Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dad murders ex-wife, 3-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter (Leicester, England, United Kingdom)

Once again, we have a mom who finally divorced her violent, drug-addicted husband--only to get slaughtered (along with their two kids) before she could relocate someplace safe. The killer dad this time is ARAM AZIZ. And he had issued death threats before. Honor killing?

Hat tip to C.

Killer stopped ex-wife's fresh start

Published: 15 Feb 2011

TRAGIC Joy Small was days from escaping her crazed ex-husband when he murdered her and their two children, it emerged last night.

Joy's divorce from violent Aram Aziz, 32, came through at the end of last month.

Friends said she planned to leave her home in Leicester and take son Aubarr, three, and daughter Chanarra, two, to Sheffield to start a new life.

But she and the youngsters were found dead in their flat on Saturday - the day after Aziz's body was discovered in a nearby park.

One pal said: "Joy was finally happy and talking excitedly about the move to Sheffield, where she had family.

"She was determined to get away from Aram. He was very possessive.

"He once told her that if she ever left him he'd kill her. It turns out it wasn't just an idle threat.

"Maybe she told him she was leaving the area and he just flipped."

Suspected robber Aziz, an Iraqi Kurd, was well-known to police and it was claimed he had links to people smuggling gangs.The mechanic had huge debts, drug and gambling problems - and a fierce temper.

It emerged last night that he was found by a park worker after hanging himself from a shed roof.
Post mortems were completed on his victims but police said further tests were needed before they can reveal how they died.

A restaurant worker in Leicester's Kurdish community said last night that Aziz was "unhinged".

He said: "He often had a crazy look in his eye.

"He smoked skunk and took cocaine and was always skint."