Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dad shoots mom, two kids (Birmingham, Alabama)

Dad is identified as BRANDON MENEFEE. The son is apparently paralyzed; the fate of the mother and other child is not clearly explained.

Child allegedly shot by father is paralyzed

Reported by : Kaitlin McCulley

Published: 3/21 5:48 pm Updated: 3/21 6:19 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- When Kenneth Sturdivant thinks of his cousin and niece, a crime scene isn't the picture he wants in his mind.

He remembers them as always having smiles on their faces.

"And easter egg hunting," Sturdivant says. "Any time you get to see a bunch of kids playing."

That's what family saw on the outside. On the inside, Tiffany lived in fear.

"Driving down the street and you're constantly looking in the rearview mirror," Sturdivant says. "If somebody comes up to the door you have to peep through the windows to see who it is out of fear." 

Sturdivant says Tiffany and Gabrielle's father, Brandon Menefee, had separated shortly before the time of the shooting.

"And we believe all of that culminated in him shooting the mother of his two children and then his two children," Chief Deputy Randy Christian says.

"I just hope whatever happened," Kenneth says, "I hope it happened fast."

We now know that was not the case. Deputies believe the shooting actually happened between 5 and 7pm Tuesday night. That means little Davieon was shot in the neck and lay on the ground bleeding all night until deputies found them around noon Wednesday.

"Davieon is paralyzed right now," Sturdivant says. "They're hoping that's temporary. His wound was to his neck, and they said it looked like he was trying to turn and throw his hands up or something." 

When Sturdivant looks outside now, it's painful to see all of the signs of Easter -- his happiest memory of Tiffany and 2-year-old Gabrielle. This Easter won't be the same.

"I don't think anybody in our family will be talking about an easter egg hunt," Sturdivant says, "Anything with children."

He hopes little Davieon will push through like the first flowers of spring and will take comfort in the warmth of the family he still has left.