Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dad stabs 12-year-old daughter to death while horrified mom watches on SKYPE (Czech Republic)

In too many countries, parents must immigrate to find work. Unfortunately, when the mother is (apparently) the only one willing to work, and the children are left with the crazy deadbeat control-freak dad, this is what happens....



Father stabbed 12-year-old daughter to death in front of wife on SKYPE because he thought she was cheating on him while working abroad

The man, 64, is accused of killing the schoolgirl in a fit of jealous rage Trial in Czech Republic hears she had pleaded for him to stop

Court heard wife watched in horror online as attack took place

By Sam Adams
PUBLISHED:10:28 EST, 19 April 2013| UPDATED: 10:32 EST, 19 April 2013

A man who believed his wife was cheating on him while she was working abroad stabbed their 12-year-old daughter to death in a jealous rage live on Skype, a court has heard.

The trial in Liberec, Czech Republic, has shocked the entire country after it was revealed the terrified girl had been heard pleading for her life and saying 'daddy, stop please.'

But the 64-year-old man, who has not been named for legal reasons, continued to stab the schoolgirl with the 12-inch kitchen knife while her horrified mother watched online.

She had pleaded with him to stop throughout the Skype video call, the court heard.

Prosecutors say the man was well aware of what he was doing and rejected any suggestion that he was suffering from diminished responsibility.

They said it was a brutal act of jealousy and revenge against his wife who had been working overseas to raise money for her family at the time.

Psychological tests showed the father is fit to stand trial although he has refused to speak since the incident. The case continues.