Friday, February 25, 2011

4-week-old baby abused by dad released from hospital; where's mom? (Jefferson County, Texas)

Okay, all you dastardly readers out there. What's wrong with this article?

Well, here it is. How can you have a 4-week-old baby abused by a father--in this case by JASON JERRAUD LEBLANC--and not even MENTION that there had to be a mother in this picture at least 4 weeks before? Not one word about this baby's mother, though the baby is now going into a rehabilitative foster home. And "LeBlanc's 13-month-old child" is also being placed with unnamed "family members." How can a mother be written out of a story so completely? It's as if these kids had been found in a cabbage patch.


4-week-old child abuse victim to be released from hospital
By Teresa Mioli
Published 04:35 p.m., Thursday, February 24, 2011

Judge Larry Thorne ordered today that a 4-week-old admitted to the hospital with multiple signs of physical abuse be released to a rehabilitative foster home.

Medical staff determined that the newborn was a victim of physical child abuse. He suffered a skull fracture caused by compression or crushing, a rib fracture, liver injuries, a broken femur and tibia, broken jaw and bleeding of the brain, according to previous Enterprise reporting.

The child will be released from Texas Children's Hospital in Houston next week and placed in the foster home until Child Protective Services can conduct a home study on family members, said CPS spokesperson Shari Pulliam.

The child's father, 27-year-old Jason Jeraud LeBlanc, is at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility for serious injury to a child and has a $150,000 bond.

Port Arthur police were notified that the boy was admitted to the hospital on Feb. 11 and a search warrant was executed at the child's residence in the 6000 block of 17th Street, according to previous reporting.

LeBlanc's 13-month-old child was placed with family members at a house with no history of CPS-related issues.