Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dad gets 15 years for kidnapping daughter, holding her hostage at gunpoint (Trenton, New Jersey)

More bullsh** Daddy Drama. All he gets is 15 years for kidnapping this child and holding her hostage at gunpoint for 14 HOURS in a police standoff. 

Many mothers get more years than that for "failing" to protect their children from idiots like this.

Dad is identified as ENRIQUE AVILES.

Trenton man gets 15 years for kidnapping daughter


Posted: Tuesday, 03/12/13 09:17 pm

TRENTON – A girl of 12 trembled and cried yesterday as a lawyer read the poignant letter the child wrote to a father watching her via closed- circuit television from the federal prison at Fort Dix.

Assistant Mercer County Prosecutor Stacey Geurds spoke for the girl, who was 8 when her father, Enrique Aviles, kidnapped and held her hostage at gunpoint during a 14-hour standoff with police.

The girl had to be helped to the podium by her mother and the lawyer. She broke into tears as she started to read her letter, in which she called the father “a liar! All you have ever done is make me suffer,’’ the lawyer read.

“You made promises but look where you are now,’’ she said, as Aviles hanged his head, as could be seen on the large television screen in the courtroom. He was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and sitting near barred windows.

The convict said he’s done much to make himself a better man in the four years he’s already been behind bars. He was sentenced to 15 years to run concurrent with his federal term, meaning he could get out in about 12 years after some time in state prison.