his teeth hit the boy’s forehead by accident.

The father admitted that he had lifted the boy up by his jacket and put him on the hood of a car.

Andrews also said he did hold the boy up against the fence by his neck but claimed he didn't squeeze it very hard.