Friday, April 26, 2013

Dad acccused of slamming 3-month-old baby on changing table and fracturing his skull (Duncan, Oklahoma)

Yet another "frustrated" father who bashed the baby's skull in.

This one is identified as RICKY LEE TORREZ.

Duncan father accused of slamming baby on changing table

Posted on: 3:40 pm, April 25, 2013, by KFOR-TV and A. Edwards

DUNCAN, Okla. – A heart-breaking child abuse case is under investigation in Duncan.

Ricky Lee Torrez is behind bars on felony child abuse charges.

He allegedly admitted to slamming his 3-month-old baby so hard on the changing table, the child suffered severe injuries.

Prosecutors said the mother of the infant noticed he wasn’t acting right after she left him with Torrez, the baby’s father.

 Court records show Torrez admitted getting frustrated with a 2-year-old child also in his care and in anger he slammed the baby on the changing table.

The baby suffered a skull fracture, stroke and other injuries but is still alive.