Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad locks kids in basement during "rendezvous" (Omaha, Nebraska)

Notice that either Daddy is cheating on Mom in their own home, or that this is a horny UNNAMED DAD with custody/visitation. Not that this is clarified, of course. If this is a dad with custody/visitation, do you think Mom will be able to get sole custody? Don't bet your cattle ranch on it.


Dad Locks Kids In Basement During Rendezvous

Omaha, NE - The 38-year-old father told police he locked the kids in the basement--and blocked the door with a chair--so he could have sex with his girlfriend.

But the kids got hungry and when no one answered their banging and yelling, the 10-, seven- and six-year-old found a way out. One of them put their arm through the "cat door," knocked over the chair and escaped.

It happened last week at the father's home near 58th and Lake. The children found their dad and his girlfriend asleep on the couch in the living room.

No mention in the police report if the kids found anything for dinner, but the 38-year-old father was arrested for three counts of child neglect and for outstanding warrants.

Reported by Kathy Sarantos Niver, kathy@action3news.com