Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dad arrested for torturing kids during weekend visitation (Highland, California)

Let's see now. Dad ANTWONE RATTER has a previous CONVICTION for child abuse. The mother of these two children is either divorced or separated from him. And yet he has weekend visitation?

Notice that we are NOT told how this weekend visitation came about, but somehow I suspect it was not Mom's idea. This suggests that it was very likely court-ordered, through the reporter does not explore that angle.

Too bad. What we need to know here is why this f**k up was allowed around children again, when he is really a pretty sick puppy. The Geneva Convention bans this kind of treatment for prisoners of war, and yet we think it's just dandy to inflict binding, gagging, and beatings on children in the name of fathers rights?

If this was court-ordered, I WANT TO SEE THE JUDGE'S NAME.

HIGHLAND: Dad accused of torturing kids for misbehaving

BY JOHN ASBURY | STAFF WRITER | March 20, 2013; 09:13 AM |

A Highland man with a criminal history of child abuse was arrested after his young children accused him of torturing them for misbehaving.

A woman took her 5-year-old daughter to the Highland police station Monday, March 18, after finding bruising on the girl’s back, San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials said in a news release.

The girl had spent the weekend with her biological father, Antwone Ratter, 26. She told police he had beaten her for misbehaving.

The girl “described cruel and unusual physical extremes that Rattler subjected her to on an almost daily basis,” sheriff’s officials said. “She described how she was bound and gagged, and forced into physically exhausting positions for extended periods of time.”

The girl’s 9-year-old bother was later taken from the home and told police he was given similar beatings and punishments.

Sheriff’s detectives reached Wednesday declined to elaborate on the abuse or explain the types of punishments.

Ratter was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and torture and booked at the West Valley Detention Center, where bail was set at $500,000. As of Wednesday morning, online court records did not show he had been charged.

He was previously convicted of abusing his son.