Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dad admits "squeezing" 4-week-old son's head, causing severe brain injury (Port Arthur, Texas)

These cases are not mysteries. In fact, they are distressingly similar. I post a case like this nearly every single day. A virile, volatile young man--like JASON JERAUD LEBLANC--who should be out working and supporting his family is instead drafted into infant care--a role to which he is completely temperamentally unsuited. (How much of this is nurture and now much is nature is hard to say, but in the end, irrelevant.) These guys get "frustrated" by a crying infant and lash out violently. The end result is babies with SEVERE and often fatal injuries like skull fractures.

Notice that CPS has definitely noticed an increase in these kids of severe abuse cases. As has been noticed in Florida and elsewhere, a lot of this is due to the increasing number of male caretakers--dads, step dads, and boyfriends. Because of welfare "reform," these moms must work. And because the economy has eliminated so many well-paying jobs for young men of this social/economic class, they've been recruited into babysitting. And we're seeing the increasing carnage from this ridiculous policy every day.

PAPD: Father admits squeezing 4-week-old son's head
February 16, 2011 9:06 AM
Ashley Gaston

PORT ARTHUR - Documents obtained by KFDM News indicate police believe a father put his hands around head of his 4-week-old son and squeezed tightly for several minutes.

Port Arthur Police say Jason Jeraud LeBlanc, 27, admitted he intentionally injured his young son, Charlie.

The baby is in the ICU at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. He has a number of injuries, including a severe brain injury, a fractured rib and a fractured thigh bone.

Police say Charlie's father told them he was frustrated by the baby's crying.

According to investigators, LeBlanc said Charlie would not stop crying at about 2-30 in the morning on Wednesday, February 9. They were at their home in the 6 thousand block of 17th Street in Port Arthur.

Police say LeBlanc admitted becoming angry because his son was crying. According to the probable cause affidavit, he said he took his hands and wrapped them around his son's torso in a tight manner for approximately five minutes.

The detective who interviewed LeBlanc said the father also told him he took his hands and squeezed the sides of Charlie's head in a tight manner for about five minutes.

"You think that you've seen it all until you read another one," said CPS spokeswoman Shari Pulliam. "And it seems like they're getting worse and worse. Back 5 years ago we might have a case like this maybe once, twice, three times a year. It seems like they're coming in almost regularly, weekly, where a child has been physically abused to the point where they're in ICU."

According to Pulliam, the hospital said these aren't the first injuries to Charlie.

"The hospital said there are previous injuries, so this four-week-old has suffered in his four short weeks of life," said Pulliam.

CPS has temporary custody of the one month old boy and his 13-month-old brother.