Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dad charged with abandoning 2-year-old son (Newburgh, New York)

Dad is identified as MARQUISE SCHUYLER, but what happened to the mother? Notice that she is erased from this story entirely, so we don't know if Daddy had legal custody, kidnapped this child, or what.


Man charged with abandoning two-year-old son

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – A Town of Newburgh man was arrested on Sunday for abandoning his two-year-old son in the town.

The police arrived a short time later to find a small boy half-dressed standing on the side of the road with a concerned citizen. The child was taken to the police station and checked by Mobile Life Support Ambulance Services.

Several hours later, the father, Marquise Schuyler, was located, police said. He was arrested for abandonment of a child and criminal contempt, both as felonies.

Police said the child was doing well and is in the custody of Child Protective Services.