Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dad arrested for beating, choking 12-year-old son (Pelion, South Carolina)

Dad is identified as ROBERT JASON LAMB.

Father arrested for beating son

by Mary Jo Denton 6 days ago

COOKEVILLE — A South Carolina man was arrested here on Sunday after allegedly beating his 12-year-old son, according to police.

Robert Jason Lamb, 39, of Thor Road, Pelion, S.C., is charged with aggravated assault in the case, says a warrant taken by Cookeville Police Officer Heather Spolski.

It happened at the Knights Inn on Salem Road, and someone called police to report “a fight” taking place there.

Officer Spolski responded and found a woman and a child in the motel parking lot and a man “walking behind them yelling and cursing at them,” the officer’s report says.

Officer Spolski ordered the man, later identified as Robert Jason Lamb, to “stay right where he was” and she checked to make sure the child “was ok,” the report says.

“The female pointed at the male and stated that he beat and choked the child and had been throwing beer bottles at the child,” the report continues.

“The child was crying and had marks with blood on the right side of his neck and red marks and bruising to the right side of his cheek.”

The boy told the officer that his father had been chasing him, had punched him in the face and had thrown beer bottles at him and choked him.

“He stopped crying and stated that he was not hurting anywhere.”

A warrant the officer later filed alleges that the boy told her his father had “hit him in the face with a closed fist and then grabbed him around the neck choking him and dragged him down the stairs.” 

Allegedly, Robert Jason Lamb had placed the child into a vehicle and the child got out “and went to witnesses in the parking lot for help,” the warrant says.

Witnesses confirmed the child’s story, the officer said.

Officer Spolski called in a Department of Children’s Services worker, and she took custody of the child.

Lamb was arrested and booked into the Putnam County jail, where his bond was set at $3,500. He has an April 15 court date.

In another recent case, a Cookeville man was arrested for allegedly threatening a Department of Children’s Services worker and a law officer after the DCS worker came to the man’s residence on a “home visit,” police said.

William Michael Bilyeu Jr., 33, of Edgefield Court, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of resisting arrest in the case.

Putnam Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Masters filed the warrants after responding to the DCS worker’s call to 911 for help on March 19.

Allegedly, Bilyeu had become upset with the DCS worker and grabbed a police baton and threatened the worker with it “and swung it at him numerous times attempting to strike him,” one warrant says.

Then when the deputy arrived, Bilyeu allegedly swung the baton at him too. Deputy Masters said he was forced to Taser Bilyeu to disarm him.

Bilyeu was booked into the Putnam County jail, where his total bond was set at $11,500. He has an April 15 court date.