Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dad kills 4-year-old daughter in murder-suicide, had just separated from mother (Cape Coral, Florida)

The "investigation" is the usual Florida BS. This murder has nothing to do with being sad about being unable to be a good provider. It has everything to do with a classic spousal revenge killing--punish Mom for leaving your deadbeat @$$, so you destroy the one she loves best. Too bad this scumbag was provided child access. If he had been deprived of access, there would have been no murder. We need to stop giving unstable, violent  fathers access to kids, especially right after a breakup when they are the most volatile.

Dad is identified as JOHN MEDINA.

Deaths of child and man ruled murder suicide

By Andrew Murphy.


CAPE CORAL, Fla - The Lee County Sheriff's Office released a disturbing report on Wednesday ruling deaths of a father and his young daughter a murder-suicide.

On September 8, a car was discovered on the Cape Coral Bridge with its lights on and engine running.

The owner of the vehicle, John Medina was nowhere to be found, although a cell phone and wallet were inside the car.

Medina's daughter was found at his home dead of apparent strangulation.

A dive team searched the Caloosahatchee River and recovered John Medina's body later that morning.

According to the investigation, Medina had recently separated from the mother of the child and was desperate to salvage the relationship and was distraught about not being able to provide for his daughter financially.