Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dad gets probation for waterboarding four children; is this a custodial father? (Jefferson County, Montana)

Dad WILLIAM PROVINCE sounds like a very dangerous man, but he's gonna be coddled anyway.

Did this creepy psycho have custody??? We first posted on this case back in December, and there was no mention of a mother at that time either. Just the "girlfriend."

So what happened to Mom? When you have gun nut who is into domestic violence and inflicting torture on children, you got to wonder about the mother's whereabouts, whether she is alive and safe, and how Daddy managed to secure access to these kids.

Funny how all he gets is probation for all this, when a mother doing the same would be denounced as an unfeeling monster.

Father who waterboarded his sons and two other children as a 'learning experience for them' is given probation

William Province admitted using the technique on four boys as young as 9

Was given two years' probation after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors

Province was arrested after his then girlfriend contacted police

She said he broke her wrist and some fingers as she tried to stop him

Waterboarding simulates drowning and can cause brain damage

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:04:13 EST, 13 March 2013| UPDATED: 04:13 EST, 13 March 2013

A father has admitted waterboarding four children - including his two sons - after claiming it was a learning experience for them.

William Province, 42, pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child and was given two years' probation.

Province from Jefferson County, Montana, carried out the torture, which simulates drowning, on his nine and 12-year-old sons and two other children aged 13 and 15, according to court documents filed by prosecutors.

His girlfriend at the time said he broke her wrist and some fingers on December 5 when she tried to stop him from punishing the children, court records said.

She said Province straddled each boy with his hands over the child's face and mouth and dumped water on their faces to simulate drowning.

The woman told investigators that the man described it as a learning experience for the boys.

Waterboarding is an extreme form of torture which can result in oxygen deprivation to the brain and lungs.

Prosecutors dropped felony charges that included making threats against public officials and others.

In keeping with the plea agreement, District Judge James B. Wheelis sentenced the man to 180 days in jail for each charge, all suspended.

That amounts to two years of probation, minus the 80 days he has already spent in custody, the Independent Record reported.

Prosecutors said in court records that a witness had reported that the man had body armor, assault rifles and armor-piercing ammunition.

Investigators found some ammunition and three rifles that may have belonged to Province.

Authorities did not elaborate on what kinds of weapons specifically were found or suspected.

Jefferson County Attorney Mathew Johnson said the plea deal was reached after a thorough review of the evidence.

The agreement calls for deferring prosecution of the man on a charge of partner or family member assault.

Police launched a hunt for Province after his girlfriend told them about the punishment.

He was arrested when he exited a plane at Helena Airport on his return from travelling in Alaska.