Monday, April 8, 2013

Dad arrested after toddler founding wandering streets (Hastings, Minnesota)

Another case where the parents were separated, but the father--who obviously has alcohol/child neglect problems--still got his "rights."


Father Arrested After Toddler Found Wandering Streets in Hastings

A father was arrested for child endangerment after a toddler was found wandering alone in Hastings.

Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell tells the boy was found walking in the street without shoes at 15th Street East and Sibley around 3 p.m. Sunday.

Police canvassed the neighborhood and were unable to find the boy's parents.

The boy's father was located about 2.5 hours later. Schnell says the boy's father was intoxicated and was arrested for child endangerment.

The boy, who was in good health, was released to his mother. The boy's parents are separated.

At this point, the name of the boy's father has not been released.