Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad murders mom during child custody exchange (Turlock, California)

Yet another mom mowed down in cold blood because of joint custody with UNNAMED DAD. It's explained that this was an "informal agreement," but that doesn't mean jack sh** in my book. This is California! Where violent abuser daddies are routinely given custody/visitation by the family courts, and then go on to murder the kids! (Check out previous posts here on STEPHEN GARCIA--just to name one prominent example.) This mom very likely figured that her chances were better staying OUT of court. That way she could hopefully keep more options for later, and not get locked into something that could not be changed. Unfortunately, staying out of court did not save her life.


Turlock police: Apparent murder-suicide occurred in front of child
By Kevin Valine

TURLOCK — Police today released some more details of an apparent murder-suicide on the north side of town Monday afternoon.

Lt. Ron Reid said the 34-year-old Keyes man and 33-year-old Turlock woman, who had a longtime on-and-off relationship, had met up to exchange custody of their 8-year-old son.

The woman was picking up the boy from his father shortly after 5 p.m. Both pulled their cars to the side of Grand Oak Court in the 2900 block and he apparently got into her sport utility vehicle.

“They had an argument of some kind, then he shot her and then himself,” Reid said.

He said he couldn’t release the names of those involved because police hadn’t reached relatives of the woman to notify them of her death.

The man and women were declared dead at the scene. Both were shot in the upper torso; a gun was found near the car. Reid didn’t know how many times the gun was fired.

The 8-year-old boy, who saw the argument and shooting, wasn’t hurt. Reid said he was shaken but “doing about as well as can be expected.”

He was staying with relatives.

Neither the man nor the woman lived in the area where the shooting occurred, a few blocks from Pitman High School. Reid said the man had relatives who lived in the neighborhood.

The 8 year-old was the couple’s only child together; Reid said the two had an informal custody arrangement. The man had a 15-year-old son who at the time was with relatives a few blocks away.

Reid said police had a record of one prior incident involving the couple, but no arrests were made. He said investigators were checking with other agencies to see if they had any history.

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