Sunday, April 28, 2013

Custodial dad accused of beating son with hangers, cords (Naples, Florida)

Appears dad NAPOLEON FULLER began abusing his son as soon as he got custody. He obviously wasn't married to the mother. Can't help but wonder if she left him for domestic violence....

Naples man accused of beating son with hangers and cords

Posted: Apr 27, 2013 5:37 PM EDT Updated: Apr 28, 2013 10:29 AM EDT

NAPLES, FL - After a monthlong investigation, a Naples man was arrested after being accused of repeatedly beating his teenage son with hangers and cords.

We went to the neighborhood where deputies say the abuse happened.

Deputies say Napolean Fuller gained custody of his son after the boy's mother died.

Earlier this month, the victim told the Children's Advocacy Center about years of abuse.

It started an investigation, which led to his father's arrest.

The apartment complex on Sunshine Blvd. is a place of darkness for the young boy.

"There's a lot of families just nothing really goes on around this neighborhood," said Carl Montinar, a neighbor.

It's where Collier County Sheriff's deputies say the boy suffered years of child abuse.

The boy said his father, Napolean Fuller, punched, kicked and hit him.

These allegations are shocking to some of his neighbors.

"I've never seen Napoleon hit his son or anything. Napoleon has just been like a second father to me cause every time we're playing football he'll give me tips and stuff," said Calvin Dorceat.

A monthlong investigation began after the child described repeated beatings to staff at the Children's Advocacy Center.

According to the police report, he moved in with his father at this apartment complex in March of 2011. When his grades started to drop, that's when he became abusive.

The report says, "his dad began hitting him with his hand and hangers during the 5th grade."

It also says, "Napoleon began striking [victim] on his legs, arms, and back with sticks. [victim] stated that the sticks would break so his father began using cords to hit him with."

The investigation included a medical examination, where deputies say the evidence of abuse was clear. 

The report says, "I observed many permanent scars on [victim's] body that resemble perfectly shaped loop marks and marks that were long and thick like a stick."

"When I heard what happened, the situation it was just hard for me to believe," said Calvin Dorceat, a neighbor. 

On Friday, the investigation closed with fuller leaving this neighborhood in handcuffs.

According to the report, fuller did admit to hitting his son with a stick, but never leaving a mark.

He told police the scars on his son's body were from someone else.