Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad kills 4-year-old son as part of financial scam (New Delhi, India)

Wow. This is some plot. If dad RAKESH KUMUR had directed even half of this genius into saving his businesses instead of extorting his friends, he might have become a rich man. Unfortunately, his 4-year-old son became collateral damage in this scheme, you see. After all, we had to pin a murder rap on these guys to make the plan work. So Daddy had to find an easy victim....


Father kills four-year-old boy
Dwaipayan Ghosh, TNN, Feb 15, 2011, 09.54pm IST

NEW DELHI: In a calculated move to get financial support from his family, a man allegedly murdered his only child, four-year-old Mayank, in Najafgarh, southwest Delhi, on February 9. The accused, Rakesh Kumar, hatched the plan after he incurred huge losses - his butter distribution business as well as hotel business, which he recently started, proved unsuccessful. Kumar had also planned to falsely implicate his friends -whom he owed money - in this case. He was arrested on Monday.

The cops became suspicious about Kumar when they realized that he had "deliberately'' asked friends and well-wishers to look for his son in an area that was "60 feet away from the main road and 15-ft deep''. "It was the last place where one would search for a young child. We questioned the father who accepted he had brought his son there on the evening of February 9,'' said DCP (southwest) Sharad Aggarwal.

On the day of the crime, Kumar told his wife that he was going to attend a wedding and left the house. His wife also later went out to buy vegetables. While she was away, Kumar came back and took his son on his motorcycle to a spot in Dharampura near the Najafgarh drain at Kakrolla village. "After strangulating Mayank, he threw the body in the drain. He even kept a stone on the body to ensure that it is recovered,'' said an investigating officer.

Kumar was later informed by his wife that Mayank was missing. Mayank had recently joined a nearby playschool. "The accused came to Najafgarh police station and got a kidnapping case registered. He even flared up complaining that the cops were "slow' in their response," said an officer. The next day, he took his friends near the drain and asked them to search for the "kidnapped" child.

"Initially, we suspected the friends since they insisted that it was Rakesh who had sent them there,'' added the DCP. Sources said the accused had even asked his friends to switch off their mobiles so that the cops would suspect them. "The body was recovered on February 10. But the postmortem report which we received on February 11 said the child was strangulated. We then decided to arrest Kumar,'' said the DCP.

On being questioned, Rakesh disclosed that he had taken loans to the tune of Rs 1.5 lakh in the past three years. "When all his business ventures flopped, he took this extreme step,'' said Anand Sagar, chief investigator of the case.

"He planned to falsely implicate his four friends, whom he owed money, so that they don't demand their money back. He also wanted to gain sympathy from his parents, who live in Gurgaon, and had stopped financially supporting him. He wanted his parents to hand him over some land so that he could start another business,'' said DCP Aggarwal.

He further told police that his friends were threatening him to return the money. On questioning his friends, police found nothing suspicious about their movements on the day of incident

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