Friday, February 11, 2011

Custodial dad charged after young children found in squalor (Indianapolis, Indiana)

I'll correct this headline if I see contrary information, but it certainly appears that dad AARON INGLE not only lived in utter filth with his three kids, but that he was a custodial dad. Though the press refuses to make this clear--as usual.

Why does Daddy appear to be custodial? Notice that the "estranged" wife was the one who requested a police wellness check on the children--and it appears she lost custody after Daddy accused her of abusing the 4-year old. Given that Daddy is apparently a totally dysfunctional slob--in addition to being an alcoholic and a prescription drug abuser--I'm not thinking his credibility is too high in these matters. But as the fathers rights people always tell us, only Moms file false allegations. Daddies never, ever do.

And notice that these children were taken on a Tuesday, which suggests that Daddy had more than weekend visitation.

So does CPS want to admit that they f***ed up on this one too, in terms of their daddy worship? Didn't think so.

Father charged after young children found in squalor
Posted: Feb 09, 2011 10:32 AM CST
Updated: Feb 09, 2011 4:35 PM CST

Jeremy Brilliant/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Three young children were removed from a home where feces and rotten food were found on the floor. Police arrested the father inside the house in the 800 block of Biltmore on the city's west side.

Even from the outside, trash appears to be piling up. When police went to the home late Tuesday night they found filth everywhere and children aged two, four and six living in it. Their father, 30-year-old Aaron Ingle, was arrested for neglect.

"Very dirty, very unsanitary, very unsafe," said Sgt. Linda Jackson, Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Officers reported an odor of feces & urine, dirty diapers lying around, rotting food possibly months old in the kitchen, and trash all over.

"That's awful. I mean, you would never have thought because you look at the kids and they looked healthy. They never looked malnourished or anything like that," said Russell Rogers, neighbor.

But another neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she was concerned about the children.

"They'd come down here and talk to me all the time, especially the little girl, she was just - I would ask her if she was okay and she would just shrug her shoulders like, 'whatever'. I knew something was wrong," said the woman.

While we couldn't see inside the house itself, what's going on inside the garage might be an indication of the situation there. There were all kinds of mattresses, an old refrigerator and trash strewn all over the floor.

Police say Ingle was drunk and verbally abusive to officers. In the trash outside the home were dozens of beer cans and several empty whisky bottles.

According to officers, Ingle was so drunk he was staggering, and falling into walls as he walked. Ingle was slurring his words so badly that officers couldn't understand what he was saying.

Police say the younger children were in dirty diapers. The oldest child was only wearing underwear.

"It was not safe. There wasn't anything there for them to eat and they needed to be placed somewhere where they were going to be cared for," said Sgt. Jackson.

Officers say the house smelled strongly of urine and feces, and was under construction, with bare wood and nails on the floor. They say the four-year-old had paint all over his body. The two-year-old's diaper was filthy and sagging six inches off his backside. The six-year-old's bedroom had rotting food that appeared to be months old, along with mice feces and empty bottles of condiments and dirty diapers.

"I'm actually shocked to know that it was two doors away that something like this could take place. But we never know what happens inside other people's homes," said Rogers.

Officers say the bathroom was extremely unsanitary, and the floor of the bathroom had dry rot and missing floorboards. The kitchen was equally deplorable, with the counter tops covered in dirt, grime and grease, along with rotting food and numerous liquor bottles and beer cans. Dishes had food that appeared to have been left for weeks or even months.

One of the officers stepped on a loose nail through his work boots while trying to make his way through the kitchen.

The suspect's estranged wife called police requesting that they check on the welfare of the couple's children. Aaron Ingle accused her over the summer of punching their four-year-old boy in the eye.

All three of the children have been taken into state custody and could be placed with relatives. Aaron Ingle faces three felony counts of child neglect.

Ingle told police he had been drinking alcohol and taking Klonopin, which is an anti-anxiety medication available only by prescription.