Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Caring" dad murder two kids and their mother; sets house on fire (Tampa, Florida)

Additional evidence that if you're a father--especially if you're rich and white--it doesn't matter what scummy things you do. You'll still be characterized in the media as a "caring, involved father"--instead a of ruthless thug and killer who slaughtered his two kids and their mother.

Dad is identified as DARRIN CAMPBELL.

Detectives find no motive to family's murder-suicide in Tampa mansion

November 05, 2014 - 3:16 pm EST

TAMPA, Florida — Hillsborough County deputies have ended their investigation into a family's murder-suicide in May inside a Tampa mansion and have found no motive.

Detectives say 49-year-old Darrin Campbell shot his 51-year-old wife Kimberly, their 18-year-old son Collin and 16-year-old daughter Megan. Then he spread fireworks and gasoline through the house, started a fire and turned the gun on himself.

Officials released the investigative documents Wednesday.

Autopsy reports show Campbell's wife and children were each shot once in the head.

Authorities say Campbell bought a .40-caliber handgun and $600 in fireworks in the weeks before the shootings.

He was described as a caring, involved father.

The family was renting a $1.6 million home from retired tennis player James Blake.