Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dad charged in 4-month-old daughter's death also accused of assault on second infant (Calgary, Canada)

Will the killer daddy coddling ever stop? This sh** has been charged with killing one baby and assaulting another four years later. Despite not showing up in court, he still gets bail! WTF???

Dad is identified as KINSEY GORDON JERRY.

Father charged in daughter’s death also accused of assault on second infant

APRIL 13, 2013

A Siksika man has been charged in the 2007 death of his four-month-old daughter, and aggravated assault against another four-month-old child in 2011.

 Kinsey Gordon Jerry, 27, was the target of two police investigations — one by Calgary police and the other by RCMP — into severely injured infants.

Despite missing court last month and being wanted on a Canada-wide warrant, Jerry was granted bail Friday in a Calgary courtroom.

On Friday, the Calgary homicide unit said it has laid a manslaughter charge in the death of Honey Jerry.

Police say they were first called to the home Jerry briefly shared with the girl’s mother in the 400 block of Ranchlands Grove N.W. on Jan. 31, 2007, because the four-month-old girl was in medical distress. She was taken to hospital, but died March 7, 2007.

An autopsy on the girl concluded her death was a result of cranial trauma — what used to be referred to as “shaken baby syndrome.”

Police say a thorough investigation ensued, leading to the charge against Jerry.

“There was no indication that a weapon was involved,” said homicide unit Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus. 

Saying the case was before the courts, he said he could not comment on motive or whether the father was alone with the child at the time.

Jerry was identified as a person of interest early in the investigation.

“He was interviewed by investigators at that time and he was co-operative with the investigators,” said Andrus.

Andrus said it remained an active investigation and said Calgary police were later contacted by RCMP about the same suspect.

On Sept. 26, 2011, Gleichen RCMP were called to a report of an injured child on the Siksika Nation. The baby was taken to the Alberta Children’s Hospital by STARS air ambulance with head trauma. 

Jerry was arrested in March of this year but failed to appear in provincial court, and a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for his arrest. He turned himself in to police a week later.

RCMP Sgt. Jeff Simpson said he could not reveal the relationship between Jerry and the victim.

Asked about the severity of the injuries, Simpson said Jerry “was charged as a result of that incident with aggravated assault.”

Andrus said he could not speak about the RCMP’s investigation or whether the injury to the child could have been prevented.

“I can’t comment on another agency’s investigation and I can’t speculate. What I can tell you is we conducted a complete, thorough investigation, and in consultation with the Crown prosecutor’s office we were in a position where we could lay a charge,” said Andrus.

He said investigations into infant deaths are long and complex, and autopsy results can take a year. Another challenge is being able to prove the suspect had exclusive access to the child, he said.

Andrus said he did not believe the suspect had other children.