Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-trial underway for custodial dad who showed daughters porn (Amarillo, Texas)

From following this case before, I know that dad JACK BUCKNER had custody at the time he decided to do some "sex education" with his daughters--um, combined with just a little alcohol at 3 in the morning. Notice that this mother's attempts to get safety and justice for her daughters have been stymied at every step of the way. Texas is a huge fathers rights state--and these are the fruits of that: Porn daddies are free to groom their daughter with very little interference from the family courts or the law.

Pre-trial underway for dad who showed daughters porn
Posted: 1 hr, 25 mins ago

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- A pre-trial hearing for an Amarillo father accused of showing his young daughters pornography began Monday, February 14.

We were originally told by an official that his jury trial was set to start today, and reported that, but after speaking with the 47th District Court we found that today's court appearance was a pre-trial hearing.

Jack Buckner is accused of child endangerment for showing his two young daughters porn. Randall County District Attorney James Farren has charged the father with that crime, saying he put his daughters in imminent danger. Buckner argues that he was just teaching the girls sex education.

In 2009, Crystal Buckner of Dallas the girl's mother asked Farren to bring charges against her ex-husband for showing their daughters, who were ages 8 and 9 at the time, the pornography, but there is no law against that. State law says that as long as a parent is present, it is not illegal for kids to view porn.

At that time, before moving forward with the case, Farren sought the opinion of the Attorney General on the matter. That ruling however turned out to be of little help to the district attorney, he was quoted as saying he "didn't think the opinion really addressed the issue."

Forcing Farren to come up with a creative solution on how to proceed with the case. That solution led to the charges of child endangerment for showing the girls a video that Farren argues put them in imminent danger of mental impairment.

In an interview in 2009, the girl's mother said, "Teaching your child about sex education is one thing. Doing what he did at 3 in the morning, drinking, and making them watch it. Making them, when one of them turned away they'd get in trouble- that's not education."