Monday, February 14, 2011

Dad flips out on 4-year-old son for playing with Mom's makeup (Howell, Michigan)

This is classic "homosexual panic." Dad JUSTIN JOSHIA LEPPLA just totally flipped when he found out his 4-year-old son had been playing with his Mom's makeup. The Horror! Next thing you know, this kindergartner will be wearing women's clothing and hanging out in the bars! And then he'll be introducing you to his new boyfriend, Steve! Better to scrape the kid's skin off first! OMG OMG!

Unfortunately, men tend to be far more likely to be rigid in term of gender roles and children than women. And this is the kind of result you see.

Father heading to exam for abuse

A Howell father accused of causing abrasions on his son's face returns to Livingston County District Court on Tuesday for an exam conference on child abuse charges.

Justin Joshia Leppla is charged with third-degree child abuse after a teacher at his 4-year-old son's school reported possible child abuse to Child Protective Services, which in turn called police Jan. 27.

Howell police said the child was playing Jan. 26 with his mother's makeup, which he had applied to his face. When Leppla saw this, police said, he "scrubbed the makeup off the face, along with skin," causing "nasty abrasions."

Police said Leppla made a statement, but they declined to release additional details, citing the ongoing prosecution.

Leppla, who was ordered to vacate his home and is living in Swartz Creek, is free on bond.