Friday, February 25, 2011

Dad of "missing" sons faces possible life in prison; boys disappeared during court-ordered visitation (Morenci, Michigan)

We're reported on dad JOHN SKELTON and his numerous lies on several occasions now. Even without the identification of the boys' bodies--which may never be found--authorities are moving to lock up this misfit for good. Previous articles have clarified that these boys "disappeared" during Daddy's court-ordered visitation. At this point, few people think this is anything other than a triple homicide.

Father of missing Mich. boys faces possible life in prison
12:34 PM, Feb. 25, 2011

A Morenci, Mich., man, accused in the disappearance of his three sons, now faces life in prison.

The Lenawee County Prosecutor's Office has added three charges each of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment against John Skelton, 39, whose sons have been missing since late November.

These are in addition to three counts of parental kidnapping he was already facing.

Prosecutor Jonathan Poer said today that the new kidnapping charges carry a penalty of up to life imprisonment. He said the new charges were added about a week ago after his office received additional reports from Morenci police.

Skelton's pretrial hearing, which had been originally rescheduled for Feb. 23, has been postponed to March 9. He is accused in the disappearance of his sons, Andrew, 9; Alexander, 7; and Tanner Skelton, 5, who were last seen Thanksgiving Day. His wife, Tanya Skelton, had filed for divorce earlier in the fall.

Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks said earlier this month that Skelton told police his sons are with the United Foster Outreach and Underground Sanctuaries - an organization that the police chief said investigators have been unable to locate.

Weeks also said the search is being handled as a homicide investigation. Poer said Friday he would not speculate on whether Skelton will be charged with murder.

“That investigation is still ongoing,” he said.