Monday, April 22, 2013

Dad kills 1-year-old son by throwing him off 3rd story balcony: Didn't "want son to stay with his mother" (New Delhi, India)

How much you want to bet this was no mere "quarrel" (or "domestic dispute" as reporters like to say in the U.S.)

Women don't usually flee the marital home over spilled milk in the kitchen. It's because of domestic violence. The fact that this sh** of a father killed the the little boy when Mom refused to return to him, and because he didn't want the son to stay with her, marks this as a typical abuse-and-control killing.

The killer dad is identified as HARI OM.

Father flings son to death after quarrel with wife

New Delhi,Crime/Disaster/Accident, Mon, 22 Apr 2013 IANS New Delhi, April 22 (IANS)

A father fatally flung his one-and-a-half year old child from the third floor balcony of a house in east Delhi after a violent quarrel with his wife, police said Monday.

The father, a casual worker, has been arrested.

According to police, Hari Om, a resident of Gujarat, had come to his in-law's house in New Usmanpur area in east Delhi to take his wife and son back to his home.

His unwilling wife resisted and a quarrel ensued between the two. Om then flung his son from the balcony to "teach his wife a lesson". The child was taken to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Hospital but died on arrival, said an officer.

Police said Om was angered with his wife's refusal to return with him and did not want his son to stay with the mother.

His wife had left his house after a dispute between them, said an officer.