Monday, November 3, 2014

Dad charged with drowning 4-year-old son during visitation found dead in jail cell; had history of DV and assault against police officers (Howell County, Missouri)

Update to the killer dads and custody list.

Not mentioned here is that dad ERIC J. CHAPPELLE was charged with murdering his son during his visitation time. And that in addition to the child molestation charges, he had a history of domestic violence and assaulting police officers. And yet the custody arrangements were still in the process of being decided as the divorce was being finalized. Can't make this up, unfortunately.

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Dated: 10/19/2012

Inmate found dead in Howell County Jail

Eric J. Chappelle A man charged with the death of his 4-year-old son was found dead in the Howell County Jail Thursday morning.

Eric J. Chappelle, 40, of West Plains, Mo., was discovered dead at about 7 a.m. by Howell County Sheriff personnel, a release form the Missouri Highway Patrol said. The patrol is investigating, though no foul play is suspected.

Chappelle was charged with first-degree murder and numerous lesser charges for the drowning death of his son in April 2011. He allegedly told officers then he drowned his son and wanted to kill himself because he faced child molestation allegations.

Police officers who found the child's body reported that Chappelle was talking incoherently and tried to stab himself in the stomach and chest with a large knife.

The Howell County Sheriff's Department requested assistance from the highway patrol in the investigation in the inmate's death. An autopsy of Chappelle is scheduled for Monday in Springfield.