Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Custodial dad stripped mom of custody by manipulating the legal system, then killed the 2-year-old son (Stockton, California)

Update to the killer dad and custody list. Though not so much of an update as additional background as this article predates the 2-year-old son's death.

This is one of the more astonishing examples I have ever seen of domestic abuse by proxy. Domestic abuse by proxy is the process by which adept abusers manipulate the police, CPS, the courts, and others in authority to harass, threaten, and abuse the victim FOR THEM.

And after all that he did to Mom in order to gain control over their two-year-old son, what did dad TUSHAMBI EVANS JR. do? He beat him to death.

And still it doesn't end, as the mom no longer has custody of her other kids.

But it gets worse. Turns out Dad was acquitted all charges in November 2013. They figured the kid beat himself to death or something? Sickening but not altogether surprising given the power this father has somehow amassed for himself.


Abused toddler's mom: No one followed up police reports

10:27 PM, Mar 26, 2012

STOCKTON, CA - Jamela Evans and her husband, Tushambi Evans, were known to police in Richmond, Vallejo and Stockton for consistently filing police reports against each other.

On Friday, their 2-year-old son, Tushambi Evans Jr, arrived at Oakland Children's Hospital in critical condition and his father was booked in San Joaquin County Jail for severely beating him.

Jamela Evans said on Saturday that she had warned Richmond police last year that her husband was abusing their child.

"I'm hurting on the inside, because I told police that he was abusing the baby. No one would listen to me," Jamela Evans said.

Richmond Police Supervisor of Investigations, Sgt. Louie Tirona, confirmed the department has an extensive reporting history with the Evans family.

Tirona couldn't release details, but said the couple accused each other of various crimes, but not for child abuse. The reports go as far back as 2009. Tirona said the only arrest was for Jamela Evans in May 2011 for violating a child custody order.

"I got arrested," said Jamela Evans. "[Tushambi] told them I kidnapped the baby when he dropped the baby off to visit. And when he came back I was gone."

In fact, Jamela Evans said she doesn't have any custody rights to her son and Tushambi Evans received a restraining order against her. She claimed her husband secretly filed court orders against her while they were still living together in both Richmond and Vallejo.

"He was going to court on me the whole time without my knowledge and telling the judge that he couldn't find me," Jamela Evans said. "He falsified paperwork stating that his mother served me proof of service at my grandmother's house in Richmond, but while we were living in Vallejo."

Contra Costa County Superior Court could not comment on this specific case, but said family members are allowed to serve court notices. The court said if Jamela Evans never received the court documents, then she needs to retain a lawyer and contest the rulings.

In Vallejo, where the Evans lived together for some time, the Vallejo Police Department said it had one record from Solano County Child Protective Services investigating Jamela Evans.

The report said an anonymous caller told CPS that Jamela Evans was abusing her older child on Jan. 17, 2011. CPS investigated, but did not find any evidence of child abuse and wrote that the caller's accusations were unfounded.

Jamela Evans said after her arrest in May 2011 she moved to Stockton alone and visited her husband and baby often.

On Thursday afternoon, she called Stockton police to report domestic and child abuse when Tushambi Evans was in her home. However, she said she was too afraid to follow through with the report.

"I never opened the door for the officer," Jamela Evans said. "I was afraid to open the door. He kept asking me, 'Why is the police officer here? What do he want?' I told him 'I don't know.'"

When the officer left, Jamela Evans said her husband started beating her. She escaped to a neighbor's house, but Tushambi Evans took off with her car and her son.

The next day, Tushambi Evans Jr. showed up barely alive at Oakland Children's Hospital and his father was arrested for felony child abuse and domestic abuse.

San Joaquin County Child Protective Services now has custody of Jamela Evans' other children.

Jamela Evans said she is pregnant with Tushambi Evans' second child.