Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dad pleads guilty to open murder in death of 4-month-old son burned in bathtub (Jackson, Michigan)

As we see here, mothers are thrown in jail for relatively insignificant things like unpaid traffic tickets. While violent men walk the streets with impunity all the time. And even gain custody--temporary or otherwise--of helpless infants. Which they then kill, because, well, that's what violent men do.

Dad is identified as MICHAEL YOUNG.


Jackson father pleads guilty to open murder in death of baby burned in bathtub

By Danielle Salisbury
on November 15, 2014 at 5:30 AM, updated November 15, 2014 at 10:22 AM

Michael Young case Jackson father pleads guilty to open murder in death of baby burned in bathtub Infant boy likely would have survived burns had father sought medical treatment, doctor testifies Man accused of infant son's death said he did not seek treatment for burned boy because he feared authorities would take baby
'My heart is shattered and broken,' says mom who was in jail when infant son died
Father charged with murder, child abuse for allegedly causing burns that killed 4-month-old son

JACKSON, MI – An 31-year-old man has pleaded guilty to open murder for placing his 4-month-old son in scalding water and failing to seek medical treatment for the resulting burns.

Michael Young Sr.'s plea, rare in a murder case, eliminated the need for a jury trial, which was scheduled to begin Monday, Nov. 17.

Instead, Young will appear before Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson for a "degree hearing," during which Wilson will hear testimony, consider evidence and determine whether Young is guilty of first- or second-degree murder or manslaughter. A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 9.

Young admitted this week to putting Michael Young Jr. in the bath tub. He conceded the water burned the baby and he did not get the child professional care, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski said.

Because he took responsibility for the most serious allegation, the prosecutor's office is dismissing a first-degree child abuse charge.

"Guilty to open murder was a profound result from our perspective, a very good result," Rezmierski said.

An effort Friday afternoon to reach Young's lawyer, Jared Hopkins, was not successful.

The baby, born Sept. 17, 2013, died Jan. 20 at Allegiance Health, about four days after the bath.

Prosecutors believe the evidence has shown and will continue to show Michael was burned intentionally and his death resulted from those intentional burns, making Michael Young Sr. guilty of first-degree murder, Rezmierski said.

If the judge agrees, Young will go to prison for life without the possibility of parole, as is mandated by law. If convicted of second-degree murder, he could still go to prison for life, but he would have a chance at release. Manslaughter, the least of the three crimes, carries a maximum prison penalty of 15 years.

At a preliminary examination in April, Hopkins contended there was no intentional act. It was neglect that caused the harm. The appropriate crime is manslaughter, Hopkins told a district court judge.

Young at first said he dropped the child in the tub while he was cleaning the bathroom and running hot water. Later, he said he put Michael in the water and the baby started to cry. He knew there were burns, but he thought they were less severe than they proved to be and he tried to treat them himself, Jackson Detective Sergio Garcia earlier testified.

The boy had "very significant" burns on about 45 percent of his body, including his back, buttocks, groin and feet, a doctor testified in April.

Had he sought treatment for the "very painful" injuries, the child likely would have survived, Dr. Lisa Markman, assistant clinical director of the Child Protection Team at the University of Michigan health System's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital said in April. She reviewed the child's medical records at the request of the prosecution and concluded Michael was forcibly held in the bathwater.

Complications of the third-degree burns, the most serious type, caused the baby's death, said the doctor who performed the autopsy. Neglect was a contributing factor in the homicide, he said.

Young told Garcia he feared if he took Michael to receive medical care, the child would be taken from his father, as Young had been taken from his mother as a boy.

Authorities did not learn of Michael's injuries until emergency personnel were called Jan. 19 to Shahan Drive and found the child "unresponsive." Young told an officer he had put the boy down for a nap, went to check him and found he was not breathing.

The baby had been in Young's care while Michael's mother, Monica Perusse, was in jail for minor charges and unpaid traffic fines.

Perusse supported Young and called the baby the love of his life.