Friday, February 11, 2011

Dad with joint custody shoots and kills 3 children (Birkerod, New Zealand)

In just over a year, there have been 8 CHILDREN MURDERED BY FATHERS IN CUSTODIAL SITUATIONS--and that's just in New Zealand. UNNAMED DAD is the latest, with the murder of his 3 children. And yes, Daddy had joint custody and had the children staying with him at the time he mowed them down in cold blood.

Remember that the fathers rights people have told us for years that the reason these poor daddies act out like this is that they are denied their rights by Malicious Mothers and the Misandryst Family Courts. Meanwhile, this is the reality: any Daddy with a pulse--no matter what his criminal history--has successfully managed to get joint custody these days. Especially in places like Australia and New Zealand. And we're watching the pile of dead children grow ever higher and higher.

When will people realize you can't cave into the demands of terrorists and criminals, just because they're sperm donors?

Hat tip to S.

Three children shot and killed by father
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 09:41 KM News

Mother had alerted police about “worrying” call from ex-husband

A 44-year-old man in the town of Birkerød has shot and killed his three children, ages 2, 8 and 10, according to reports from the North Zealand Police.

The man reportedly had joint custody of the children together with his estranged wife and they were staying with him at the time of the attack.

Police say the mother had received a call from the husband at shortly after 5 this morning that led her to believe something was wrong. She called the police, who sent a patrol to the man’s address.

The man is said to have attempted suicide by overdosing on pills and is now being treated at hospital.

In 2010, three similar attacks claimed the lives of five children. In all three cases, the fathers attempted to commit suicide immediately after. One was successful. The other two were convicted of murder, with one being sentenced to life in prison.The other was required to undergo psychological treatment but was not given jail time.