Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dad accused of neglect of three young children (Fort Myers, Florida)

Wonder if this is another one of those Florida custody/visitation situations. Notice that there is no mention of a mother in the home, and that the kids are now in DCF custody. What happened to Mom?

Dad is identified as JOSEPH KINARY.


Father of 3 accused of neglect

Posted: Mar 25, 2013 6:42 PM EDT

Updated: Mar 25, 2013 6:42 PM EDT By Meaghan Smith, Reporter

FORT MYERS, FL - Large knives, a bottle of brake fluid and garbage were all allegedly within reach of a baby, a toddler and another young child.

The bizarre discovery happened Saturday afternoon by someone at the community pool of the family's Gulfstream Isles apartment complex.

That person told Fort Myers Police that up on the 3rd floor unit they saw a small child with a large butcher knife cutting the screen to an open window, and then hanging out of it.

Cops rushed to the scene and saw the kids standing at the window.

"Saturday afternoon I was walking down the steps when the police officer came running up," said neighbor Curtis Presch.

Neighbors watched as police pounded on the apartment door several times.

Finally, they say the kids' father, Joseph Kinary, opened the door.

That's when officers reported finding the home in total disarray with food and trash scattered everywhere, along with clutter and garbage.

And police say they found a 6-month-old baby girl lying on the carpet on her back surrounded by filth.

She, along with her 2-year-old brother and 5-year-old sister were taken into DCF custody and their father arrested.

Officers also say they discovered large knives, one with an 8-inch serrated blade and brake fluid all within the kids' reach.

"That child needs to be safe- not to be with someone like that- that child needs care, needs to be looked after. a kid should not have to go through that sort of thing," said neighbor Michelle Cunningham.

Police say Kinary told them he'd fallen asleep on the couch because he was tired from working. He's now facing a felony charge.