Monday, November 3, 2014

Dad heads to trial for death of 16-month-old son during visitation (Oroville, California)

Update to the killer dad and custody list.

Beware of any dad who suddenly decides he "wants" to be a dad--after being ordered to pay child support. Too often the motives are not exactly altruistic. Have not been able to locate any news article reporting the outcome of this trial, unfortunately.

Dad is identified as MICHAEL LESLIE DOLLAR.

Man heads for trial in Oroville toddler death

Posted: 08/07/2013 12:04:18 AM PDT0

OROVILLE -- A Butte County judge Tuesday ordered a 25-year-old Bangor man bound over for trial in an alleged assault on a 16-month-old boy in Oroville that led to his death. New details emerged in the case Tuesday afternoon when the defendant, Michael Leslie Dollar, appeared before Judge Steven Howell for a preliminary hearing into the death of baby Deagan Jackson, who was reportedly Dollar's son.

Testimony from two police detectives revealed Dollar told the boy's mother several different stories about how Deagan was hurt, that Dollar appeared agitated that day, and that the child's injuries were similar to either a car accident or being struck by a baseball bat.

He originally told police Deagan got hurt playing in a bedroom.

Deagan was injured Nov. 11, 2010, at an apartment in Oroville, where Dollar was living with Amanda Allard and their two children.

Oroville police became involved that day when staff at Oroville Hospital reported an infant was in the emergency room with severe head trauma.

"Baby Deagan" was later flown by helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, where he died from the injuries, detective Ron Belser said.

Deagan was born to Sabrina Jackson in June 2009, Belser said. Dollar denied being the boy's father and ordered a paternity test, but after being ordered to pay child support, he decided he wanted to be a father.

Supervising deputy district attorney Michael Sanderson later told the court the paternity test established Dollar as the father and the test was 99.9-percent certain. .

Detective Belser next recounted statements made by Sabrina Jackson about telephone exchanges she had with Dollar on Nov. 11. while Deagan was visiting Dollar.

Dollar allegedly called Jackson around 2:17 p.m., asking her to "come get your kid."

He was angry at the time, but she wasn't able to go retrieve Deagan, Belser said.

When Jackson tried to make arrangements in yet another call, Dollar told her "never mind."

Belser said Dollar called Jackson again at 6 p.m. and told her to go to the emergency room at Oroville Hospital.

According to Belser, Jackson said Dollar was complaining about how long it was taking at the hospital and having to go to work early the next morning.

Both parents were present when Deagan was pronounced dead. Belser testified Jackson told police that Dollar looked at the child and said, "Sorry," and hit a wall as he left the hospital, saying, "This wasn't supposed to happen."

Jackson also heard several different stories about how her son was hurt.

Belser said Dollar first claimed Deagan had fallen from a balcony at the apartment he lived in. A few days later he told Jackson the boy fell down the steps to the apartment. Next, he said Deagan had fallen from a child's bed, and then that he had climbed a book shelf and it had fallen over.

However, Belser noted the autopsy by pathologist Thomas Resk found Deagan's injuries weren't consistent with any of those scenarios.

The autopsy showed there was blunt-force trauma to the skull. Belser said there were five fractures on the skull and compression fractures on each side of the child's head, allegedly "from being struck more than once with an object or the head being slammed in a door frame."

Belser also said a doctor who treated the child at Oroville Hospital compared Deagan's injuries "to being in an automobile accident or struck with a baseball bat."

Belser and detective Sabrina Ostberg also testified about statements Allard gave police.

Belser said Allard first told police she was in the kitchen with Dollar, cooking, and Deagan was in a bedroom with her son.

She heard crying, and Dollar went to the bedroom to check on it.

"Moments later the crying stopped, and Michael came out holding baby Deagan ..." Belser said.

Ostberg said Allard told her last June that she and Dollar were in the kitchen and the children were going back and forth between rooms.

Allard "tearily" acknowledged Dollar appeared "grumpy, tired and agitated" that day, and that she'd seen him hit a wall and throw a cellphone, Ostberg said.

Ostberg also testified Allard heard a loud cry from the bedroom, allegedly from Dollar, and a "low, soft cry" from Deagan, as well as seeing a lump on the baby's head.

Defense attorney Mark Stapleton asked a few questions about reports and didn't call any witnesses.

Howell ordered Dollar bound over for trial and scheduled an arraignment hearing for 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 27.

According to Sanderson, the District Attorney's Office has offered a plea bargain with a charge of second-degree murder. The offer remains open until the next hearing.

Dollar remains in custody on $1 million bail.